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May 2019


Welcome to the second issue of our new project - our monthly newsletter. We wanted to thank you for the feedback we received after the first one in April. Just as we thought, the most interesting topic was “Space of Love”, where we shared a few profiles of women and men, who are looking for a second half with the same thoughts. Please note that you can find more profiles on the Wife is Goddess portal and if you want us to share your profile, just send us a link with a cover letter in English to letters@megre.ru.

We are happy to share with you works of inspired artists from all over the world. We hadn’t received emails or snail mail from the US or other English-speaking countries, but now we have a Facebook group and people from all over the world have been sending their beautiful works, and it is wonderful. If you have something you want to say, ask, or share, please don’t be shy and email us on letters@megre.ru.

You will read about the existing Kin Domain Settlements and about the people who lived there and linked events (even a wedding). We wrote healthy tips, recipes, and answered the most popular questions.

To be brief, read, enjoy, and write your favorite story/article with your friends :)

MegreLLC team


Vladimir Megre answers your questions

We continue to receive lots of questions about Vladimir Megre, Anastasia, their children and many others. We had a chance to ask the author himself all most popular questions during the Frankfurt Book Fair, our partner from Germany Jana Iger interviewed Vladimir. Here is the video where you can find all answers. If there are no answers to your question, please feel free to write it to letters@megre.ru

This spring saw the releases of Vladimir Megre books in two Countries

Our publisher from Taiwan has already released eight books from the series. Recently the Cedar Ray Publishing house released the translation of the book "New Civilization" in Chinese! We wish our readers from Taiwan to have pleasure from book 8.1. "New Civilization" in Chinese!

As you probably already know the roots of our author stem from to Ukraine. Vladimir Megre books haven’t been translated into Ukrainian for a long time. Fortunately, this year saw the release of Vladimir Megre’s first book “Anastasia” in Ukrainian! We are happy for our readers from Ukraine for this opportunity to read this wonderful book in their native language. We are grateful to our publisher and the entire team that brought this project to life, for their hard work.

Ukraine invites to the Kin Domains' creators' Forum

Place: Venue - Ukraine, Volyn region, sport-sanitary complex on the shores of the Shatsky Lakes.

Date: July 9-14 2019

We cordially invite you to take part in the International Forum of Kin Domain creators, which will be held on July 9-14, 2019. The forum will provide a unique opportunity to share experiences and information, as well as the opportunity to present the world with a new world outlook and lifestyle, which has already been successfully implemented in many countries.

Thanks to this forum we will have an excellent opportunity to show a new world view of people and society, our joint achievement. We will plan further steps towards the development of a community of people creating Earth’s future.

One of the main tasks of the upcoming forum is to establish effective interaction between the settlements and estates of different countries, creating a common development strategy for peace and prosperity on the planet.

We welcome all kin domain settlements' residents from the neighboring and more distant countries and all readers of Vladimir Megre’s books.

Forum program:

- International scientifically-practical conference "Kin domain - new worldview and the way of the world formation and prosperity".
- Round tables on practical experience in arranging Kin domains and settlements, examples of successful entrepreneurship and local economy, education, green building and life, garden and vegetable garden, as well as other practical issues of living in Kin domains.
- Exhibition of products grown / manufactured in Kin domains and settlements.
- Workshops in crafting and classes from Kin domains' and settlements' residents.
- A water and health holiday.
- Dances and gaming program, bards' songs, disco, cinema, evening with acquaintances to find halves and many other surprises await you on the Kin Domain Creators Forum.

To apply for participation in the forum please follow the provided link:

There will be no registration fee, participation - is free of charge, and accommodations will be - at the prices of sport-sanitary complex (specified later). The contribution of each individual toward the development of the common goals is welcomed !!! As well as financial support and, volunteering or any other feasible contribution for the common good!

We create our common future by taking part in the Forum!

Organizer: International Public Organization “International Commonwealth of Kin Domain Creators”


The languages of the nations of the world sound in Kin Domain Settlement "Staroselye"

By the will of destiny our settlement has families from different European countries. Most of them are from Germany, our compatriots who have lived for about 20 years abroad and have found their homeland in the settlement of Staroselye, in the Smolensk region.

Some of their children didn't know Russian, some had poor Russian.

The guys from Germany came for the first time to Staroselye in 2003 (Staroselye was founded in 1999), with a large group and, they had a reading club in Germany, so almost the whole club came.

The first feature of people living far from their future Kin domain is that they made the decision to move without visiting it before moving. So it turned out that the first permanent residents were the guys from abroad, despite the difficulties with documents, visas, and passports.

For example, one of our families does not have Russian citizenship (at the moment there is only a residence permit), thus they were forced to regularly travel to the border in Belarus to leave and re-enter Russia. For another family, a spouse has never been a citizen of Russia. But, despite all the difficulties, the guys quickly landed on their feet and improved their economic situation.

