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April 2019


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We separated it into topics such as:

  • News - Where we will inform you about the highlights from our companies.
  • Kin Domain - Where information about Kin Domains from all over the world will be posted and where people who live in their space of love share some life hacks and advice.
  • Co-creation - Where you will find gorgeous art, poetry, and other creative works inspired by the ”Ringing Cedars of Russia” series of иwritten by my grandfather, Vladimir Megre. In this section we also add the children’s TV show.
  • Space of Love (I guess the most interesting topic) - Here you can see love stories and weddings on Kin Domain exactly as described in the books and you may even find your love.
  • Fairytale Countryside is a topic about our unique manufacturer in the Siberian countryside far away from the city, but a few meters from a real taiga.
  • Food and Health - Where you can read very interesting advice about nutrition. Of course, the best is when our body knows what to eat and when, but unfortunately most of us live in city and our bodies have lost this ability. I personally like this advice and follow it. You will also find vegetarian recipes here.
  • Special offers - Where you can find some products from our Siberian manufacturer.

We would really like to get some feedback from you, so please don’t be shy and write about everything you have on your mind; share your stories, share your creative works, share your opinion.

MegreLLC team
MegreLLC team


We are happy to announce that the translations of Vladimir Megre books are increasing every year.

This year saw the new updated versions of the book “Anastasia” in the Armenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, and Polish languages. The third book, “The Space of Love,” is now in Swedish, the translations of the sixth book, “The Family Book,” and the seventh book, “Energy of Life,” are in Chinese and Japanese, the fourth book, “Sutvėrimas,” is in Lithuanian, and the whole series of books is in Hebrew.

The whole list of translations can be found on the author’s official site.

We congratulate our readers with the chance to enjoy these books.

Japanese translation of Book 7, “Energy of Life,” is ranked Number One in sales on Amazon.jp

Caused by the lack of time, a new phenomenon called aliteracy is shifting a huge portion of Japan from reading books to net-surfing. Despite the strong aliteracy trend in Japan, the Japanese translation of Book 7 “Energy of Life” has hit Number One daily sales in the East European-Russian literature category since it has gone up on sale at Amazon.jp.

A group of Japanese readers visited Russia for further inspiration

At the end of September 2018, a group of Japanese readers visited Russia, tracing some routes described in the Ringing Cedars of Russia series. The group visited Gelenzihk, Sinegorie-VedRussia, Zdravoye to acquire more inspiration for their future domains to be started in Japan, they gave a tribute to Anastasia’s female forebear’s dolmen, and joined the Positive Creation Festival where many of the Ringing Cedars of Russia’s readers gather to share warm thoughts.

2018 was full of great events. As you remember, the biggest of them was in Frankfurt.

We had quite a small stand located in the last row of the 5th pavilion. Vladimir Megre’s stand caused the greatest interest among readers at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2018. It had surpassed large expositions representing whole countries; for example, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus by the number of visitors. A lot of readers came to meet the author from different parts of the world. Honestly, we expected 30-50 people maximum. Imagine our surprise when more than 300 people came to the meeting. It was the first time when the Frankfurt Fair saw such a high amount of readers at the international stage. There were too few seats, thus many of the readers had to sit on the floor, and the majority - for an hour - stood and listened to the Russian writer, who spoke on the topic “New Lifestyle Paradigm,” and spoke about the wonderful future of Russia and all of humanity. We would like to apologize about this situation of the lack of space and seats. We will do our best to alleviate this issue next time. We are grateful to all of you for your support and love. Thank you very much!

International bookfair
Frankfurt, 10th - 14th October 2018

“Ringing Cedars” International Social Network

Dear friends!

A year passed since we started the Ringing Cedars International Social Network.

More than 1500 of co-minded readers of Vladimir Megre's books from all over the world joined it since this time!

People of different ages and languages gathered here, representing 62 countries!

