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July 2019


Dear Friend,

We are happy that you find some time to read our newsletter. It is a very nice feeling to understand, that you can smile, inspire or laugh with us. It make us feel a special connection between cities and countries. Hopefully, you feel the same way.

This month is very special for Ringing Cedars, for Megre family. 
Every year we celebrate 2 events on the same day: Summer People Day and Vladimir Megre’s birthday. 
Do you remember the day? Do you remember how Anastasia recommends to celebrate Summer People Day?

Don’t worry! We’ll remind her advice in this newsletter. Without extra words, enjoy reading :)

Megre Family


The meeting of like-minded friends will be held in November 2019 in Thailand - Pattaya

We offer readers from all countries the opportunity to unite for joint rest, communication, and rehabilitation, determining the priority directions of our movement “Ringing Cedars of Russia.” You will meet interesting people who will share their experiences in the fields in which they are masters.

This time the format of the event will be new, as we will not offer a specific program. The program will depend only on you, on your daily routine, on your goals of stay, on your capabilities and desires.

Why did we decide to choose one of the Asian countries and late autumn season?

Thailand has very comfortable and favorable weather in November. The sea temperature is very warm, comfortable for swimming. Although there are many sunny days, it is not hot in the evening, and you can sleep without turning on the air conditioner (which is constantly noisy, making sounds that are not comfortable to our ears). Sometimes in November, there is a gentle, slightly cool breeze there.

What are the advantages of vacations in Pattaya?

1.This is the time when Russia and many other countries have cool days, rain, and the weather turns close to the winter. This period lasts for several months—it would be great to plunge into the summer with warm sea and sun.

2.All works on lands have been finished, the crop has been already harvested—so let yourself go to warm countries to meet like-minded friends, devote time to yourself, undergo a wellness procedure, massage, visit a beautician, eat fruit, and take a sun bath.

3.We will meet you on Skype. At one-day reader conferences with the Vladimir Megre and other events held by readers, where due to the rich program and the small number of days allotted, it is not always possible to communicate in person or to discuss things in detail. Everything here is designed for easy communication, no need to hurry anywhere.

4.Food. You can enjoy the most delicious, fresh, healthy fruits and seafood, drink fresh juices, and smoothies (which you can also make yourself, just buy the right products on the market). Getting for your body the necessary supply of vitamins and microelements that will be needed during the winter period will cost you much less if you eat in necks or mobile shops. Fresh fish and other ready foods are always on the street market. Pancake with mango, for example, will cost you 50 butt, in US Dollars it is $2. The soup costs 40 butt = $1.5.

5.Joint walks along the front. All this is very useful for health in the morning and especially before bedtime.

6.The sea is very clean and incredibly warm. You can swim in such water for a long time, and it will bring a beneficial effect on your health. It's well known that swimming is the best way to solve a lot of health problems. Today, swimming is one of the most recommended cardio workouts in the world. Swimming increases strength and muscle tone, the work of the musculoskeletal system turns on, reduces the load on the joints, gives flexibility, strengthens the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of developing diabetes (due to burning from 500 calories per week), helps burn a large number of calories, relieves asthma symptoms, and improves mood.

7.Traditional medicine is popular in Thailand. In 1961, traditional medicine was included in the National Economic Development Plan of the country. Thai traditional medicine was actually outlawed in the second half of the 19th century, during the Europeanization of the country. In fact, the use of the traditional way of treatment based on various plants was revived only in 1978. In 1993, the Institute of Thai Traditional Medicine was founded in Thailand, further it was incorporated into the State Ministry of Health. Three years later, 1996 saw the establishment of the fund for the development of Thai traditional medicine. Now, it works closely with various institutes engaged in research in this area and the development of new drugs and medicines. Modern Thai traditional medicine is a holistic approach to health and its treatment; it is based on the use of drugs made exclusively from plants. In addition, in traditional medicine of Thailand, plants are used for hot compresses, baths, saunas, steam baths and massages. Treatment with traditional remedies (antiseptics with a mangosteen bark extract, healing Thai herbs balms, bactericidal creams, tinctures, traditional tea) includes diet, traditional Thai massage, meditation, reflexology and acupuncture.

