Dapple deer in the Dobryanka settlement

Dapple deer live here.

Tatiana Madison - happiness and love depends only on you

What is the most important thing for a person in life, what brings the greatest joy, the sweetest feelings and joy in the heart?

Day of the Kin in the Kalinovets settlement

August 2, the Day of the Kin was celebrated for the first time in our settlement of the Kalinovets KDS.

Oleg Tkachev. We are reporting from the Kin Domain

It is so beautiful here that the soul sings!

The Settlement of Kin Domains "Zvon-Gora" is 15 years old

We are improving the environment around us!

Children of the Karavaev family take care of their little pieces of land in the kin domain

We were amazed that the children really absorb everything that we do.