Ekaterina Salomahina. Guest from Poland in the Zvon-Gora Family Homestead Settlement, Belarus

Recently, the settlement was visited by the guest from Poland — Tomasz (Tomasz Nakonieczny), he stayed with us for a week. 

Mushrooms in the Homestead. E-Gorovo Family Homestead

This spring, delicious mushrooms were almost every day on our table. 

Video conference of Vladimir Megre in Prague, part 2

The answers for the most popular questions of readers.

Christina Timakova. A Little Bit of Philosophy about Having Children

In this article I want to talk about my thoughts regarding having children on the homestead.

Concept of Family Homestead Law Is Being Developed in Belarus

Concept of family homestead law is being developed in Belarus, said Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusy after reception of citizens in the Council of Ministers, BelTA correspondent reports.

Video Conference of Vladimir Megre in Prague, part I

How does look like the perfect USB flash drive? Why do people get married? Is it possible to keep love? The greatest challenge of the future husband and wife; a real magic wand.