More than 2000 images uploaded, dozens of videos and poetry added, people created several groups, posted in their blogs, and discussed topics in plenty of forum sections.

News and articles are often published on the website and everyone can add their own posts to these or other site sections.

Many people talk via inner mail system and find other people using advanced search page.

It is also convenient to write messages to other people and read news with our Android application for smartphones or tablets!

Owners of iPhone or iPad can use this third party application for messaging as well.

Join us and go forth to the future together with like-minded people from your country or with those who speak the same language as you do!

Read more:
- briefly about the site;
- detailed about the site's meaning and destination;
- how to use the social network.

Kind regards,
"Ringing Cedars" Publishing House


Blagodatnaya Polyana

The Republic of Bashkortostan

This settlement was founded on June 2nd, 2002. It is 17 km from the city of Birsk, in the Republic of Bashkortostan. People were inspired by the lifestyle and communion with nature described by ‘Anastasia’ of Vladimir Nikolayevich Megre’s "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series. By evoking life-affirming images, Megre invites us to join in the creative process of self-sufficiency for your family and the creation of a space of love for family and homeland.

About a hundred readers of Vladimir Megre’s books, including teachers, doctors, workers, and housewives, decided to take responsibility for a piece of countryside and decorate it like an artist paints a picture. They filled the domain with flowers, a variety of trees and shrubs, glades, a small lake, a vegetable garden, and a house with all the facilities for families to live in.

Suddenly, we had our land! The Southwestern slopes are surrounded on three sides by deciduous forest, interspersed with plantations of cedar, larch, spruce and pine. The river Atyshka flows through the forest,and is home to a population of grayling. There are several springs with crystal clear water, and two lakes – Zhuravlinoe and Lebedinoe – which evaporate in summer. There are a lot of berries, nuts, herbs and mushrooms. The beautiful, deep and fast-flowing river Bir’ is not far from the settlement (approximately 2 km).

In 2012 we were granted permission to rent 181.3 hectares of agricultural land for 49 years, under the official entity “Consumer Cooperative ‘Blagodatnaya Polyana’”. Now, 36 families reside within a territory of 77 hectares. The remaining 104.3 hectares are waiting to be occupied by lovely people! The land has been depleted by extensive agriculture which yielded unprofitable harvests. After the disintegration of the farm, it was handed over to us. We focus on harmonious interaction with nature and with each other, on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and on organic farming practise. In the long winter evenings, we master a new craft, like basket weaving, ceramics, painting on wood, landscape design, or we study traditional celebrations and rites.

Together we have created a park with ornamental plantations, a 10- acre long man-made lake, a shallow well and a garden.

Our goals correspond with projects of national concern, such as:

the revitalization and improvement of rural areas

increasing the birth rate

reviving traditional crafts and Russian cultural

the development and revival of derelict and
abandoned lands and villages

the strengthening of family institutions

the conservation and augmentation of natural heritage of Russia

From 1968 to 2010, 35 settlements ceased to exist in the Birsky district. Ancestral domains were abandoned forever. For many families this is a tragedy.

We are sending out an invitation to all sensitive, creative, hard-working and caring individuals to collaborate with us on the “Blagodatnaya Polyana” project.

Blagodatnaya Polyana, the Republic of Bashkortostan

Alexey Erofeev: Launch of an eternal program

“A person who sets this program in motion will be making a gift of it to his own future generations… He will be returning to them a tiny little part of the Divine economy. ” (V. Megre, book 8.1 “New civilization”)

Readers of Vladimir Megre’s book series “Ringing Cedars of Russia” will remember these words of V. Megre‘s son. When I read about how Volodya was hatching eggs, I decided to repeat this experiment without hatching.

In 2011, I dug a 50m by 20m pond, which kept water for six years. During that time, it was surrounded by shrubs, various willow trees, and marsh plants, but it was heavily covered with algae every year ... the algae that I found in the pond pushed me to apply the biological method of cleaning the pond. In the winter, I made a house for the ducks from the former building of the old beehive. I cut out a 15cm by 20cm entrance, then hoisted the house on a foam raft, sheathed with boards 100cm x 50cm.


