The fairytale "Forest Friends" from the nine-year-old Lida

…About healing from what we have hidden in our bosom, like under a tree bark.

Natalya Vasyukova. Your own pond in kin domain

Magic! Beauty! Created by the thought and by the hands of Man.

Self-isolation in our kin domain “Agudariya”

We use this period of isolation as a good boost for restructuring thinking and as a personal “reset”


Stop the panic! A disease does not occur because of viruses, but because of the broken immunity.

Funtik cat's vegetable preferences at kin domain “Lebyodushki”

It’s never boring with pets in a kin domain! And generally it’s never boring with them anywhere...

Nikita’s family lives among cedar trees near Moscow

It was not by chance that cedar grew in every family that of course lived in their own private house.