Vladimir Megre about the Importance of Terminology

Alexander Viktorovich Samokhin: “What do you — the author of the books — think should be the correct term? This issue was born because someone is using definition “eco-settlement”, others calls such rural areas “family settlements”, and others say “settlements consisting of family homesteads”.

Tatiana Ibatullina. Festive and Educational Programs in Chik-Elga

We hold open events for all interested families in our Chik-Elga family homestead settlement a few times a year. 

Svetlana Dugnist. A trip to Community of Family Homestead Settlement — Rodnoe, Mirnoe, Ladnoe, Chudnoe, Zavetnoe, Solnechnoe

My dream had finally come true this summer — I come to visit my brother Nikolay in the Mirnoe family homestead settlement, Vladimir oblast. 

Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement

Radosvet Family Homestead Settlement was founded in 2016. 

Krasnolesye Family Homestead Settlement

We are located on the 200 hectares of fields in the foothills of Chatyr-Dag on the lower plateau between the villages of Dobroe and Krasnoles’e, near Simferopol city.

Tatyana Pryadka. Cedar Planting. Ukraine

Cedar forests possess strong anti-bacterial activity — a big city can be cleaned from pathogenic bacteria through one hectare of cedar forest.