8.The sun. You can take the necessary joy of Vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is one of the main causes of seasonal and chronic depression. Vitamin D receptors are in almost all cells of our body, including various brain tissues. Vitamin D increases the growth of nerve cells. Its adequate level is important for mental health and normal cognitive function. According to US and UK statistics, disease associated with vitamin D deficiency is observed in 25% to 50% of the population. Foods with vitamin D: fish oil (250 µg (10,000 IU), liver, sour cream and cheese, caviar, eggs (yolk - 5.4 µg - 218 IU), cedar oil, whole milk (0.1 µg - 2ME). You should remember that vitamin D is contained exclusively in natural products, and not artificially produced and tanned.

9.I would like to note the massage. Thailand is famous for its Thai massage. The average price tag for a Thai full body massage is 200-250 Baht = $6.5-7 (2018). There are a lot of massage rooms in Thailand, so preference should be given to proven professional.

To sum up all above: you will have a good mood, get vitamins, communicate with like-minded friends, have an opportunity to make new friends, to be physically strong, to have unforgettable impressions and look forward to the next meeting (PS: I already know where will be next place and the title of this tour, but I'll keep the intrigue).

If I persuade you, let's make the upcoming trip interesting, thematic and efficient.

Share your advantages of holiday in Thailand, and we will tell about them our travellers.

(Preliminary) Program of tour:

We offer you morning fitness, physical therapy, swimming in the sea (if you start to do this in Thailand and continue after returning home), breakfast, excursions, socializing and dating, joint dinner.

For those wishing to take part in this meeting organized by the Foundation, please submit a preliminary application to: root@kedr.elcom.ru.Please write in the subject line: Travelling Club of Ringing Cedars of Russia (RCR).

The submitting shall indicate:
1.  Full name 
2.  City, Country 
3.  Gender (age at will)
4.  What language youprimarilyspeak
5.  Duration of stay. Сheck-in and check-out dates
6.  Place of stay. Hotel or condominium. Do you want to share the room? 
7.  Do you want to have a massage sessions?
8.  Something you want to tell to participants (about your business, something about health, about your activity, etc.)
9.  Phone number
10.  Email
11.  Postal address (at will)

If you want to make our program even more interesting and intense, declare your creativity: bard, musician, artist, organizer of cultural events. You can also make an exhibition and sell your handicrafts, souvenirs or make a master class for our guests.

Earmarked contribution for the organization of the event is 5,000 roubles (about $90) per participant.

If you'll have any questions, we will be happy to answer.

Regarding the questions about the trip, contact: root@kedr.elcom.ru

See you then!

I will be glad to see each of you in our club of travellers "Ringing Cedars."

Sincerely yours,

Maya Ladilova, Executive Director of the ANASTASIA Foundation

Publisher Responses

In previous issue we started to introduced you with our publishers. We are happy to share answer from Vladimir Megre’s publisher in Taiwan «Cedar Ray Publishing House».


We ourselves want to see a better world just like what is described in the books, so we want to help to spread the message. These books show a real culture of our ancestors, which portrays a beautiful harmonious lifestyle close to nature and connected to the universe. We believe everyone has this longing to live a more harmonious and joyful life, so everyone can relate to these books, doesn’t matter where they come from.

The covers convey strong images received from the books. We decided to have new designs to represent our own liking, energy, profession and background.

The most important thing that cause an interest to readers? Yes often we receive emails or comments from readers. Some of them wanted to buy more books to give away, some wanted to join or start readers meetings, some wanted to visit or create kin domains, some shared good news how the books transformed their life, how they moved to the countryside and started to grow their own food. The most important thing the readers are interested in is the idea of kin domains. Many start dreaming about having their own kin domains and some of them have started to do the research, to learn different knowledges, to find lands etc. in order to realise the dream.

More information about books in traditional Chinese language is on https://vmegre.com/en/editions-representatives-events/27103/

From 24 to 27 September 2019, Moscow will hold the largest world-class food exhibition in Russia, WORLD FOOD, with more than 1500 of the best manufacturers from around the world.

The company "Ringing Cedars" will participate in the exhibition and invites you to visit our stand. You will have an opportunity to meet with experts and find out what you have long wanted to ask. For example, there will be a rare opportunity to feel the aromas of MEGRE perfume.

Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC
September 24-27, 2019

The exhibition entrance is free for our partners and customers.
To get a free ticket, use the promo code wfm19eNSND on the exhibition page world-food.ru
Only online tickets are available, they are each valid for all days of the exhibition.

If you are considering a partnership with the company "Ringing Cedars" and want to have private talk, please contact us in advance at the e-mail export@megre.ru, and we can agree on a time that we will devote only to you.

