High hopes in Siberian cedar in fight against the new virus

Perhaps everything is already there, everything has been said. And since this knowledge is there, let's remember it and share it.

Valery Nekrasov. Now it is time to start writing your Books of Kin!

Our descendants must know the TRUTH about our times… And they should learn about that not from the media, but directly from us.

Regina Lebedeva – Quarantine. Time for Changes

After all, all of this will sooner or later come to end. The question is, how will we all leave after that?

Anna Heidebrecht – thoughts about Kin Domain in the year of moving from the city to the land

We needed our own land where we could become strong, where we could feel ourselves like the human beings, the way God designed us.

The Zhuravlevs family – space planning experience in Kin Domain

It was important for me and my husband to
organize our domain quickly, beautifully and effectively. 

Christina Yakovleva – I wholeheartedly recommend during this quarantine time to draw a plan of your future plot of land

If I didn’t have a Kin Domain in this self-isolation period, I would definitely start drawing its plan.