In the spring, the whole structure was lowered into the water. It was then anchored to the raft, and a rope was tied to the spherical chunky willow, which comfortably covered the house from birds of prey. Then I nailed to the raft ladders made of plates for the convenience of entering and exiting for the future ducks. Next, I balanced the house with bars on the sides and then covered the single-pitch removable roof with a large piece of roofing material with 50cm overhang to the base of the house.


I got a decoy duck from a friend of mine who was a hunter. The duck’s wings were already clipped, but she could still fly for short distances. I wanted to put her in a house through a removable roof, so that she independently went out through the entrance. In fact, everything turned out another way; when I opened the cage near the house standing in the water, the duck flew out and flopped into the middle of the pond. I was upset because I thought that the duck would not go into the house by herself. Fortunately, I was wrong. For two days the duck swam alone in the pond. And by the third day, she was already with a handsome drake who did not even make an attempt to take off at the sight of me! It swam with the duck for two weeks. And more importantly, they climbed into the house together! I was overwhelmed with joy and pride for the realization of an old dream.

There were already nine eggs in the nest by the end of May. The drake flew away, then came back a few days later only once, perhaps to say goodbye. And after three weeks, on June 18, to my great joy I saw a string of small gray lumps swimming near the duck. There were eight of them. They grew up nice and big due to abundance of food, especially their favorite: algae.

We currently have six ducklings. Two of them, probably, were dragged off by a hawk or pecked by gulls during my three-day absence. Now the ducklings are shedding, taking on adult plumage. I regularly feed them with bread in the evenings, they swim to the shore at the appointed hour, and they respond very well to whistling (roughly the same was with Volodya’s ducks).

Due to the upcoming hunting season, I, as a former hunter (deliberately stopped hunting more than 10 years ago), warned local hunters about my ducklings. They promised not to shoot them on flights to the river. I would like to believe them...

One thing is certain: my ducks, no matter how many of them are left, will definitely return to their native pond next spring. And I will build one more house for their arrival.

Alexey Erofeev
Kin Domain YAR, Ivanovo region

Dolina Ra, Altai Region

Dolina Ra Kin Domain Settlement is located in the Charyshsky District of Altai Krai. It is situated in the middle point between the villages of Charyshskoe, Svalovka and Borovlyanka (North-East of Charyshskoe, towards Bashchelaka).

The settlement was created for readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series by Vladimir Megre and is based on the principles outlined in these books.

There are many forest areas on the territory. There are two 40-year-old pine forests. They are very dense; trees grow a meter and a half from one another. There is also a beautiful forest in the mountains. It consists of birches, poplars, and firs. The real Taiga begins beyond the mountain pass. It takes 1-2 hours on foot (one must cross the mountains) or half an hour to an hour on horseback.

The nearest major river is the Charysh. It lies 8 km from the settlement border. The small Tabunka river and several streams flow through the territory. They all spring from the settlement grounds. There are numerous springs, some of which dry up by autumn. All the water is drinkable and clean. Water is precious to us, and we must protect it.

The land in the settlement is splendid. There are wetlands with peat soil, but mostly the land consists of 1-1.5 meters of black, humus-rich soil, with loam and clay further down. The clay is excellent quality, as is the black earth which is made up of small sods — one couldn’t ask for better. One significant disadvantage is that there are no protective forests in the valley to block the wind.

All kinds of rodents live here, including mice, hares, polecats, gophers, steppe pika, steppe marmot, voles and moles, among others. There are also foxes and deer on the land. Bears live in the forests. There are also various birds: osprey, black kite, golden eagle, white-tailed eagle, hawks and owls are all found here. Cows and herds of horses graze without herdsman — it’s a common phenomenon in this area.

