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June 2019


Welcome to the third (oh wow!) issue of vmegre.com online newsletter. 

Summer is always a great time to start:

  • finding new friends- read our “Space of Love” section
  • cleaning your body- healthy tips from our nutrition in food and health articles
  • finally traveling to Russia- many of Russian Kin Domains are ready to meet tourists, and summer is the best time :)

The best reward we receive is your letters that come from different parts of Earth, amazing. This time, we thought we’d share some of them with you.

This newsletter was made to inspire you. And to inspire ourselves. Mission completed successfully.

Please enjoy.

MegreLLC team


Publishers answer your questions

It's not a secret that Vladimir Megre books have inspired people all around the world with different religions, nationalities and social status to unite into groups and to create their own Settlements as it’s written in books. We were wondered what had attracted all these people in books and, asked our publishers following questions.

Ms. Akiko Iwasa, publisher from Japan answers:

In September 2012

Yes, Russian and Japanese cultures are very different. However, I believe, at the nutshell, we are all one, and the same.

Our publishing team picks up one of the most memorable scenes within that book. (with a difficulty, because there are so many lovely scenes in each Books). Through the cover design, we hope to express our great possibility for the brightest future which the human nation holds within ourselves, the positive energy, and the beauty of our Mother Earth. At the same time, we also make sure to have our cover designs attractive to stand out in the Japanese book market where over two-hundred new titles are published every day. Sorry, I don’t understand the second question.

Yes, we do receive letters and messages from our readers. Majorities say;

“Thank you for translating the series into Japanese and publishing them”

“I am overwhelmed and greatly inspired! This book is my bible!”

“I now want to change my life. The question is how to convey what’s written in the books into my life here in Japan?”

“As a mother, I am glad to find that there is a positive future for my children”

“I can’t wait to read the next Book!”

It is difficult to pin point the most important factors which are causing interest to the readers. But we believe they are;

The positive and warm feelings which lay in between the lines. It speaks of the great law of the Universe, and we know it by intuition that it is the truth. Our current life-style derived from the consumerism, capitalism, is at the verge of collapsing, and we as a human nation are in need of a search for alternative thoughts and philosophy. RCR series explains brand-new thoughts with a can-do way-out. The idea described can solve the entire zillion problems which we are facing in one go. And not only that, it is simple, most beautiful and profound way of life that we have ever known of. It is so attractive that no one can refuse it. Since capitalism came to the forefront, Japan’s first and the only priority has been its economic growth. And our basic values such as children’s future, deep and profound communication among family and friends, fundamental concept that we are all one, living in harmony with nature, all that had been ignored. RCR series is acting as a great catalyst for this “economy first” mind to shift; - not taking us to the past, but it is shifting us to a higher and greater future. The series are inspiring and giving hopes especially to young Japanese mothers. I am happy to inform you that we now have many Japanese men readers as well.

We are looking for publishers in the widest markets:

If you (or your friend) are a publisher or literary agent in the above countries, please contact us ringingcedars@megre.ru

Let’s spread beautiful ideas written in the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series together. 


Vladimir Megre read us a chapter from the new book. We will post it here in case you didn’t see it before.

Watch and let’s discuss it on our Facebook group.

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Vedrica Forest Gardens, United States

2010 saw the Vedrica Manor Settlement Foundation form in Idaho, USA (Vedrica Forest Gardens).

Today our settlement consists of five families, and at this time we have five children born in the settlement and we are awaiting one more.

Vedrica’s vision is to co-create a community of people living in harmony and balance with each other and nature. Our dream was inspired by the book series "Ringing Cedars of Russia", which we advise everyone to read, especially those who are going to join us.

We intend to create our settlement in order to live in harmony with nature. By living in this way, we awaken our human creative abilities and live with a divine purpose. We imagine how we nurture and saturate our settlement with love. There are spaces of love with trees, ponds, flowers, and fruits.

There is everything in our land to fulfil our dream. We have grassy meadows, various types of trees, and a stream flowing through the land all year round. At night, we see the lights of space and hear the joyful sounds of nature.

What is Vedrica?

The name of our settlement is Vedrica. It comes from the word "Veda" which takes its roots into Sanskrit word wisdom and "ica" which is used as a suffix to many land masses such as Antarctica, Africa, America and therefore refers to the land. To us Vedrica means wise land or land of wisdom. Our goal is to rediscover the wisdom of living in harmony with the land and all the of the creatures (including our neighbours) with whom we share the space instead of using the land for our own individual purpose.