We look forward to meeting you!



July 23
Do you remember what special holiday is on July 23? Let us remind you with a chapter from Vladimir Megre’s book “Ringing Cedars of Russia”. 

“But why thanks to the summer people, and Russia’s specifically? What’s the connection here?”

“You see, Vladimir, the Earth may be big, but it is very, very sensitive.

“Although you’re bigger than a mosquito, too, if one lands on you, you feel its touch. The Earth feels everything, too—when It gets sealed in concrete and asphalt, when the forests growing on It are chopped down and burned, when its bowels are gouged out and powdered fertilizer is sprinkled on It.

“It can hurt. But It still loves people the way a mother loves her children. The Earth tries to bury its malice deep down. Only when It runs out of strength does that malice burst out in volcanoes and earthquakes.

“We must help the Earth. Kindness and considerate treatment give It strength. The Earth is big but extremely sensitive. It senses when It is touched gently by even one human hand. Oh, how It senses and longs for that touch!

“For a long time, people in Russia considered the Earth the property of everyone and of no one in particular. People did not perceive of It as their own. Then in Russia, things changed. The government began giving people small plots of the Earth for dachas.

“It is no accident that these plots were very, very small and that large machinery could not be used on them. But Russians, who had longed for the Earth, received them joyfully, rich and poor alike, because nothing can break the human tie with Earth!

“After receiving their small plots, people began to sense this intuitively. Millions of pairs of human hands touched the Earth with love. It was with their hands, not machinery, that people gently touched the Earth at their small plots.

“And It sensed this. It sensed the touch of each individual hand and found the strength to hold on.”

“So what does this mean? Should we put up a statue to each summer person as the planet’s saviour?”

“Yes, Vladimir, they are saviours.”

“But you don’t need to build so many monuments. Better you should declare a universal holiday—or at least a day off or two—and name it ‘Summer People Day’ or ‘Whole Earth Day’ on the calendar.”

“Oh! A holiday!” Anastasia clapped her hands. “What a wonderful idea. A holiday! We absolutely must have a cheerful and joyous holiday.”

“Just shine your Ray on our government and on the deputies in the State Duma. Let them pass a law.”

“I won’t be able to get through to them. They’re in their daily grind. They have many decisions to make and no time at all to think. Also, it doesn’t make much sense to raise their consciousness.

“It would be hard for them to become aware of the full reality. They wouldn’t be allowed to make decisions that are more correct than the ones being made now.”

“Who wouldn’t allow the government and president?”

“You. The masses. Most of the electorate. You call correct decisions ‘unpopular measures.’”

“Yes, you’re right. We do have a democracy. The most important decisions are made by the majority. The majority is always right.”

“The greatest consciousness has always been reached first by individuals, Vladimir, and the majority only after a while.”

“If that’s true, then why have democracy and referendums?”

“They’re needed as shock absorbers, to prevent any sudden jolts. When the shock absorbers fail, there is revolution. Revolution is always hard on the majority.”

“But a holiday for summer people isn’t a revolution. What’s bad about it?”

“That kind of holiday is a good thing. It’s definitely needed. It must be created as quickly as possible. I’ll try to think how to make it happen faster.”

“I’ll help you. I have a better idea of which levers in our life will be effective. I’ll write in the newspaper . Better, I’ll write about summer people in your book and ask people to send telegrams to the government and State Duma: ‘We request that you declare a Summer People Day and a Whole Earth Day.’ Only what date?”

“July 23rd.”

“Why the 23rd?”

“It’s the appropriate day. Also because it’s your birthday. After all, this marvellous idea is yours.”

“Fine. So let people send in their telegrams. ‘Make the 23rd of July a legal holiday: Summer People Day and Whole Earth Day.’

“As soon as government officials and Duma deputies start reading these messages, they’ll begin to think about the reasons why people are sending them. Then you zap them with your Ray!”

“I will! I’ll zap them as hard as I can! The holiday will be light and beautiful. Everyone! Everyone will rejoice and the whole Earth will fill with joy!”

“But why should everyone rejoice? The holiday is just for summer people.”

“We have to make sure that everyone rejoices and feels good. This holiday will begin in Russia, and it will become the most beautiful holiday on Earth—a holiday for the Soul.”

“How will it be celebrated the very first time in Russia? After all, no one will know how.”

“On that day, each person’s heart will suggest to him what to do. But I’ll create a general model right away.”