The Molzam family produces excellent German quality dairy products: milk (goat, cow), sour cream, cottage cheese, butter, cheese, honey, eggs. It is interesting that the products are sold not only within the settlement, but it is bought with pleasure by the restaurants from nearby cities. His daughter with son-in-law and Grandson bake bread for the whole settlement (including unleavened), pies, vegetarian samsa, pizzas, cheesecakes, cakes. The young family remained in Germany a year after their parents moved to earn for their own home.

Max Fayfer produces excellent furniture, professionally breeds dogs and horses, and develops permaculture.

Pasha Lyer became famous for manually digging out a pond, and independently building a sauna.

Vitaly Amelin has acquired a drilling rig, and provides the settlers with water.

Dima Podlinov moved with four children, Like a rock thrown into the river, abandoning the well-fed German benefits. Now they already have eight children, two of them born in Staroselye.

And these are just a few examples. In addition, all the guys are great builders. People usually ask: "They probably have left accounts, given up their houses or apartments for rent ..."

No, they really live with what their Kin domain gives.

There is a tendency - Starolesye is mostly interesting for families from abroad due to that fact that the settlers there are mostly excitizens of Europe. And it is clear why Staroselye is attractive for people from abroad. The reason is the variety of languages that is used in our settlement, as I mentioned above, and most children don't speak Russian or can't speak Russian properly. This fact facilitates communication at the beginning.

Recently a couple from Australia visited us. In the near future a young man from Denmark is going to visit us. Families from Germany have already appeared on our new glades between Mezhdurechye and Izluchin. Also families from France are interested in our settlement as well.

I can tell you from personal experience that it is very interesting to live in our settlement, because former compatriots are returning, and it is possible to take the most beautiful from all cultures!

Dmitry Sinelnikov
Kin Domain Settlement Staroselye, Smolensk region

Forum of Kin Domain Settlement in Minsk: expectations, results and achievements

From November 23 to 25, 2018 the first international forum of Kin domain creators was held in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk. We asked the organizers of this forum to tell who was the initiator of this forum, what goals were laid out, what was done and what was left unimplemented at this event.

Andrei Pristavko, a legal practitioner, created the Kin Domain in Settlement Zvon-gora:

- From the very beginning, we wanted the forum to become a ground for discussing legislative initiatives and further the prospects for developing of the movement in our country and in the world. When we discussed the format of the meeting, we understood that we need to involve leading representatives of science for positioning our movement. That is why the first day was devoted to the scientifically-practical conference "Kin domains - as an element of the model of sustainable development of rural areas."

With this scientific conference we wanted to achieve the following results: first and foremost - the activation of people who are involved in science to assess the potential and level of development of the existing movement. Secondly, we wanted government representatives to be involved in dialogue of the possibility of spreading the idea of kin domain in the country and in particular the bill "On the Kin Domain" and its adoption. In addition, we invited speakers with separate themes to participate in the event. Scientists and practitioners from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries spoke at the forum in the field of creating kin domain.

On behalf of all the organizers, I thank all participants at the conference for their speeches, presentations and reports, as well as for the special contribution to movement positioning.

Regina Chaykovskaya, a representative of the organizing committee on the preparation of the forum:

- I would like to emphasize the significance of the participation of scientists in the event from leading universities of the country (Belarusian State University, Vitebsk State University named after V.P. Masherov), the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, residents of the Kin domains, as well as the representatives of friendly countries - Russia and Ukraine.

I am convinced that Kin domains are main key hint to the world community in solving modern problems with the help of the use of state and international development programs of the country in an effective way, proper cooperation with the government and proposals constructive measures to improve living conditions and citizen development.

The topic of Kin domains is vital to research and develop in all spheres of society, including science. We welcome cooperation with research institutes, universities, think tanks, government departments, and the UN. We are interested in working together and presenting the results of this work in the next forums, that are scheduled for Spring 2020.

Dmitry Zmitrovich, Chairman of the NGO “Own Homeland”, member of the organizing committee, founder of the Kin Domain Settlement Vasilkovka, Republic of Belarus:

- I will note two important things. First of all, this is a completely new format, the first scientifically-practical conference on the sustainable development of rural areas through the creation of Kin domains.

Secondly - this is a missed opportunity for those who did not attend the event for some whatever reason. Many of those who were at home these days, wait for the adoption of a regulatory document at the state level that will allow everyone who wants to create and equip their small homeland - the Kin domain. Others are already building their domains, but they are dissatisfied with the lack of infrastructure or, on the contrary, with the unexpectedly increased pressure of civilization around. These issues won't be solved, while we will stay at home and discuss problems within a narrow circle.

Tatyana Kovalevich, PR-manager, Kin Domain Settlement Rosy:

- The movement of creators of kin domains in Belarus is more than 10 years old, but we have never wondered who the trendsetter of the world movement is. Who decided to quit the city for the sake of creating a Kin domain and go to uncultivated land in the countryside? We studied it before the forum. As it turned out, there are those among us who strive to achieve material well-being through the creation of a domain, and those who justify their choice with the possibilities of rapid spiritual growth.