Why Idaho?

Idaho has the largest wilderness reserve in the nation. There are beautiful rivers, mountains, forests, and wildlife. Building codes tend to be more relaxed. Zoning allows us to have multiple residences on smaller parcels of land. Water, air, and soil quality are conducive to a healthy domain life. Compared to many other states, water is much more available. We are allowed to collect and use precipitation, use water that is on the land and drill wells if we so desire. We can also file for water rights from the creek though with the abundant water table and precipitation this may not be needed.

Are there any rules to the settlement?

Our settlement is inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia. We prefer that at least one adult member read the books and that the family basically agrees with the vision described in the books. While we don't "live by the book", our neighbours and our impact on the land and all of its inhabitants when making decisions.

Vedrica Forest Gardens, USA
Copyright: vedrica.org

Settlement “Kangulovo”

Our kin domain settlement is located near the village of Kangulovo, 18 km away from the city of Neftekamsk in the Kaltasinsky district of the Republic of Bashkortostan.

In October 2001, readers of Vladimir Megre’s "Ringing Cedars of Russia" books gathered together at the music school in Neftekamsk. The meeting was attended by Fedor Evgen'evich Bikbatyrov, who at that time held the position of Chairman of the Land Committee of Kaltasinsky District. After the meeting, the Kumushbaev family introduced Fedor Bikbatyrov to Alexey Nikolayev, Sergey Chiginev, Alexander Merzlyakov, and Salavat Yulaev. Fedor Bibatyrov had also read the books, so he introduced them to the Head of the Kaltasinsky District Administration.

The Kaltasinsky District Administration has allocated a plot of land covering 110 hectares for the creation of kin domains.

In 2004, the agricultural land near Kangulovo was leased out for personal use.

In 2007, the lease was extended to 49 years, and permission for the construction of housing and outbuildings was granted. In 2012 an electrical line was constructed. Now we have light in the settlement, which has improved it considerably. To date we have built 23 houses and 25 new bathhouses.

Every year the number of families choosing to spend the winter at the settlement increases. Many reside at the settlement from early spring to late autumn. They come whenever possible during this time: after work, during the weekend and holidays. In order to construct a family homestead, one needs money, so many people choose to work in the city to fund this.

We have begun construction of a communal house over an area of 4 hectares in the center of the settlement. We will also build a school, craft workshops, an amphitheatre, and a playground. Along the perimeter we have planted a living fence – a circle of cedar and lime saplings. This is the place where we spend our evenings, holidays, and hold meetings to discuss communal issues.

We have planted about 60 thousand seedlings on site: pine, spruce, birch, larch, fir, cedar, aspen, tie, maples, mountain ash, Manchurian walnut, poplar, linden, oak, chestnut, grey alder, silverberry, arborvitae, juniper. There are different varieties of shrubs: hawthorn, beriberis, acacia, syringa (lilac), viburnum, snowberry, and various species of rose.

For each kin domain we have planted orchard crops: apples, pears, plums, cherries, apricots, quince, bog bilberry, gooseberry, vitis, ribes, cherry plum, blueberries, cranberries, honeysuckles.

We grow food for our families, including cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, zucchini, pumpkin, carrots, beets, potatoes, sweet peppers, garlic, onions, watermelons, radishes, and various types of spices.

We gather wild berries, mushrooms, and medicinal herbs which grow in the settlement grounds.

From 2004, 21 kids have been born into resident families. Six of them – five boys and one girl – were born in their kin domain.

Together we celebrate holidays, housewarmings, weddings, and births. We are often visited by travelling bards.

Together we can make our dreams come true.

Settlement „Kangulovo“, 
the Republic of Bashkortostan

Save your image

I think there is a need for clarification: can kin domain settlements be called eco-villages? I have to get back to this question, because the actions of certain forces continue; they want to rename kin domain settlements to “eco-villages” at all costs. It is often the case that kin domain creators themselves do not understand that a “kin domain” is a separate, independent, and self-sufficient method. I say “certain forces” but I can name them if necessary.

Kin domains and eco-villages are two very different things; they have nothing to do with each other. Let’s see what is behind the definition “eco-village” and where it came from.

We can see what is behind the definition of “eco-village” in the Russian and English-language Internet. An extract: “There is general agreement that hippie have given rise to eco-village in the early 1960s. They went away from people, meditated, sang songs, planted carrot.” [1] So by calling a kin domain settlement an eco-village, we took it as a basis of the hippie experience.