About 750 hectares are shared between 4 landowners. We plan to divide the land further in 2017-2018. We will give the land to future occupants according to the preliminary contract of purchase and sale — i.e. ownership of the land will be awarded after a trial period of 2 – 3 years. Currently we are offering the land at its cadastral value.

We are looking for neighbours who will be harmonious with our way of life; both with the land and with the other occupants.

The nearest locality is the district center, Charyshskoe village. From the last houses of the village to the nearest boundary of the settlement the distance is 7 km, approximately 9 km to the settlement center. In Charyshskoe you can acquire the most important building materials and tools. It has grocery shops, banks, and the regional hospital. According to local standards, it is a very large village with a population of about 7000. The nearest big city is Barnaul (the capital of Altai Krai). It is located 310 km away from the settlement. The nearest railway junction is in the city of Aleysk.

Dolina Ra Kin Domain Settlement, Altai Krai

Dear friends, if you have Kin Domain
and want to share your experience, please contact us.


Children's Press Center

The children's and junior press center of the Ringing Cedars of Russia presents: the series of reports "From Siberia with love ..." the first issue - Siberian correspondent - acquaintance.

Hello! I am Maria Megre, I am seven years old. Welcome to childhood dreams. I will be interviewing. And, of course, take your impressions.

I made this channel to support my grandfather. The channel is called MM. I will interview workers, family inhabitants, villagers, and, of course, my family.

You will understand why I decided to create this program when you watch the videos with Vladimir Megre.

Here, on our plot, of course, it is very beautiful, and I want more. Kin domain - have you heard about it? Have you? What a great fellow! This is a place without any barriers for children and adults. They do whatever they want. And there are no borders, no fences.

So, today I'll show you our yard. And you will understand that this is the first rank.

Here we have a little hill, mother invented it - various flowers, stones. Of course, it cannot be without white stones - we made a barrier, to make it beautiful.

These are our flowers, which have already withered. These flowers have not withered, you probably know what they are called, they are very long. These are so low, you also know what they are called. I really like them. They make jigging and emit other flowers that I also like, they are so bright, expressive, this is a sort of small plants. We have a lot of small plants. Let's go to watch the others.

This flower is lily of the valley, spring flower. Everyone knows that it is summer, and they have already faded. Hope that they fade away soon.

This is our second slide. Here you can see another small but slightly darker plants. Here are our artificial souvenirs. They look like real ones. Aren't they?

And this is our hill. You are familiar with these flowers. And of course, insects fly. Our beloved roses, cedar.

And now we are on our porch. Here are my favorite small plants.

Watch my videos and shows, then you will understand what the world is.

Goodbye, dear friends! Goodbye!

MM channel

Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger

We are very happy to receive such an inspiring story from Norway. Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger and Benjamin Hjertefølger having been inspired by books of Vladimir Megre changed their life to the best and they created their own Space of Love.

Citate: “My husband Benjamin and I read the Ringing Cedars of Russia in 2009. We read them at the same time, and felt equally inspired.

When I first saw the books online, I immediately felt drawn to them, and told Benjamin that I needed those books, because I knew they would change my life forever.

It was a day in march, and I had just been planting lots of seeds on the kitchen table when the postman came on the door with a package. It was the Anastasia books, my husband had ordered them as a birthday present. I joyfully opened book one on a random page, my hands still covered in dirt from planting vegetable and fruit seeds. There it said: How to plant seeds. I read the whole chapter, about the intelligens in one tiny seed and how to put them under your tongue. I was so excited about this first sign that these books was meant for me, and I was seriously tempted to dig the seeds back up from the soil and put them in my mouth!


These days I got pregnant, with our son Aron. The books had such an influence on that pregnancy and birth. As I read the last book, I laid it down on the table and said: From this very day I am a vegetarian. And I have been ever since. So I became vegetarian in my third pregnancy, and I swear, I gave birth to him without pain. At home. It was magical and powerful.