Anastasia went on to speak, precisely pronouncing each letter. Inspired, she spoke quickly and with inspiration. Her speech rhythms, her sentence structure, and her pronunciation were unusual:

“Let Russia rise at dawn that day. Let all people as families, with friends, and singly approach the Earth and stand on It with feet bare. Those who have their own small plots where they cultivate fruits with their own hands, let them greet the Sun’s first ray among their plants and touch each kind.

“When the Sun rises, let them pick and eat one of each kind of berry. They won’t need anything more until the midday meal. Let them tend their plots until their meal. Let each think about life and where his joy and purpose lie.

“Let each think lovingly of those dear to him and of friends and of why his plants grow and give each its own purpose. Before the meal, each should have at least one hour of seclusion. It doesn’t matter where or how, but it must without fail be in seclusion, where he can be alone and look inward for at least an hour.

“Let the entire family gather for a meal—those living together and those who have come from far away that day. Let them prepare the midday meal from what the Earth has yielded for that hour. Let each place on the table what his heart and Soul desire.

“Then let the members of the entire family tenderly look each other in the eye. Let the oldest and youngest say grace, and let calm conversation flow around the table. The conversation must be about the good and about whoever is by their side.”

Anastasia drew the scene extraordinarily vividly. I could feel myself sitting at the table with people beside me. Caught up in the holiday, believing in it—or rather that it had already taken place—I added, “The first toast should be made before the meal. Everyone should raise their glass and drink to the Earth and to Love.” I felt as though I were already holding a glass.

And all of a sudden she said, “Vladimir, let there be no intoxicating poison at the table.”

The glass disappeared from my hands. And the entire holiday scene vanished.

“Anastasia, stop it! Don’t spoil the holiday!”

“Oh well, if you want it, let there be wine from berries on the table, and it should be sipped.”

“Well, all right, let it be wine, just so we don’t change all our habits right away. What will we do after the meal?”

“Let people return to their cities. They can harvest the fruits of their small plots of the Earth, carry them in baskets, and share with those who have none.

“Oh, how many positive emotions there will be on that day! They will conquer many diseases, those diseases that mean death and those that have lingered for years will go away. On that day, let he who is incurably or slightly ill greet the stream of people returning from their little plots.

“Their rays of Love and Good and their fruits will heal and vanquish diseases. Look! Look! A train station! A stream of people with colorful baskets! See how people’s eyes are shining with peace and good.”

All of Anastasia seemed to be beaming as she became more and more inspired by the holiday idea. Her eyes no longer simply gleamed joyfully, they seemed to shoot off blue sparks. Varied but always joyful nuances changed her facial expression, as if scenes from the Great Holiday were streaming tumultuously through her mind.

Suddenly, she fell silent. Bending one knee and raising her right arm up, she pushed off the ground with one foot and shot up like an arrow over the Earth. She jumped nearly to the Cedars’ first branches.

When she descended, she waved her arm and clapped, and a bluish illumination flooded the entire glade. What Anastasia went on to say seemed to be echoed by each tiny bug and blade of grass and each majestic Cedar.

Anastasia’s sentences seemed to be strengthened by a great invisible force. They weren’t loud, but I had the impression that each and every vein of the vast Universe heard them. I too interjected my own phrases, because I couldn’t stop myself, as she began.

“On that day, visitors will come to Russia! All who were born by the Telamons of the Earth! The prodigal sons will return! Let people all over Russia wake at dawn on that day.

“And let the strings of the Universal harp sound a happy melody throughout the day. Let all the bards on the streets and in homes play guitars. And let he who is very old be young again that day, as he was many, many years ago.”

“Will I be young, too, Anastasia?”

“You and I will be young, too, Vladimir, as people will be young for the first time. Old people will write their children letters, and children will write to their parents. Let babies take their first step in life and enter a joyous, happy world. On that day there will be nothing to upset children. Let the grownups be their equals.

“And the Gods will drop to the Earth. On that day, let all the Gods be embodied in simple images. And God—the one, Universal God—will be happy. On that day may you be very happy with love and the shining Earth!”

Anastasia was carried off by her scenes of the holiday. Becoming more and more inspired, she spun through the glade, as if in a dance.

“Stop! Stop!” I shouted to Anastasia, suddenly realizing she was taking this all seriously. She was not just saying words. I realized that she was modelling scenes of the holiday with each word and oddly constructed sentence.