In fact, we got a cross-cutting of all levels of Maslow's hierarchy, which showed the differences of each of us in the direction and level of development, the chosen pace and perspective. Thus, someone takes an active part in events, and someone has focused exclusively on his domain and family. This must be realized and accepted.

The consequence of these differences can be considered the difficulties encountered in signing the fundamental document of the forum - “Declaration to the peoples of the world”, which was planned to be accepted as an appeal to the global community. We couldn't realize this wonderful idea due to the different approach in the wording. I hope that next year will see the necessary quorum, a common opinion and the solution to the task. I am sure that the relevance of this document will only be confirmed by time.

Oleg Pankov, plans to create his own domain:

- The event allowed to unite people who care for their own lives, the lives of their children, and also the fate of the country, their native land and the whole world.

It was the first time when supporters of Kin domain creators and government representatives gathered on one platform in Belarus. We have one common goal - to make people's lives on Earth better. Of course, it is possible to create Kin domains in the current legal field, but we would like today's legislation to facilitate the implementation of these intentions and eliminate possible obstacles. We have high expectations for the adoption of the Law “On Kin domains”, which is not initiated by only citizens, but also developed with the joint preparation of government bodies and the public.

Round table discussions have become a very productive format. We discussed a lot of major issues, including the concept of law, experience in creating settlements, healthy nutrition, lifestyle, folk holidays, education and upbringing. And these were only the first steps. It is necessary to go on in this direction in order to have the full confidence to call Belarus a country of Kin domains.

Alla and Vlad Mishurnye, founders of the Zvon-Gora Kin Domain Settlement in the Vitebsk region, are the founders of the Zvon-Gora Kin domain Development Center and, activists of the initiative group on Law promotion “On Kin Domains” in Belarus:

- I would like to emphasize the final day event of the forum - the circle of settlements “Kin domains - the blooming Earth. Issues, solutions, prospects".

The meeting united the representatives of the Belarusian and Russian settlements and became one of the most demanded and significant round tables.

We held a folk art fair for all forum visitors, an exhibition of Kin domains' achievements, and an achievement competition in which about 20 videos were presented, revealing various aspects of life in domains. Ratmir Novikov, Belarus kin domains page.

- The new format of the forum has become an interesting experience, which, of course, needs to be developed. Contact with the authorities and the presentation of the idea, that is based on real examples of success in various fields and approved by science, forms a much more mature and reasoned vision of it. In the future, the event can be deepened and expanded upon: add more interaction and, invite the broader public interested in the development direction to participate.

The event was organized by the Vladimir non-profit foundation for culture and support of creativity “Anastasia”, the public organization “Svoya Rodina”, the social-ecological institution “Center for the development of family estates Zvon-gora”, the IPO “Sovorenie”, kin domain settlement Rosy (Dew), information portal "Belarus kin domain" (ecoby.info).

Materials of the forum are available on th website: conference.ecoby.info
Reports of the scientifically-practical conference are available for review on the official forum page: conference.ecoby.info

Settlement “Korenskie Rodniki”

The settlement is situated near the Gremyachij farmstead, within the Belgorod Oblast (Federal Subject of Russia).

We purchased 40 hectares of arable fields in the picturesque district of Shebekinskiy. For 5 years up until that point the land had been leased out for farming.

The Surroundings

From an ecological perspective, our settlement is located in one of the best points in the area, far from the iron quarries (the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly) and chemical plants. It is near the largest forest in the Belgorod region. It is stunningly beautiful - as one geographer from the Belgorod State University said, it is "the most picturesque part of the region". Our settlement is in a field adjoining the Gremyachij farmstead (previously known as “Korenskaya dacha”, now unofficially known as “Olshanec”). The village of Polyana is 1 km from the settlement. The Museum of Craft is located a few kilometres from the settlement across the river, in the village of Kupino.


There are 2 springs at the border of the field. They form two small lakes. River Koren’ flows near the settlement. There are wells here.


Distance from the oblast (regional) centre: 28 km on asphalt road or 18 km on rough track.

Distance from the Belgorod-Shebekino highway – 8 km.


There is a step-down transformer in the adjoining field to Gremvachij. Whether this will be enough to power 30 new homes is not yet known.

In 2005 we conducted a geodetic survey and separated the field into individual plots. We made the settlement plan to our own design, having first consulting the district architect. The plans were made in concordance with official building practice. The field is divided into 24 plots of 1 or 2 hectares each. In June 2006 we celebrated the first birthday of the settlement. In 2007 we received verbal agreement from the regional and district administrations for construction on the premises.

Now we are considering joining of our land to the neighbouring Gremyachij farmstead.

Since 2006 we have planted more than 10 thousand woodland plants, laid foundations or erected houses on the 12 plots, and cleaned up the "Korenskoy" spring.