I felt inspired to paint Anastasia’s words on stones and wood. Benjamin and I meditated a lot, and felt so inspired to give our life to permaculture. Slowly, we did just that.

We discovered how to build naturally and how to grow food more effective.

We changed our last name to Heartfollower, in norwegian it is Hjertefølger.

We came across the idea to build a "naturehouse". A house inside a greenhouse. This way we will be shielded from wind, rain and snow all year around. The sun will heat up the solid walls during the day and keep the house warm during the night. We never have to paint the outside of the house as it is never touched by the weather. We can walk around in the greenhouse without clothes in march, when the snow and cold is still present on the other side of the glass. The spring comes early outside the walls of our house, witch is made of cob: clay, sand and straw. We have flowers and buds, green leaves and warm air months before it happens in nature around us. That means we can grow food here in the arctic more easily. We can also grow more tropical food than what is possible outside. Outside we grow, carrots, potatoes, beets, berries and so on. In the dome greenhouse we grow tomatoes, cucumber, melons, pick ripe apples and cherries in early summer when the flowers have just sprung out in the fruit trees outside.

Much Love, Ingrid Marie Hjertefølger”

A few years ago, we created a Facebook group and Nina Megre started to share stories in English, then we found out that there are a lot of readers from all over the world. We talked, we met, we found friends. That’s the place where we ask your advice, where we make a common decision, a place where we have direct communication. Join us and let’s be friends :)

Dear friends, please share your creativity or your story with us. Email it to letters@megre.ru and if you don’t mind, we’ll post it in our newsletter or on social media.


I am Bazhena, 44 years old, live in Moscow. Now I am a freelance numerologist. I have a desire to fall in love with a man, with charisma, sense of humor, body and mind for the joy of myself and the world. Love is the best way to change and grow. I think it is more interesting to live female history in a couple, rather than alone. I am not tied to a point on the map and ready to change the place of residence, country, city ...

About me: I am lucky with my parents, I watched their life-long romance and it was a beautiful story of a man and a woman. I have been traveling a lot across Russia since my childhood. I have two classic education: pedagogical and economic. I worked as a teacher and head of an insurance company. But time changes and I decided, to change my profession once again. Now my hobbies are numerology, the system “Design of Man”, the study of the true history of the world, the culture of the Slavs, dances of world nations, singing, and so on.

I was married for 16 years and gave birth to two beauties. Now daughters are 25 and 19 years old. The kids are brought up and now they are independent adults. I have the desire to give a birth to a son. I am fascinated by the system of Eco-house and the construction of straw house. My dream is to have a kin domain in a beautiful corner of the world.

I embrace and thank you for the opportunity to participate in your journal, I wish your good ideas to fly and be realized.

Bazhena Lyskova
Link to my page: https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/24794/

My name is Sergey. Now I live in Moscow. I mostly eat vegetarian food.

I organize banquets and other entertainment events.

I spend my free time for sport, spiritual practices and reading.

I've thought a lot about leaving the city for about 2 years - live in nature for pleasure. After reading the series of the book “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, I realized that it is necessary to move from the city. This is what I am going to do in the next 3-5 years. Perhaps, it can be reached earlier.

I have not chosen the place where to move: Russia is large!

I think that the choice of a place for the kin domain should be done jointly.

So at this moment I'm looking for the one with whom we will make this choice.

For me, the image of a beloved woman - consists not from a hair color and any size. For me is very important spiritual intimacy, joint development and common goals.

I prefer live communication, thus I have never met on the Internet. When I changed my lifestyle and diet, the target audience was significantly reduced.

That's why, I decided to place this information about myself.

Sergey Gulakov
Link to my page: https://www.anastasia.ru/en/social/user/24728/

If you want your photo to be here, please sign in on The Wife Is A Goddess and send us a link to your profile at letters@megre.ru



This is the story of our winner of the “Cedar House” contest. She has finally fulfilled her dream!