With her characteristic persistence, she would go on modelling and dreaming of it until her dreams became a reality. She would dream like a fanatic! She would try for her summer people as she had been for the twenty years before this. I shouted in order to stop her.

“Haven’t you realized? This is a joke, this holiday! I was joking!”

Anastasia stopped short. The moment I looked at the expression on her face, my Soul felt a pang. Her face was as distraught as a child’s. Her eyes looked at me with pain and regret, as if I were some kind of destroyer. And she spoke in almost a whisper.

“I took you seriously, Vladimir. I’ve already modelled it all. And a link has been woven into the chain of events of people’s upcoming telegrams. Without them, the sequence of events will be destroyed. I accepted what you said, believed in it, and produced it.

“I felt you were speaking sincerely about the holiday and telegrams. Don’t take back what you said. Just help me with the telegrams so that I can help with my Ray, as you said.”

“All right, I’ll try. Please calm down. Maybe no one will want to send those telegrams.”

“There will be people who will understand. People in your government and Duma will feel it, too. And there will be a holiday! There will! Look.”

Once again the scenes of the holiday went racing off. Now I have written about this. Go and act as your heart and Soul command.

Vladimir Megre
Book 2. “Ringing Cedars of Russia”

Earth Day 2018 in Kin Domain Settlement Rostock

As always, on July 23 we celebrated the Dachnik's Day and the holiday of the whole Earth! We were treated to the Gifts of the Earth and thanked our Earth for the harvest! We sang songs, showed fairy tales and had round dances.

Earth Day Festival 2017, Kin Domain Settlement Lesnaya Polyana, Mari El

Photo Svetosil Rarogovich, Alexander Zorin

KDS Blagodatnoe. Earth Day 2017

Kin Domain Settlement "Blagodatnoe" Novosibirsk region

What are you going to do on July 23, 2019 and where are you going to be? Let’s discuss it on Facebook.

Settlement “Kaltash”

We, a team of like-minded people, are creating kin domain settlement in the village of Kaltash. 10 km of asphalt road and 20 km of dirt track separate Kaltash from the district centre. There are no other villages in the vicinity. There are currently two residents in the village. It has a road and electricity (220-380 volts). The area is very beautiful and hilly. There are fields, woods, and the Taiga forest.

The area is fantastic for gathering honey and medicinal herbs. There are many different types of grasses and beautiful, sunny hillsides. We have no problem with water shortages: the land has springs. One can easily make a well and dam one of the small streams. The River Chapsha flows nearby. It joins the Isha River.

We are a team of skilled, cheerful people. Although we are different, we all get along very well.

The most attractive aspect of the settlement is, for us, the cleanliness of the area and the opportunity to create an independent base on which to build domains for ourselves, and for future generations.

Come and join us!

“Kaltash” Kin Domain Settlement, 
Altai Krai

House project: tips and recommendations

Hello, dear friends.
My name is Alex, I'm a stove-setter. Eleven houses in our settlement are heated by brick ovens. I made five of them and, for several years, have had the opportunity to monitor their exploitation and operation. On the eve of the construction season, I want to share my observations with those who are going to build a cozy house with a beautiful stove.
So, let's begin.

In designing a house in the Kin Domain, that will stand in the field and be blown through in the winter by all the winds (if the plantations are still small), I suggest paying attention to the ability of the future building to keep warm. To maximize this ability, there are a number of well-known design rules. Let's look at them in detail.

1. The location of the house according to the corners of the earth.

Most of the windows of the house look to the south, and there are windows facing the east and west as well. On the northern side, people usually arrange tambours, vestibule, woodshed, and utility rooms. By the way, it’s very convenient to take firewood without going outside, and without clearing the path to the woodshed. If the study of wind rose reveals that during the coldest winter months, the prevailing winds blow from the south, southeast, and southwest (here in Kin Domain Solnechnoe: south, southwest) That means right to the windows, you should provide exterior shutters or mats of insulation sewn into the curtain. In winter, daylight hours are short, and windows can be closed as soon as it gets dark. You can save firewood and time if you have external shutters or the warmed internal curtains.

2. The wall materials.

From the point of view of heat conservation, I had the opportunity to compare the walls of a frame house with a 15 cm thick insulation from a mineral wool and a pine log house with a log thickness from 22 to 28 cm without sheathing. The walls of the frame house are more hermetic and permanent in its section. The walls of the log house, with a log thickness of 25 cm, have a thickness of 12-16 cm at the place where the crowns fit. When outside is 30 below Zero and in the house above 20, the logs of house face all the load, thus they have to be additionally draughtproofed and require time for caring. In my opinion, the log house should be sheathed or insulated outside.

