Winter family weekend in Lyubimovka

It turned out to be a heartfelt event.

A family love story that is planned in heaven

Life on the estate is a time and a place for Love.

Once I thought that make a cheese is a difficult thing

Five days to work and on the sixth day enjoy making cheese.

Inna Karman. Creating the paradise on one hectare of land.

Our land is located between village Krasnolesie and Mramornoe in the Dobrovskoi valley (Crimea).

Kin domains are a way to healthy planet. Tatyana Madison at TEDxIrpin

On February 29, 2020, at the international platform of TEDx speakers in Irpen (Ukraine), the topic of KDs was raised for the first time loud and clear.

Mednikov's Kin Domain Birthday.

Рiece of land we took responsibility 11 years ago.