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  • Dear V.Merge,
    I read the Ringing Cedar series in hungarian, i love these books.
    I would like to make the Space of Love in Hungary.
    And i really thank you for the books and the information for Anastasia.
    I love you all the people who can make the world more pure and filled with love....
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  • Dear Vladimir Megre,
    please can you get your new book translated to English as soon as possible, because we would love to learn more.
    Thank you for writing!

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    Noor Bunnik-Leenders

  • I love the books and i love Anastasia she is always with me in my heart an I am so happy!!

    THank you so much Mr. Megre

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    Berivan Unus Aydemir

  • Dear Vladimir and Polina,

    to make a long story short I want to first express my deep gratitude to you for making the Ringing Cedars Series available. What an inspiration the books are! My heartfelt thanks for your invaluable work.

    Secondly, I would like to know whether there are an...
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    Heikki Pylkk?

  • Hi,
        I am mostly interested in who is the casting agent for the movie.

        I have someone that wants to try out for Anastasia




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