Fate amazingly leads us! Everything is clearly thought out by the higher forces, even the smallest details! I don’t take part in any promotions, I don’t buy any “gifts”. And this time I just wanted to visit Taiga, the Cedar House. And I really love the books, the ideas of Vladimir Megre and Anastasia, and I love the products from the “Ringing Cedars” company very much. I registered the codes on the site. And three days after at my birthday, I found out that I won the grand prize! I really wanted to touch the Cedars, to feel the power, the greatness of Taiga, to live in the Cedar House - the House of God. There was a feeling that there would be a cleansing of the soul, the beginning of a new stage of my development.

And here we flew to Novosibirsk! And here we are, on our way to the village of Kandaurovo, where the cedar oil factory is located!


As soon as we entered the Cedar House - walls made of cedar logs, a table, dishes on the table, benches, carved beds — we found that everything was made of cedar wood. We asked to light the fireplace and the atmosphere became warmer at that moment. All pictures were framed with unusual frames, cedar branches on the couch and on the bedside table, candles, a telescope to gaze at the stars, breakfast on the table, designed like a work of art - everything created that fairytale feeling!


After breakfast, we met with Elena, the head of manufacturing. The next day, we went to Taiga to the Bazoi village with our guide, Fedor (a former forester). I approached the cedars, stroked their trunks, and tried to "dissolve" myself into the sense of taiga. I felt calm, harmony, slowness.

After the excursion to the Cedar trees, there was a delicious lunch made from natural products, and an excursion at the factory. And it struck me how many devices had to be invented to create Cedar nut and cone oils. I learned that they took the technique for the processing of grain as a starting point. I also liked the pictures based on the books of V. Megre, which were transferred to Elena by an artist from Kazakhstan who visited the Cedar House.

And after three o’clock in the afternoon, we began the process of preparing the oil ourselves. We had two sacks of cedar cones, which we first “rushed” and then sifted the nuts from the scales of the lumps, sifted from the dust, sieved again, sifted from the shell, and from the empty nuts. And so on and on. Then it was necessary to calibrate them - to separate the nuts of 8 mm from the nuts of 7 mm. Check again, sift again. Then grind in the mill, sweep again, sift. Manually, it is very difficult to do all these procedures; patience and endurance are required. After that, we received the long-awaited kernels and they had to be sorted out. And our necks and backs began to ache from this sedentary work; the legs became numb, eyes got tired. For five hours of work, we only had 900 grams of kernels to show for it! And to get the oil, you need to lay in the press no less than 3 kg of pine nut kernels, otherwise the press will not work.

And in the evening after dinner, after a sleepless night of jetlag, we went to the bathhouse prepared for us by Fedor. It seemed that we were born again! When we came out of the banya and looked at the sky, we didn’t have the same sky as we did in Moscow! The stars were big and the sky was filled with them!

We slept like babies on herbal cushions, under herbal blankets. After breakfast, we continued to create our own oils. We had already dealt with the kernel clearing. We finally put them into the press and the first trickle of oil appeared! I also tried to work on this device to create the necessary pressure to get the oil. I could do it only with two hands; this is not a job for the weak.

In the evening, Fedor drove us on a quad bike through the village streets with picturesque houses. We had a photo session and admired the sprawling beauty of the pine. We returned after sundown, and we had a farewell dinner by candlelight. Sleep in the Cedar House is powerful, 2.5 hours was enough sleep to get up at 3 am and go to the airport. Thanks to the “Ringing Cedars” company for such a wonderful idea - Cedar House tour!


    Russian Tea tradition

    “Moscow citizens drink tea in the morning, at noon, and always at four o’clock. Every family has a Samovar. The tea is drank in the evening, people drink it when they are sad or have nothing else to do, and without any reason. People drink it with milk, lemon, jam, and most importantly - with pleasure.” This is how historians describe the attitude toward Ivan tea in Russia during the 18th century.

