Creators of Kin Domain Settlements got together with farmers to create Territorial Self-Government

We have united to the form of TSG (Territorial Self-Government). Guess what it’s name?

Viktoria Belashova: her experience of cultivating strawberry in the Ladnoe Settlement

I make different experiments: black spunbond, soil, straw, leaves, bark, combination of plants (and it’s great when there are some ants).

Rashida Ishmurzina works in her Kin Domain "Kind Family"

There is a series of books by Vladimir Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia". When I read it, I found like-minded people by ad.

Andrey Borko-Bruyaka - Goats in the Kin Domain

Healthy animals, tasty milk and minimal effort and time. This is the ultimate goal.

Elizaveta Krestyeva - The most important question about Kin Domains

Everyone must find their own solution to a problem.

Pine disinfection - advice from the Kin Domain of Elena Blokhina

Pine has been used as a medicinal tree since ancient times.