Here’s one more article from Internet that provides information on 10 of the most powerful eco-villages in the world. Auroville ranks first. [2] In the book “Who are we?” I was told about this eco-village. Let’s remember: The Indian government had allocated land and money to the founder of the eco-village, Mirra Alfassa, also known as “Mother”. However, the members of the eco-village didn’t get land in private property. The land was allocated in 1968 and was planned to increase the number of people up to 50,000, but at present population is about 2,000 people. Thus, the experiment had failed. Although there was a lot of advertising and talks about spirituality.

Auroville didn’t get development; it has no followers around the globe. At the same time in Russia, since 2001 they have formed more than 400 settlements with an estimated population of 37,000 families . Can you see the difference? But the leadership of Auroville has gotten money and land for free. (As, indeed, some other so-called eco-villages.)

It’s been a long time since the creation of Auroville. In other words, eco-village movement is not developing further. If you call the kin domain creators of Russia and other countries “eco-settlers”, and if they will agree with you, you can submit reports that show the rapid development of eco-villages throughout the world. And, as you might expect, you can imagine that this initiative was born not in Russia, but in the west. You can read a good article on this topic entitled “Kin Domain or Eco-Village?”

Many readers of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” series understand the difference of eco-villages and meaning behind the phrase “kin domain”. But others unfortunately do not attach any importance to it.

But let's figure out this situation: what happens to a person who didn’t read Megre’s book and he was told, “about 400 eco-villages have already been created in Russia.” People will be looking for the word “eco-village” and find the top 10, in which Auroville ranks first. And if they want to get acquainted with the eco-village movement, where will they go? They will, of course, go to Auroville.

Thus, if we will call our kin domain settlement an eco-village, we need to adopt Auroville practices, because Auroville is in the first place of the world’s eco-villages rankings.

Let's go back to the “Kin domain” image created by Anastasia. Many wonderful words are associated with the word “Kin”. Homeland. Ancestry. Genealogy. Exactly this image inspired people. Imagination gave them the strength to see the bright future and proceed to its creation. The image is energy, which raises man to a certain spiritual height. A man stands on this energy as a foundation. Everyone can refuse this image, and the image obediently leaves. Being without an energy foundation, man will collapse if the past image is not instantly replaced by another equal force. But that's never happened before. Maybe we should be more cautious with that energy which raised us to a certain height and continues to rise?

So how do we answer the question “Is it an eco-village?” Let's figure it out together. I think we can answer something like this: “We care and respect for the nature around us. And what's more, we seek to improve the environment. But it’s not an eco-village, it’s a kin domain settlement.”

We didn't mention eco-village on the official websites of www.vmegre.com/en or www.anastasia.ru, however, some people on the Internet have called it the eco-village, even the settlement, in which my kin domain is located. And in the credits of the film entitled “eco-village” people thank Anastasia and I anyway: “Heartfelt thanks to... Anastasia and Vladimir Megre.”

In the recent years, official circles began to understand the power of a Russian-born movement. For example, there is a section on “kin domains” in the program of development of the Far East, approved by the President of the Russian Federation.

“People’s Front” (a movement in Russia that started in 2011 in order to provide Russia with new ideas, new suggestions, and new faces) announced competition for the best image of the future Russia. [4] There is information about the kin domain in the video about the competition.

MSU (Lomonosov Moscow State University) hosted a conference of scientists and kin domain creators under the name “International scientific-practical conference - Role and conditions for development of the “kin domains” in the socio-economic transformation of Russia”.

Let’s understand and save our image. Not only to protect, but also to help it develop!

Yours truly,
Vladimir Megre

See also:

1, 2. 10 most powerful eco-villages in the world. Available at: https://ok.ru/ekoduh/topic/67571809241971

3. An international portal The “Ringing Cedars”. Available at: https://anastasia.ru/articles/detail/2597/

4. The image of the country’s future. Available at: http://konkurs.molodezhka.onf.ru

5. Create your “vision of the country’s future”. Available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTc9K4FZZgA

6. An international portal The “Ringing Cedars”. Available at: https://anastasia.ru/media/3/31548/

Dear friends, if you have Kin Domain
and want to share your experience, please contact us.


INSPIRATIONAL STORY - Miriam from Slovakia

Hello, my name is Miriam Polakova and I come from Slovakia. I am 38.

