Dobrolyubovka Family Homestead Settlement (ex - RusiYar)

Penza oblast, Luninsky district, village Rodniki

Japanese translation of Book 6 “The Family Book” is receiving positive reviews

Here are just one of many positive reviews we have received from our readers

Sleep on the Beehives with Bees

In ten years of such an unusual vacation family of Sumy (city in north-eastern Ukraine) artist and beekeeper cured of all diseases!

Sleep on the Hives and Construction of Houses for Apiotherapy

Bees and their products have always been highly valued in medicine and cosmetics. 

Prince Charles about the Danger of GMO

GM foods affect the body much stronger than plants grown using pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemicals.

How to Create Garden of Eden on Earth (abstract, Poland)

The abstract “How to Create Garden of Eden on Earth” to the diploma project “The influence of cultural and natural environment on the development of household plots”