We implement measures to conserve the nature in our area:

We carry out checks for illegal logging and poaching in adjacent forests (we have identified and stopped 5 cases of illegal logging and 2 cases of poaching);

We have posted warning signs at the entrance to the woods;

The settlers extinguish spring fires on the fields and in the forests;

We conducted a survey of the surrounding forests to identify and protect of rare plant species (20 species detected);

We are currently undergoing preparatory work for the creation of protected natural areas (a Natural Park on a regional scale) which will recognise the territory as an area of great botanic diversity including rare and valuable species.

Settlement “Korenskie rodniki”, Belgorod Oblast

LEPOTA Settlement

Many people with ancestral roots in the region of Arkhangelsk have been inspired by the ‘Ringing Cedars of Russia’ book series, which advocates the creation of kin domains – a domain for one’s family founded on an ideology of familial love and a return to the land. It indicates a revival of one’s native land, and of all Russia. In 2005, these people and their families chose a beautiful spot near the village of Khmelniki, in the Konoshsky District in which to create such an environment.

The administration and the local population were pleasantly surprised to meet newcomers who wanted to transition from an urban lifestyle to a rural one.

The main goal for all the participants was to create a perfect living environment for themselves, their children and descendants; a space where they and their family could live self-sufficiently. They wanted to create a space in which the inhabitants could improve themselves spiritually and raise healthy, hard-working, and talented children. We believe that this is only possible in kin domain settlements.

The settlement is surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful countryside. There are big and small fields and glades. About 10-15 years ago there were arable lands separated by forest belts. Nowadays these former farmlands are overgrown with young pines. The little pines seem to stretch out every one of their spines to greet you!

They are waiting for you! These pines and fir trees and every blade of grass grew in preparation for this meeting. They knew we were coming - some of them have been waiting quite a while, pining for us. Hello, pines, we’re here! And more will come. Many hands will touch you and give you love, you just need to wait a little bit longer. Thank you pines, thank you for waiting, and for growing into such beauties!

It takes my breath away to realise that we are finally here, in the place that inspired us and gave us strength.

We dreamed of building our kin domains on this land.

In the early years the land was rented short-term. The tenants began to mow grass on their land, plant gardens and hedges, and protect their plants with mulch from hay. In 2009 we were registered as a rural non-commercial partnership and granted planning permission and the right to permanent residence.

We understand that establishing the settlement is a difficult task, requiring great strength of character, hard work, dedication and an undying love for everything we do. We can only implement our goal if we achieve unity and understanding with the local population, local and regional administration and, of course, the government.

The Lepota Kin Domain Settlement is home to one permanent residence. From April to July there are 6 families currently engaged in the construction of their domains. Two washhouses and one house are already underway.

Teterina Tatyana Aleksandrovna

Dear friends, if you have Kin Domain
and want to share your experience, please contact us.


Women will bring forth the change of the world

We have a lot of friends around the world. Today we would like to represent you our publisher from Chroatia. Her name is Andreja Varoščić-Austin. Recently she cordially shared with us her interview that she gave to popular site for women 50+.

Human’s relationship with nature has changed significantly over the past few decades. The dietary habits are changing, renewable energies are developing, waste is being disposed and recycled, the demand for herbicide and pesticide-free fruits and vegetables has been increased, natural cosmetics are now more preferred. Even the people living in the cities want to be more and more closer to nature. They are engaged in outdoor recreation and are learning about growing their own food.  Many books and manuals reveal the change in human relationship with nature and man's place in it. However, when in the nineties they began to talk of renewable energy, one of the most inspiring books about man's place in nature was Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books by Vladimir Megre, thanks to which the Western world got acquainted with Anastasia, an extraordinary woman from Siberian taiga, who possesses the power of the primal parents.

The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books have been translated into Croatian by Andreja Varoscic Austin and published by the Amrita Association fifteen years ago. The idea of the connection in the natural cycles of life, integral human development and living in harmony with nature began spreading intensively in Croatia. Sensitive people were among the first who embraced the idea. They intuitively felt connection with the Anastasia's philosophy of life. Since the first book of Anastasia was published there have been several editions of this story that was captivating over and over the readers through the years.

The Life Path led Andreja Varoscic Austin from Rijeka to Colorado where she lives with her husband. She is visiting Croatia every year and is handling the sale of the books about Anastasia. After translating The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books Andreja Varoscic Austin published her first original novel The Last Woman Warrior of the Liburnians. Her books are being distributed by distributors of spiritual literature.

You started translating Anastasia from Russian fifteen years ago. How did you come to the idea to publish The Ringing Cedars of Russia series of books in Croatian? What did you expect to achieve and what realizations have you had?