    Russian tea drinking traditions have ancient roots, their own special flavor, and is in no way inferior to Chinese or English teas. Russian tea (which had the name of the settlement where it was first harvested – Koporsky) dates back to the 12th century. Russian Ivan tea surpasses any overseas tea in its healing properties. By the end of the 19th century, Russian Ivan tea was so popular in Europe that it was even illegally trafficked.

    What is it about tea traditions that they are always alive among the people? Everyone has their own, too – you can drink tea with donuts or bagels, with raspberry jam or pies, with honey or dried apples. The merchants, for example, drank tea from saucers - by the way, the Russian tradition, and in Siberia in particular, is to drink tea with a piece of crushed sugar.

    How to prepare Ivan tea:

    Boil water in the kettle, put 2-3 teaspoons of Ivan tea (for 0.5 liters of water) and then pour boiling water on the half of the kettle, wait 5 minutes and pour the boiling water to full. Wait 10 minutes.

    The main feature of Russian tea drinking is a special sincerity, the power of live communication, hospitality, coziness, and warmth.

    You can order Ivan tea with currants, sea-buckthorn, and other foods on www.megrellc.com

    Have a nice tea time!

    5 Basic nutritional recommendations

    Prepared by a general practitioner nutritionist,
    Garagulya Elena Borisovna

    1. Chew food in the mouth thoroughly. This contributes to a more complete grinding of the food, high-quality digestion, and the full assimilation of all vitamins, microelements, and other nutrients.

    2. Comply with a proper drinking regime. All liquids - water, tea, juice, and others. Drinks should be taken 5, 10, 20, or even 60 minutes before meals.

    3. It is recommended to drink natural herbal or fruit and berry teas (without synthetic flavors), which are a source of natural vitamins and minerals. Fruit teas based on rosehips, black currants, lingon berries and others contribute to improvements in circulation, immunity, and energy levels due to the high vitamin C content.

    4. It is not recommended to drink black tea, coffee, cacao, and green tea during the period of treatment and rehabilitation. All of it has a tonic effect and prevents the relaxation of blood vessels, bile ducts, smooth intestinal muscles, and this disrupts the normal excretion of toxic substances from the body.

    5. The daily diet should consist of raw (thermally unprocessed) foods rich with vitamins, microelements by 60 - 80% in summer and autumn and 50% in winter and spring. These are fruits, dried fruits, and berries, according to the season, including dried, various vegetables and all types of greens, nuts, seeds, and others.

    Expert about Cedar Nut Oil

    Do you want to be healthy? So do it already!

    Since 2002, I have been working with cedar products. And after reading about the composition, I’ve come to understand that it’s amazing. Nothing can replace pine nuts, even meat or fish. And in vegetarianism, if you do not eat meat, how do you get your valuable proteins?

    If you compare all the nuts: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, and those richest in magnesium – Cedar nuts are the best at anti-stress. Why? Have you ever heard that magnesium preparations are prescribed to any core — panangin and something else. It is believed that there is not enough magnesium to relax the heart muscle. So that the muscle has time to relax between contractions, and in this relaxation it receives nourishment with blood, and every muscle of the heart has time to feed on oxygen, nutrients: the left ventricle, the right one. And sometimes these cuts are very short and the pauses for resting the heart are small, and the heart does not receive enough nutrients. Therefore, any stressful load - and the heart can stab, or something else, more serious problems. One should always think about the accumulation of magnesium in the body, and there is a good source - it is Cedar nuts.


    Cedar oil is rich with vitamin E. It supports the entire cycle of energy formation so that carbohydrates are actively burned and not deposited in the form of fat, i.e. entered the mitochondria, entered the heart cells, and were used as energy. Vitamin E is important for the growth of muscle mass in sports for athletes, for children, adolescents.


