The Yandex company together with the "Cedar Trail" makes the cedar map of Moscow

The map shows the places where the cedar grows.

Entrance to the Belopavlinnoe Kin Domain

We designed our entrance a few years ago, after that we started to implement it.

Celebration of Dwarves and lanterns in KDS Skazochniy Kray (Fabulous Land)

Dwarves are funny and very mysterious, and a secret is always very attractive.

Natalia Sholina-Nesterchuk - Love for my Kin Domain

It happens that when you come to a certain place, you no longer want to leave it.

Elena Basova - The flow of one time of year into another

A series of changes. Eternal movement. Takeoff, flight, landing. To accumulate strength for a new flight.

The Gusarov’s Kin Domain - How we choose a place to plant a seedling

According to our 4 years experience of planting trees, we can highlight the key moments of planting a new tree on the site