3. Winterization.

Of course, you need a heated floor, ceiling, bench, or a warmed strip foundation. We should also talk about the projects of houses with an attic floor. If the attic is insulated, heated and residential, the heat circuit of the first floor and the attic should be divided without any hole in the ceiling of the first floor. Otherwise, the warm will be under the roof, and the floor will be cold.

Let's recap.

Imagine that the future house is properly located and well-insulated. There is a new beautiful stove in it. The long-awaited heating season begins. Dry birch firewood quickly inflames, cheerful golden flames fill the house with lively highlights. It is gentle warm inside the house. You can breathe freely. At the dinner table there is baked pastry or something delicious. Cozy. The whole coming winter with blizzards and frost seems to be the most beautiful time in life …

But then you need to leave a house for a few days, or even a week. The house is getting cold. Getting colder. Even water can freeze. Oven "goes to minus." In this case, the oven should be brought to the mode by small burns, so that it does not collapse and the heat in the house will be only in next day.

What do you do? For example, you can provide a small iron wood stove, which can be attached to a brick pipe and, having heated it, heat the air in the house faster. Or you can use a gas heater from household cylinders. It is a little expensive, but the brick oven will be saved, and the house will get warmer faster.

You'd think that everything has been decided, but one question still remains: "What about my favourite flower in a beautiful pot?" I found the answer in the book of Yu. Lapin "Autonomous ecological houses" publishing house Algorithm 2005g. Moscow.

Here I would like to end the talk about house project.

Alexey Chernyshov
Kin Domain Settlement “Solnechnoe”

Dear friends, if you have Kin Domain
and want to share your experience, please contact us.


Nina Megre had a conversation with Konstantin Kirsch last year in Frankfurt, during the Book Messe.

Konstantin Kirsch (born 1966) is an enthusiastic nature lover. His grandparents taught him the importance of healthy nutrition and the values of the spiritual world. Looking at the creation, he learned from his parents many connections of nature and the joy.

He studied a permaculture design and works as a researcher for a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature. As a pioneer of natural buildings from living woody plants, he also became known nationwide. Since 1992, he has been developing a 1-hectare KIn Domain in Waldhessen.

For more than five years, he worked on the large "Anastasia Index", a comprehensive reference work for all volumes of the Anastasia book series.

The Contest

We cordially invite you to take part in cover design of first book, “Anastasia”. Please draw a cover and send to us at ringingcedars@megre.ru by August 30.

Covers will be reviewed personally by Vladimir Megre. The best work's artist will receive a book with an autograph and a coupon for $30 from www.megrellc.com

A few years ago, we created a Facebook group and Nina Megre started to share stories in English, then we found out that there are a lot of readers from all over the world. We talked, we met, we found friends. That’s the place where we ask your advice, where we make a common decision, a place where we have direct communication. Join us and let’s be friends :)

Dear friends, please share your creativity or your story with us. Email it to letters@megre.ru and if you don’t mind, we’ll post it in our newsletter or on social media.


My name is Rio. I am 20 and living in Colorado, U.S.

I am currently attending college in Boulder, but I find that I am not as suited to the hustle and bustle of life in the city as some of my peers are. I find the constant drinking, smoking, and overworking common in our society to be very draining. When one’s days are filled mainly with slaving away at a 9 to 5 job, becoming exhausted, not connecting with other people, and seeing very little of the natural world, one is not living, but merely surviving. Isn’t the goal of life to be thriving, loving, and growing?

When I first read some of the books by Vladimir Megre/Anastasia, I felt an overwhelmingly powerful surge of inspiration and hope. It seemed like a fog had cleared in my mind, and the truth of how people are meant to live was finally clear. These books are much deeper than I thought they were the first time I read them. Each time I read one, I discover more that I hadn’t picked up on before. I become so hopeful when I contemplate the wonderful things that people could accomplish if they were not dependent on money. What a revolutionary thought! In a world as money-crazed as this one, it is almost scary to imagine the possibilities, and they are truly endless. If a person is given a beautiful plot of land to create a home for their family, they are free to create. They have the time, health, energy, and support they need to be creating and thriving rather than just surviving.