It is about ten books, the world's best-selling series of books about Anastasia by the Russian author Vladimir Megre, who won prestigious Gusi Peace Prize in 2011 for literature. Vladimir Megre is a former entrepreneur. He encounters Anastasia while trading in the nineties along the rivers of Siberia. He is conveying the message of Anastasia about the need to change ourselves and the world around us. Anastasia lives at the threshold of civilization in Siberian taiga, where she lives in harmony with the universal laws of nature. She is a realized being with godlike qualities. The books about Anastasia are read from the heart. The value of the books is in the healing power of the words of Anastasia that captivate the readers throughout the world. After reading the books many people said that their life or at least the view of life somehow changed. The books about Anastasia came naturally to me. I felt the call and decided to translate the books into Croatian and publish them. Anastasia wanted to unite us in purity of intention and warmed us with her ray of love. If these books inspired us just to think about her ideals of the good, beauty and sublime, then I can say that I have achieved success with this project.


The author said recently more about his encounters with Anastasia in an interview with the Swiss Television at the Frankfurt Book Fair. He says that she is always good. She always radiates positive energy and has a clear vision of how she wants to live. There is a reason why the author keeps her outside the reach of others. If he revealed her whereabouts, everybody would rush down there to ask for her grace and healing. Anastasia gave us a part of herself, she gave us her soul and we can feel her. We only need to open ourselves and find the answers within.

Since the first book of Anastasia was published, how has the idea of human-nature relationship influenced society and how has it began to make its way into the Croatian and the world society?

These and similar projects are intertwined. Anastasia distinguishes herself from other ecological communities speaking about Kin's Domains. Briefly, it is a place where we should create our Space of Love. This place will give us an energetic shield of protection around us. It is a place where we can always return to. There have been several initiatives in Croatia to launch Kin’s Domain projects as shown in the books about Anastasia, but it hasn't been achieved. I think what is important is what happens on the margins of society. The little men are a driving force in this movement. They have been living with the idea of Kin's Domain, even if they cannot make them happen now. As Tesla said, we are all one and are interconnected by invisible forces. And this sense of unity is one of the most beautiful things that was brought about by this project. In this regard we can affirm that with the appearance of Anastasia the idea of a harmony between man and nature has spread widely not only in Croatia, but throughout the world.

In the last few years there have been several projects in Croatia that propose a holistic approach to the world and man's place in it, like “The Path of the Goddess” by Daniela Uzelac or Dalibor Petrinich with a concept of a natural diet – “A diet we are designed for”. What are the world famous projects that follow Anastasia’s idea?

Relying on a previous question I would say that there is no institutionalized project in the world that follows Anastasia’s idea. They are working on it in Russia. The favorite idea of every book lover is the idea od the Space of Love, of the Kin’s Domain, where we would live in harmony with ourselves, with the Nature and the Universe. The ringing cedar, the main motive of the book has intermediary role: it has healing power, it acts as energetically protective shield and transmits cosmic energy to a man.

From Anastasia’s point of view the question of a natural diet is very easy: We need to rely on what our intuition would tell us about which one plant to pick and when. The soil contains exactly the right nutrients necessary for plant growth. If we give our plants love, they will provide us with all the necessary nutrients and love us back.

Anastasia’s philosophy embodies the idea of giving our plants we eat love and they will love us back…

The concept of Woman and Divine Feminine presented in the book “The Path of the Goddess” by Daniela Uzelac bears much similarity to Anastasia. Let’s say that Anastasia’s character is associated with female archetypes, the archetypes of Mother, or in broader context, of Divine Mother, Mother Nature. She carries the sacred wisdom within her, like the celebrated in literature, Goethe's or Vladimir Solovyos's in Russian philosophy and literature, “Eternal Feminine”. This is the ideal every woman should strive for. For a woman is a Goddess, as Anastasia or Daniela in the popular series of books say. Daniela says that the era of woman will dawn when she will gain divine status again. And the woman is the one who will bring forth the change of the world, and we can say that it’s already happening at the finer levels of reality /…/

Copyright © Onenastupaju.hr
Interview: Andreja Varoscic Austin
The author of the interview: Sandra Pocrnic-Mlakar – 30/12/2018

A few years ago, we created a Facebook group and Nina Megre started to share stories in English, then we found out that there are a lot of readers from all over the world. We talked, we met, we found friends. That’s the place where we ask your advice, where we make a common decision, a place where we have direct communication. Join us and let’s be friends :)

Dear friends, please share your creativity or your story with us. Email it to letters@megre.ru and if you don’t mind, we’ll post it in our newsletter or on social media.


The Union of Two People: The Wedding

“The wedding ritual, which secures the union of two people, came about with the participation of the entire settlement. Sometimes several settlements took part in it— neighboring and occasionally even distant settlements.

The two future lovers met in various ways. Sometimes, young inhabitants of the same settlement might come to love each other. But more often, at one of the settlements’ common holidays, two people’s eyes would meet, and feelings would blaze up in their hearts.

He would approach her or she him—it didn’t matter. The two people’s gazes could tell each other a lot. But there were words as well, and in translation into modern language they sounded approximately like this:

“With you, beautiful goddess, I could create a dimension of Love for the ages,” he would tell his chosen one.

