Maria Vorontsova. Visiting Nagovitsyn family in Polesye, or being in a fairy tale

A low-mowed road for the car leads to the Nagovitsyns' domain, that is very comfortable and pleasant. 

Kin domain settlement Kovcheg (Ark). Family school. What is it? What for? Why?

In fact, family education is not an easy task and it is worth being thoughtfully considered. 

Orlovs' family about moving and living in a kin domain

Why did we decide to leave the city and live in nature? How did we move and what did it give us?

Stanislav Chernyshev. Fruit garden, personal experience

I started by planting a small orchard.

Kristina Yakovleva. Kin domain for me is ...

I decided to draw a seven-color flower and describe seven most significant meanings for me of the "Kin domain".

Kin Domain "Belopavlinnoe" (white peacock) - Handmade garden of Eden!

They went from Greece to Russia together to find their own Space of Love.