Kristina Yakovleva. Beauty is in every sound and touch

It is a blessing to feel the fullness of life right here. 

News from the Lyubodar Kin Domain settlement

For a long time we dreamed of an alley of trees along the central road. And this dream came true!

Creators of Kin Domain Settlements got together with farmers to create Territorial Self-Government

We have united to the form of TSG (Territorial Self-Government). Guess what it’s name?

Viktoria Belashova: her experience of cultivating strawberry in the Ladnoe Settlement

I make different experiments: black spunbond, soil, straw, leaves, bark, combination of plants (and it’s great when there are some ants).

Rashida Ishmurzina works in her Kin Domain "Kind Family"

There is a series of books by Vladimir Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". When I read it, I found like-minded people by ad.

Andrey Borko-Bruyaka - Goats in the Kin Domain

Healthy animals, tasty milk and minimal effort and time. This is the ultimate goal.