If the girl’s heart responded with love, she would reply: “My god, I am prepared to help you in the great co-creation.”

Then the lovers would choose their own living place for their future home together.”

Vladimir Megre
“The Family Book”

Last year, Settlement "Radosvet" celebrated the first wedding. Happy newlyweds Roman and Ann held their own ceremony of love.

I love my wife very much. We've dreamed about estate for such a long time, and decided to mark this transitional moment in our life with such an event as a wedding. Anya was worried that we were still not married, but I said that we would do this on our land and for the whole family.

I noticed that no one practically does this wonderful rite in such conditions as we did, on our own land, at the very beginning of the creation of a family estate and already with the whole family.

After all, our ancestors got married where they would live for some reason. Weddings makes us with our land into one with our land. It is difficult to express it in words, but I'll try. Calling on the energy of love, and even with the witnesses, it filled the whole space. We still feel it coming to our estate. For me, this is generally a new, incomparable experience.

What does the Earth need from us in general? Love, care, attention. You understand that the land is a fairly self-sufficient system. But before taking something from her, we decided to give something back to her. That very same attention, love, water, and carelanding. That love that we are able to convey with our level of awareness and speed of thought. We tried our best.

In fact, miracles happened during the preparation. Those tasks that were felt by our consciousness as not feasible were carried out. Help came from where we didn’t even expect it. If something was canceled, then it was only for the better. And we decided to fill this space with so-called quality content, filled with energy and emotions. Honestly, I've never read such rites of love on the Internet, which were recorded so qualitatively and beautifully. After all, they probably will not watch low-quality videos. I decided to make a bridge between our wonderful event and the people who are not yet familiar with the idea of ancestral estates. This film will be released soon, and it's aimed to popularize the idea. We want to tell people that love does not have anthe age, fashion, or rules. Let the children be with you and it is not known what others will think of you. This is wonderful: to gather friends, plant a hedge, or be in an orchard on your own land. In fact, everything is limited by your imagination only.

You'll probably be surprised, but honestly , we did everything badly. Do it at least a little better than we did, and everything will be fine on this planet! If you do a little bit better, then there will be paradise on the Earth ... Therefore, I did invited the best videographers for good reason.

Our guys, the founders of the settlement, are really good, whatever anyone says. They were not afraid and did a good thing. Real, decent men. We are all responsible for the world we leave to our children, so. So, I want to help the guys with the energy of love and inspiration. To make our settlement "Radosvet" even more famous and lively. After all, this is not just a noisy event, it is an integration of already established family and nature into a single whole. And indeed there are not so many sincere holidays of love in our life. They need to be done more, and, in fact, it was the first big holiday of love in Radosvet! I am sincerely glad that the holidays of love have now begun in our settlement from our wedding.

This holiday is also a message to our children, the next generation, as it's said, for the future. The Earth gave birth to us and it needs our attention, love, and our pure thoughts. It's already been suffering in our era of consumption. You don’t have to do much to torture the land, it would be enough to buy something in plastic packaging and you will be already work toward harming the Earth. I think the land deserves this small thing as recognition of the land and showing, gratitude. Thus, we decided to lay down our estate as a respectful act to the land.

As wise men say in different books on personal growth - give, before you get! The least we can give is love, and we did it. I'm really so glad ourthe neighbors supported me. Of course, not all, but it is the free choice of everyone. This holiday was a success thanks to people. There are beloved friends, neighbors, relatives, and weus;, there is the Earth and there is love. Nothing would have happened if something was thrown out.

I have not done anything with such commitment in my life before. Now I understand why Radomir and Lyubomila in the books of Vladimir’s books #Megre, slept in parents' houses for three days after the wedding ceremony. I myself was for three days - I was not in my body, I just felt that I needed to sleep.

I say the following for followers, those who will get married: you will receive not just some emotions and pleasant memories, you will receive knowledge as well. And a certain recommendation, plan a separate rest after the wedding at least a day in advance so that you can just sleep, stay alone. This is a very subtle, valuable condition, a kind of fullness that you don’t want to waste, but leave it in your heart. This, as it turned out, is a very important stage, we did not think it out and now we want to warn others. This is also an entire stage.

Of course, everything really didn't go the way we planned, everything went according to the divine scheme. Everything has grown together in an ideal way in all things. Even a miracle happened to the weather turned out to be a miracle. When I gave a speech, it was as if nature itself was hiding and pulsing. And butterflies sat on the dress of my wife, Ana, it’s just something unreal ... It’s real magic, it’s really, it’s something divine.

I cannot even find the adequate words to those feelings, those energies that we experienced. And in terms of preparation and in the process of the rite.