    Moreover, Cedar Nut oil is rich with magnesium, which is the basis of bone tissue. Most of the magnesium in the body is deposited in our teeth and bones. Magnesium is the most mobile element. It is easily displayed in a state of stress. At the sign of any stress, when the heart beats fast, etc., - magnesium is excreted into the blood from the depot in the bone tissue. From Everything is filtered in the kidneys, and we lose our own magnesium through urine. It is very harmful to be under stress. In a state of stress, our bone tissue is depleted. You can artificially introduce yourself into a state of stress: this is drinking coffee 3-5 times during the day - and you are in a constant state of excreting magnesium. And along with magnesium and calcium, it is easily removed from the bones.

    In case of fractures, magnesium nutrition as quickly as possible removes pain in the area of the fracture. If a fracture of some kind, of course, is the main complaint then it hurts at the fracture site. Pain is always a spasm of blood vessels, small muscles, and when nutrients at the place of a fracture do not act the way they should. Our goal is to expand everything to improve blood flow. As soon as the pain went away, it meant that the normal transportation of nutrients has gone away. And I saw this with magnesium nutrition as well.

    If the liver hurts while drinking Cedar Nut oil, is this normal or not? Yes, this is normal. Now I will explain why. Because everyone has bile stasis. If you look at the ultrasound of the liver, the gallbladder is bent in two times, everyone’s excesses are violates the flow of bile. The bile ducts are thickened, sealed often - this is necessary, so pay attention. Many say, "This is normal, everyone lives like this." This is not normal. We grew up in our childhood with biliary dyskinesia. We have one not derived from the liver, intestines, or intestines. We are more bilious, with an accumulation of bile. Then this bile turns to biliary liver spots - pigmentation. Someone gets pigmentation from staying in the sun. The sun is like a catalyst, but it is also a sign. We see liver problems. When we begin to actively deduce it, the spots all pass.

    Any oil increases the outflow of bile. If I prescribed a patient oil when he caught a cold, I would recommend a teaspoon every hour. Anyway, look how strong a man is. The beginner does not need to drink Cedar nut oil with resin, let him love this oil. My favorite oil is propolis with sea-buckthorn.

    I recommend drinking a teaspoon of oil every hour if you need to quickly cure your cold. Why not another oil? Cedar nut oil is a source of Omega-3 fatty acid. Why is Omega-3 now so widely advertised in the treatment of any diseases? The Institute of Rheumatology believes that it was imperative to include Omega-3 fatty acid in the treatment regimen. Cedar Nut oil has it all!

    General practitioner nutritionist,
    Garagulya Elena Borisovna

    Cold pressed 100ml
    Cold pressed
    Second pressed 100ml


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    Happy Easter


    I want to share my review about Bath oil "Anasta".

    My experience with it was typical: I didn’t know what to present to friend for birthday. I wanted to find smth natural in a beautiful box.

    I found Bath Oil “Anasta” and presented it to my friend. After my friend called me after receiving the gift. She said that all small tweezers on her face have disappeared, the skin in the décolleté area has become more even and taut! And this is only after the first application! However the course is 12 applications...

    And then I regretted that I hadn't bought it for myself :( But the good thing is that the company works very smoothly. And now I become the owner of beautiful and healthy skin! And YES! I made masks on my face, as written in the instructions. The oval of the face noticeably pulled up, black circles under the eyes left and the face began to look fresh!!!!

    I spent a lot of money, to be sure, on various body treatments. However the amazing item was near me all the time. Thanks again!!!!!

    Nadezhda Kovalenko, Tver

    In the first half of 2018, I participated in the organization and conduct of the World Cup in Russia. This is where I really needed the complete mobilization of all my strength and energy! I supported myself with the Cedar Elixir. Everything went on the highest level! Coincidence? I do not think so!

    Recently, I often have to fly. I accept Cedar Elixir when traveling for support my body. Frequent flights, time zones, climate and weather conditions change smoothly, I recover quickly. Coincidence? I do not think so! :)

    I forgot about interseasonal colds on the background of regular intake of Cedar Elixir, according to the recommendations. Coincidence? I do not think so! :)

    Mozgunov Anton (Moscow, Volgograd, Rostov)

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