Volume VI: The Family Book

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Volume VI: The Family Book

"THE FAMILY BOOK", the sixth book of the Series, describes another visit by the author to Anastasia's glade in the Siberian taiga and his conversations with his growing son, which cause him to take a new look at education, science, history, family and Nature. Through parables and revelatory dialogues and stories Anastasia then leads Vladimir Megre and the reader on a shocking re-discovery of the pages of humanity's real history that have been distorted or kept secret for thousands of years. This knowledge sheds light on the causes of war, oppression and violence in the modern world and guides us in preserving the wisdom of our ancestors and passing it over to future generations.


• Who raises our children?
• Conversation with my son
• A distorted view of history
• You loved Mama, but did not recognize love
• A book of pristine origins
• One plus one equals three
• “I shall make a Universe Girl happy
• How to bridge the gap?
• An invitation to the future
• A dormant civilisation
• The history of mankind, as told by Anastasia
• A union of two — a wedding
• Raising children in the Vedic culture
• Rituals
• Feeding life in the flesh
• Imagery. Trial
• The secret war with Vedic Rus
In which temple should God dwell
The best place in Paradise
The wealthiest groom
• A change of priestly tactics
• Occultism
• The priest who still rules the world today
• A need to think
• Who saved America?
• Who is for, who is against?
• Open letter
• They defamed our forebears too
• Glad tidings
• The Book of Kin
• A good and attentive grandmother

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