I have "met Anastasia and her thoughts" 8 years ago.

When I read Book 2 I had my “Aha moment” – I shouted loudly: “She is real! Anastasia exist!”

Since that moment I felt like she is my older sister and I wanted to learn everything and anything from her.

The idea of setting our family homestead was so strong – that I have persuaded my husband to “do it”. We have planted our family tree while in rented flat, it was the oak and had it in the plant pot. (Now is proudly planted on our homestead).

That time, I have just recovered from 2 years depression, however I have suffered with bad chronic fatigue syndrome. I was lethargic, had no plans how to help myself or what to do with my life.

So Anastasia - the books - have changed my life completely, gave me direction and focus.

We made our plan – to get good paid jobs and save money for our future homestead.

Three years we were saving money doing jobs – I did not like.

We were searching land in whole Europe, but without lack. We still had limited budget and quite strict requirements.

Then it happened, (after being frustrated) I’ve heard internal voice, which guided me to Portugal to see one farm, which we have bought within 3 weeks. We have never been in Portugal before – neither had we considered this country… It was 3 years ago.

Finally we moved there without any plans how to manage financially or what to do 2 years ago.

We trusted the Life, Universe and Process.

Just month after we moved here my husband had been offered engineering work from home.

I was asking Universe to help me to discover what my purpose is, what shall I do. I was approached by therapist and coach, which helped me to unblock my childhood trauma and helped me to discover my soul purpose and that happened 1 year after we moved to homestead.

Today I work from home, helping other woman with their subconscious blocks and childhood traumas.

We both – me and my husband – have the jobs we love, work from home and have the lifestyle, which we wouldn’t trade for anything else in the world.

Thank you Anastasia for the inspiration and bringing Eden back to Earth!

Anastasia and the books completely shaped and changed my Life and I am forever grateful!

Miriam Polakova

INSPIRATIONAL STORY - Poet from Netherlands

Hello there,

My name is Poet. When I was a little kid I didn't play with dolls or other toys. We didn't have TV in our home. My parents knew TV is very bad for human beings.

We had a vegetarian lifestyle with respect for nature. I'm so grateful for this opportunity to develop my creativity. I was drawing almost every day.

Visions of creations flowing naturally into my brain. An abundance of inspiration.

My mission is to stimulate the growing consciousness for the beauty and power of nature on Earth. I like to do that with my artwork. It's a visual language everybody understands.

At this moment I'm working on a card-deck of Essential Oils. Every plant on Earth has a destination. Many plants have strong healing powers and supporting qualities for all living beings on Earth.

I visualize these plant qualities in my paintings of Essential Oils. These paintings become postcards and 'oracle' cards. So people can send and use them all over the world to support their growing inner peace and consciousness.

Also The Ringing Cedars books inspire me to go on with this mission.

You can follow me on my Instagram and Facebook page (Poeticolori) and visit my website.

A few years ago, we created a Facebook group and Nina Megre started to share stories in English, then we found out that there are a lot of readers from all over the world. We talked, we met, we found friends. That’s the place where we ask your advice, where we make a common decision, a place where we have direct communication. Join us and let’s be friends :)

Dear friends, please share your creativity or your story with us. Email it to letters@megre.ru and if you don’t mind, we’ll post it in our newsletter or on social media.


It is never too late, he finally met his Anastasia

The most interesting thing to come out of this new civilization is the individual fate of each person.

Once there was a very old man who was over 80 years old. He went to visit a kin domain settlement where people were buying land and building homesteads. One hectare of land costs 30,000 roubles, which is cheap for Russia. He only had 28,000, nothing more. He managed to buy a hectare for only 28,000 roubles. He lived on the plot in a tent for two years, trying to plant flowerbeds and fruit trees. The neighbours helped him heat his tent by giving him a stove and wooden frame for the tent. When I first heard about this old man, I went to see him to ask: "Why are you doing this? Where's your perspective? You have no relatives. Who are you planning to leave this hectare of land? You could build a house here."

He sat at his homemade table in the tent and said to me, "Vladimir, you have met Anastasia. I will stay here and plant trees until my Anastasia comes to me."

He understood that no-one could stop him, and that he really would wait for his Anastasia. He wrote poetry. Six months later, a woman really did go to him. They fell in love and got married. She turned out to be a resourceful person and built a beautiful wooden house. I went to his housewarming and saw that she really did love him.