The only thing I can say is - this: get married guys! It is very, very necessary for the whole space, the whole universe. These are extremely important things that cannot be described, but everyone must experience it in his life. This is the real "CiBaBu" (what is it? Learn from our film!). This is something that is not transmitted by speech, especially when your children are participating, and you are crowned with the whole family and your land ... It was difficult to control emotions, and probably feelings also. Inside, there was a fountain that was beating out of you, through your voice, a stream of avalanches of these joyous feelings of admiration, love. I barely held my tears just not to burst into tears like a girl. In general, I am proud of myself, I respect and love for myself for what I could do and did it all. So people will see that this is not all played, not stageding and not just scenery when the film comes out. We did not even rehearse, even once. JWe just had a plan and we acted. Everything was so real, there was pure intention in action. We simply did not have time for other things. I am so happy that the ceremony was organized by Elena Romanova and Egor Romanov. They understood the idea and caught the common mood of the action. I do not know what else can be organized in this way, except for the wedding. It seems like something universal, powerful and large-scale helped us.

We must pay attention to the energy of love. It is a feeling, acting, thinking matter, that lives and it needs attention.

Dear, you can do everything better than us, and everything will be fine. If everything is good on the whole planet, it will be good in the whole universe.

Author Roman Petrushin
Kin Domain Settlement Radosvet

My dear,

You know me, we have been waiting for our reunion for the whole life.

I'm Galina, I'm 31 and live in a small town Ulyanovsk. I'm an English teacher, I used to know German as well, but it was more than 10 years ago.

Now I'm here with my son, he's 2,5 and i'm eager to find and build my home. However, I've never thought about doing it alone.

My former husband has chosen money and success but I can't live like that. So, I left and started all over again.

I'll be happy to communicate with everybody, we need to support each other.

Galina Andreeva
Link to my page https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/24735/

Dear Beloved,

Now as you stand before me and as I realize, that it is you, I just embrace you, not holding back tears anymore.

I drop down my mask of self-assurance, of wisdom and strength, and also my fears of you being cold, superficial, exploitative, subtly abusive and unaccountable.

The burden of years of waiting and active search, nibbling away my last hope to hold you in my arms one day, fall apart like an eggshell of a newborn.

I know, you belong to me, and you know as well. No vanities, no butterflies and no romantic ideas of any kind block our way, we are going to stand united, for better or for worse, not even civil marriage. Just the warm glow in my heart makes me unambiguously certain, that it is you.

The little girl inside you has found the true strength it was looking for, I dare to state without pride. And the little boy in me smiles and jokes in presence of such a beautiful, mature woman as you are!

So I take you by the hand and lead you to our future of true love, dancing with you through our blossoming garden of life, we are going to create together.

From your man with love,
Erik Jendryschik
Link to my page: https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/16578/


My name is Marina. I am 35. I work as an accountant and live in Moscow.

I love nature, I live with my children (boy and a girl) and we learn to live) I am interested in different practices, energies, esoteric, lucid dreams, hypnomeditations. Man, this is a very full word. Man is virtue, determination courage and audacity. There is good nature, there is an understanding of the weak, mutual respect and harmony. I believe that there is something for which we have manifested here on the light. From the state of being allowed to be different, it is possible to organize a harmonious space.

For me, it would be ideal to live in a house in the country, because I do love gardening, enjoy cooking. I love all athletic exercises, gymnastics in the morning and walking. My hobbies - Riding, Walking, Swimming, Skiing, Hiking, Camping, Aerobics, Vegetable Garden. I love internet, reading, poetry, classical music, museums / painting and movies.

Kolyavkina Marina
Link to my page: https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/16704/

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House for cones

In 2017, our own house for cones appeared on the territory of “Megre” Taiga production. This is a spacious two-story barn, the second floor is for cones only. It is completely made of cedar - walls, floor, and roof - and due to the good natural flow of air, the cones can breathe easily.

House for cones should be well ventilated. It is most preferable if the barn is made of cedar wood, that way the cedar fruits remain in their native environment. We have it. It is stored in special bags of flax.

Why is this so important? We always understand that the process of oil production should be done by following simple (now almost forgotten) rules.

We do not take сones into the urban environment. In general, less transportation is better for it and it absorbs everything that the natural environment gives.

The cones cannot be shelled as soon as it is collected, it needs to wait for about three months, while you will get the maximum benefit and flavor, and the oil will become as saturated as possible.

Cedar nuts must be stored in a cone. A whole cedar cone can quietly lie for 3-5 years without losing the germination of seeds, and the nutritional value as a result. It is possible to keep nuts that have been cracked, but they persist for no more than 12 months, and after 3 months they begin to lose their quality. If you do not provide comfortable conditions, the nuts quickly disappear and become covered with mold. The best way to crash the cone is when you are ready to prepare the oil.

And the most important thing – you do not need to do anything with cones: dry with hot air, or, even worse, dry with boiling water, boil or roast on the fire. It is like losing all of its most valuable properties.

In general, we have taken another step toward the very traditions that Anastasia spoke of, which our ancestors carefully kept in the villages of the Siberian taiga.


