Green fence of common spruce in the Shakhmatov’s Kin Domain

At the Vasiliy and Tatiana Shakhmatovs’, Mirnoe KDS.

Tatiana Madison. Independence Day and a Kin Domain – new meanings

What do families of all the continents depend on? On currency rate, salary, healthcare, education system, electricity and something else. 

Natalia Sholina-Nesterchuk. What does living in a Kin domain mean?

Living in a Kin Domain is when you want all the world to become a Garden of Eden! 

Crop of the ANDiKA Setllement

Tomatoes in abundance. 

They call their houses with some land as "Kin Domains"

There are about 20 of the like-minded people, who live in nature, run houses, wake up with the dawn, and go to sleep with the sunset.

Earth Day in the Kin Domain Settlement Zvon-Gora

The Earth day came with the sun and rain, with happiness and gathering!