I grew up spending a lot of time in nature and traveling. I lived by the ocean and now I live by the mountains. I was constantly climbing trees and interacting with animals and plants. I am so thankful I grew up that way. I believe it formed me into someone who can appreciate plants, animals, and other people. I knew from a young age that there was a special energy present in all living things; a loving, radiant energy that exists in all of us. Being out in nature is wonderful for the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It reduces the chaos that can form in one’s heart and mind due to the ups and downs that come with living. It is my desire to find a person who shares this respect for the natural world, and for people. I would love to find someone who shares my goal to establish a Space of Love with me in nature, raise a family, be part of a community, travel, garden, and live every day with passion for life. I love writing, music, dancing, playing the violin, being active, and talking deeply about spiritual things.

The kind of world I want so desperately to live in and raise my future children in, is one where every person is treated equally, lives off of the land, and is free to create a beautiful life. Isn’t that what being a human should consist of, and isn’t that what we all deserve? Isn’t it what our future grandchildren, who are going to inherit the Earth, deserve?

Link to my page

Good day!

My name is Valentina, I'm 31 years old. I live in the city of Sochi, in the south of Russia, where the Black Sea is splashing.

I am a conscious person who seeks to live as God intended. I have a huge kind heart, I love to create home comfort and crazy about children.

I have a son, his name is Matteo, he is 7 years old. I wish to meet a decent man who also adheres to the ideas told in books about Anastasia. I would like to give birth to his child, build a house and create a Beautiful Space of Love for us and our future generations.

Valentina Ka
Link to my page

If you want your photo to be here, please sign in on The Wife Is A Goddess and send us a link to your profile at letters@megre.ru


Inspired by books of Vladimir Megre “Ringing Cedars of Russia”

Nina Megre

Back in 1998, my father Sergey, inspired by the series of books “Ringing cedars of Russia”, began production of cedar nut oil. Every year my father tried to improve the product, restoring the crumbs of the ancient recipe (not for nothing properly prepared cedar nut oil is called a remedy for 100 diseases).

So, in 2003 our manufacture moved to the remote Siberian village.

In 2011 – at the request of the villagers MEGRE Cedar House took a long-term lease of the taiga district. Together with local people we protect it from hunters and also collect cones for cedar products.

At the same time there was built a house entirely of Cedarwood and dad moved there the main production processes.

In 2016 – my father Sergey created the most unique product in the world – MEGRE Cedar elixir. Doctors are still conducting tests and I personally participated in one of them, but the results are already amazing. I will write more about the elixir in my blog very soon.

In 2017 – we break new ground and recreate the natural conditions of storage for cedar cones, building a House for cones entirely of Cedarwood.

Main entrance to the manufacture

Elixir in the hands of its creator  Sergey Megre

House for cedar coned is huge :)

My favourite toothpaste with cedar essential oil

The result of a long journey were grateful reviews from all over the world, amazing stories of people who have tested the work of our, restored bit by bit, ancient recipe of Megre cedar nut oil. We produce it in different ways, it depends on the purpose of application.

We expanded the product range intuitively. For example, when we needed natural toothpaste, we made it for ourselves. Then some of our friends asked to try, then friends of friends from other cities.

I studied English since the age of 6, and since the age of 18 I began to communicate with publishers of books of my grandfather Vladimir Megre from other countries. I found it Interesting to communicate with like-minded people outside Russia and I decided to create a Facebook page.

From time to time I was asked to send our cedar nut oil or other products to different countries. When there were too many requests I decided to create an online store with worldwide delivery.

Nina Megre


What’s the difference between cedar pillows filled with cone leaves, cedar shavings, or cedar nut kernel?

We use 3 types of filling for our cedar pillows – cedar cone leaves, cedar wood shavings (chips), and cedar nut husk.

Cone leaves filled pillows are the most powerful. They have a massaging effect.

Pine Cone Leaves Pillow
Pine Cone Leaves Seat Cushion

Pillows with cedar chips are resilient, with excellent orthopaedic properties. They keep the head and neck in the correct position in order to relax the spine and diminish the pain caused by osteochondrosis.

Pine Shavings Pillow
Pine Shavings Seat Cushion

Cedar nut husk pillows are the softest. They are nice to touch and act as an anti-stress tool.

Pine NUT Film Pillow

*The green gift box packaging available on Amazon.com only, limited edition!


Elena Garagulya
physician, herbalist, dietitian, nutritiologist

“Natural” dinner

An ideal combination for dinner is proteins and vegetables. It is definitely prohibited to stew vegetables, because all vitamins are lost in such a case. The fibre in cooked vegetables is not so active, but we need some active fibre, as our body has to clean itself in the morning.