Nutrition plan - BREAKFAST

“I eat to live, and I don't live to eat.” Nowadays, when gastronomic pleasures are becoming more and more accessible to people, doctors and nutritionists remind us this simple truth more and more. People do not always remember that food for the body can be not only fuel, but also medicine. Properly nourishing the body, supplying it with the necessary nutrients in the right amount will help it to recover.

Early morning (from 5.30 AM) kidneys, intestines, and biliary tracts start working. Therefore, at this time, it is recommended to drink a lot as it helps dilute the bile. Also, berries and fruits have a diuretic, draining and laxative effect. Start the day with at least a small handful of berries or fruit (best of all, seasonal), and in the morning you should cleanse your body two or even three times.

Nutrition and diet should be aimed at helping the body: it is important to not only to embed a rate of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, but also be able to remove what has accumulated inside us. Right drinks will help with it: pure mineral water, fruit tea, chicory with honey. You can use coffee - without sugar - with honey, lemon, or ginger. You can add a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is the most powerful antioxidant. Every day, adding one teaspoon of cinnamon to the diet is[A1] great for you. Muddy, reddish whites of the eyes - a sign of pollution of the internal environment.

Dry berries (currants, cranberries) and dried fruits have a good diuretic effect, this is a good option for those who have high blood pressure.

The best breakfast is a light breakfast

At breakfast you can eat fruits: grapefruits, oranges, apples. I do not recommend bananas, kiwis, and pears: they are sweet, they do not have enough vitamin C - they are not needed for immunity. And the food should be as effective as possible in order to enhance our immunity. A weakened body has a higher chance of getting sick than a healthy one. Therefore, I excluded pears and bananas from my diet: I think that this is self-indulgence, besides a large amount of sweet does not have a very good effect on health and appearance.

It is good to make fruit and berry cocktails for breakfast. They are not only healthy, but an excellent source of energy - even more than coffee. An alternative option may be fruit puree.

In addition, natural cottage cheese is good for breakfast, however, not every day, but once or twice a week. I prefer farm dairy products. Also, goat’s milk is the good one, and even better, sheep or whey products.

General practitioner nutritionist,
Garagulya Elena Borisovna

Breakfast recipes

Cocktails can be made on the basis of any berries, both fresh and frozen. In the summer it could be fresh, in winter - frozen.

Fruit is used as a base: apple, orange, or grapefruit with the addition of water.

Blueberry with orange

100 gr. blueberries, 1 orange, 200 ml of water, nutmeg, cinnamon, honey 1-2 tsp.

  • Rinse blueberries under warm water and put in a blender. If the berries are frozen, add a little boiling water to the cocktail
  • peel an orange, divide it into slices, and put in a blender
  • add water, cinnamon, nutmeg, and honey, grind for 30 seconds

Nutty milkshake “Sport”

This cocktail is recommended for use in the morning or during the day before sports training for one hour. Sesame contains a record amount of magnesium and calcium, so this cocktail is recommended against osteoporosis, for the recovery of bone tissue, and for the period of active growth of children and adolescents.

Sesame seeds - 100g., 200 ml of water, cashews - 50 g., Cedar oilcake - 5 tsp, 5 dates, 2 apples, 1 cup of yoghurt, honey 1-2 tsp, nutmeg or cinnamon, vanilla (optional).

  • Blend sesame with water in a blender for 1 min.
  • Clear apples from the core, cut into slices, and put in a blender.
  • Add dates and cashews, beat for 30 seconds.
  • Add cedar oilcake and yogurt with honey, nutmeg, and vanilla (as desired).
Cedar Nut Oil
Cold Pressed, 100ml
Handmade Siberian
Cedars Beads
with Pendant with Bark
Handmade Siberian
Cedar Pendant with Bark


Beauty routine Present for skin$33.60
Small Oil GIFT
Very healthy present
Just to be a wonderwoman


Cedar Cought Drops


Drops are wonderful, it helps a lot with sore throat, removes swelling. I recommend it to everyone.

Cedar Cream-Balm Nighttime


Cream is awesome! Very suitable for tired, oily, irritated skin. In the morning, after the first application, I was surprised — smooth, clean, velvety skin! And wrinkles became less noticeable! And all this miracles after one application! A little trick - put the cream on a wet face!

Pillow with Cedar Cone Leaves


For a very long time, I dreamed of buying such pillows to my grandchildren, children ... and when I received packages with pillows, even all the neighbors were delighted, everyone wanted to buy the same ones too - the smell of cedar was in the entire hall of the house ... pillows made from cedar pine cones - and there is no price for these pillows. I have been sleeping for 4 nights on such a pillow and I enjoy every moment. It was a bit unusual to sleep on such a pillow, but now I don’t want others .... Gentle wonderful aroma of cedar, massage…no words .. Lately there’s not enough time to sleep, but a pillow of cedar pine cones fills up the missing hours of sleep.

I hope that the pillows are enough for everyone to buy them. In fact, few people know about such pillows and not everyone has the Internet.

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