Peaches in the Belopavlinnoye Kin Domain

There are many fruits this year, dozens of boxes from just one tree, which is 6 years old from the seed!

New addition to the Mishurnykh family at the Zvon-Gora settlement - gosling

New addition in the household is always a joy, and children are the happiest ones.

Natalia Vasyukova - From one Kin Domain to another

Having fun at friends’ Kin Domains is amazing!

Autumn equinox day in Radosvet settlement

I would like to talk about the benefits of the holiday.

Voluntary Saturday work day in KDS Lyubimovka

This is more than just a work day.

Maria Sibatrova - The Kin Domain is a place where dreams come true

A place where time stops and flows slowly, where you forget what day of the week is today and just enjoy the moment.