‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a play from the Vladimir Megre’s books in Krasnolesye Settlement

‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a graduation work of Anastasiya Ostanina. 

KDS Radosvet. How to speed up moving to a Kin Domain?

There are many families that have already made the decision, set their hearts, but the moving is still not happening.

Inna Karman: how we make sweets and pick tea

I know that many families dream of a Kin Domain, but a simple critical question stops them: “What to live on?”

Studio Theater Malakhit of the Kovcheg Settlement throws open the doors with a premiere

Cinemas resume work on 15 of July in Russia. Our studio theater open the doors for people as well.

Cedar Grove in the name of Peace and Friendship on the Malakoff-Kurgan ridge in Crimea

We want our dream of peace and friendship to grow through centuries in this memorable place

Berry Bushes – experience from Lebyodushki Kin Domain

Each one was just a lonely twig. Two years have passed and just look at them now!