Various salads made from fresh and raw vegetables are a good idea for dinner, and portions can be quite big up to 400 grams. Also, I recommend taking turnip, it is an invaluable vegetable rich in calcium and succinic acid which is absent in other vegetables. Turnip is very sweet and tasty. Sour cabbage, crudities and adjika or horseradish (it cleans your lymph system and provides drainage) are quite good for dinner. It is necessary to use as many fresh herbs as possible, for example, rampson, nettle, rhubarb, dock and burdock root. Thanks to these herbs haemotogenesis is strongly activated, hemoglobin is rising, everything is getting balanced, and no neoplastic processes threaten a person.

Protein perfectly matches the salads mentioned. It is also possible to use farm or quail eggs cooked as an omelette, then prawns, squid, light salted fish, herring and mackerel are very useful. Mackerel is the most valuable fish; you can take two pieces of spiced salted mackerel. I’ve listened to many reports on fish oil, its value is very high.

In the evening it is necessary to drink some soothing tea. It relaxes all back muscles. Thanks to such tea we will sleep better and wake up quickly in the morning.

You should not sit at your computer into the night. It is much better to get calm and go to bed early, as at 10 o’clock p.m. your liver starts working hard to synthesize proteins. This process is of great importance.

Cedar nut oil is Siberian “gold”

Fats are a great source of energy. Don’t be afraid of them. Cedar nut is very useful and fat, it contains 65% of fats. One nut has 65% of fat, the rest is protein. Fat plays an essential role in protecting brains from ageing. Also, cedar nuts are an important source of iodine in Siberia. I know the micro-elemental composition of cedar nuts, but I was surprised how much iodine it contains. We need iodine to keep warm.

Cedar nut oil is the same as fish oil. This oil has the same prostaglandin system, it removes inflammation, epithelization and reduces pain. It occurs due to omega-3 fat acids that take part in building cell membranes, therefore, first of all, physicians have to prescribe cedar nut oil in case of stomach ulcer, erosions and gastritis.

Omega-3 from flaxseed oil is different, it does suit a problematic liver. Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid, it has to be changed into the docosahexaenoic acid in liver, that is, it should be turned into “fish oil” which removes inflammatory processes. But if liver is fatty, it is characterized by biliary retention and diffusion changes, so the process won’t occur. Therefore, I can’t recommend flaxseed oil, you can take only flax seeds, it can be taken any way you like, pastry or sweets with flax seeds.

Cedar nut oil contains pinolenic acid which does not require any transformation into real “fish oil”. This acid removes inflammation immediately, so it is possible to drink and instill it into children’s noses. It efficiently repairs burns, there are a lot of investigations on this topic performed abroad and in Tomsk. Cedar nut oil is much better than buckthorn seed one, because the latter contains omega-6. Additionally, buckthorn seed oil contains only beta-carotene and vitamin E, whereas cedar nut oil has a lot of vitamin E and pinolenic acid. Moreover, buckthorn seed oil only repairs inflammation but can’t remove it.

It is much better to use them together. For instance, MEGRE company offers night cream which is orange due to buckthorn. Its basis is cedar nut and buckthorn oil which enriches the cream with beta-carotene. We put the cream on the face before going to bed, all vitamins are obtained, and all inflammations disappear.

The production should be honest and ecologically pure.

I recommend MEGRE company, because earlier I have worked with different manufacturers, so they do not allow people to visit production facilities, I don’t like that, as I want to see the production process. Unfortunately, the production of cedar nut oil is not always ecologically pure. The human factor plays its role, everybody wants to make money. We have to know honest and conscientious manufacturers, and that is why I recommend MEGRE company.

I have visited their production in Cedar house twice, you can see everything from bottom to top. Local village people are engaged in production, everything is ecologically pure and made with great love. The product tastes wonderful, there is no rancidity.


Cedar Nut Oil 100 ml $38,6
Cedar Nut Oil 250 ml
Siberian Cedar Pendant
Siberian Cedar Beads with Pendant $9,5
Seat cushion with Siberian Cone Leaves
Pillow with Siberian Pine Cone Leaves
Seat cushion with Siberian Pine Shavings $48
Bolster with Siberian Cone Leaves
Pillow with Siberian Pine Shavings
Pillow with Siberian Pine Nut Film
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