Volume V: Who Are We?

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Volume V: Who Are We?

"WHO ARE WE?", the fifth book of the Ringing Cedars Series, describes the author's search for real-life 'proofs' of Anastasia's vision presented in the previous volumes. Finding these proofs and taking stock of ongoing global environmental destruction, Vladimir Megre describes further practical steps for putting Anastasia's vision into practice. Full of beautiful realistic images of a new way of living in co-operation with the Earth and each other, this book also highlights the role of children in making us aware of the precariousness of the present situation and in leading the global transition toward a happy, violence-free society.


Two civilisations
Take a taste of the Universe
Dreams of Auroville
Harbingers of a new civilisation
A search for evidence
• An eternal garden
• Anastasia’s Russia
• The richest state
• Good shall prevail on the Earth
• The disarmament race
• Science and pseudo-science
• Do we have freedom of thought?
• Equestrienne from the future
• City on the Neva
• Making it come true
• Open letter
• Questions and answers
• The philosophy of life
• Who controls coincidences?
• Breakdown
• Decoding attempt
• Our reality
• Your desires
• Eternity lies ahead of you and me
• Appendix

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