Dachnik’s day and the Earth day in the Kalinovec settlement

The celebration turned to be amazing!

There is a new project in Kovcheg Settlement – School garden

I want my children to live here in Future

‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a play from the Vladimir Megre’s books in Krasnolesye Settlement

‘Radomir and Lyubomila’ – a graduation work of Anastasiya Ostanina. 

KDS Radosvet. How to speed up moving to a Kin Domain?

There are many families that have already made the decision, set their hearts, but the moving is still not happening.

Inna Karman: how we make sweets and pick tea

I know that many families dream of a Kin Domain, but a simple critical question stops them: “What to live on?”

Studio Theater Malakhit of the Kovcheg Settlement throws open the doors with a premiere

Cinemas resume work on 15 of July in Russia. Our studio theater open the doors for people as well.