"Would you care to see my husband's jacket?" she asked at the gathering.

The people looked at each other and said, "Please!"

The woman took out her husband's old combat jacket. He had been a veteran in the Great Patriotic War, a colonel when he retired, and a Soviet hero.

Ivan and Raisa Zhukov told their dating story

How did you meet Raisa Alexandrovna?

Ivan Zhukov: She came to visit me with her son. I met her right here in this house. Raisa Alexandrovna, tell them - how did we meet?

Raisa Alexandrovna: I want to mention that I much dreamed of living in a kin domain after reading the books of Vladimir Megre. I realized that this is the main and most true way to live - to live happily and for a long time. And I had such a dream for a long time - to live in a kin domain. I was going to buy a hectare of land.

My son lived in the village and Ivan Dmitrievich was nearby, and they communicated. He talked with the guys. My son and his friends helped Ivan Dmitrievich physically: to chop wood, sawing it. He told me, "Mom, I met Ivan Dmitrievich, he was a participant in the war. He lives in a small house that he built, and has been wintering in this bathhouse for the second year already. He’s writing poetry there."

I love to write poetry for myself. And I was wondering how such a person, at that age, who had lived through the war, moved to a kin domain and was not afraid. And who lives there in the winter and writes poetry in the bathhouse. "I want to see him," I said.

Then, after two years, I came, but I have not lived there yet. My son had a house in the village, and I came to visit him when he told me, "Mom, let's go see Ivan Dmitrievich. Let's bake Charlotte and drink tea."

I answered back, "Well, come on."

I really wanted to see this man. For me, he was a hero of our time.

We arrived by bicycle. My son said, "Well, okay mom, I will go to visit friends, I will take apples to them, and you talk to him."

Well, Ivan Dmitrievich and I greeted each other and began to talk. I liked him immediately.

And he told right away, "Raisa Aleksandrovna, marry me."

I, of course, was surprised at his proposal: “Okay, I'll think about it.”

We drank tea. I left village, and then after two weeks I arrived and he said: “Well, did you decide?”

I said, “Yes.”

And we've been together ever since.

We decided to hold a wedding in accordance with the books of V. Megre, because after having read these books I understood the importance of having the wedding in the presence of neighbours and how it would be under God. This wedding is a very serious step. This is a very serious action with deep content, and I told Ivan Dmitrievich: "Well, let's get married." He said, "Come on."

We just got together here, we've prepared a lot, and we had a lot of people here. We decided to get married on April 20th. The weather was cool, the snow had just melted, and I chose the date according to the lunar calendar when it was favourable to start a family, and in April it was good to plant so that they will take root. Of course, many people came from all our domains. They arrived and helped us plant a lot of plants: 60 pines, 40 Christmas trees, and others - mountain ash, viburnum, strawberry... everything was there. It was cool.

They sewed outfits with embroidery made especially for us. I embroidered his shirt. My dress was embroidered by my friends, and I took part in that process. They made a wreath, bought flowers, and wove them. It was a cute wreath. That day was an overcast, grey day, but when the people came the celebration took place and I felt something extraordinary. The universe was glad that we decided to make this action.

When he died, she did not bury him in a graveyard. She buried him next to his house, on his kin domain. Every day she goes to his grave and talks to him. They’ve always attended the settlement festivals, so everyone knew them and helped as much as they could.

Do you understand what happened? That old man extended his life. He didn't just stretch out his old age, but he started a new and beautiful life full of love and left behind him a wonderful kin domain.

Vladimir Megre


I am Anna living in Saint-Petersburg in the moment. I am 43 years old divorced no kids. I am interested in psychology travelling and leaving in nature. I am vegetarian and non-smoking and non-drinking. I am looking for a partner with healthy life style age probably between 35-50. For creating family and leaving in eco-village.

Anna Krol
Link to my page https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/10088/


My name is Alexey Korogodin. I am on looking for a companion of life, whose interests lie outside the cities, and interested in children.

I have a son. I began building of kin domain in the headwaters of the Great River, in the new community along the river. We have opportunities for swimming in pure, drinking water and beekeeping. The nearest compact settlement is Clear Sky in 30 km. I invite like-minded people. There are places both at the river and at the lakes and far from the water. The nearest like-minded neighbours are in 10 km. We regard ourselves as post-settlers. Now I am building a house, mastering beekeeping and practicing prana. I discovered a paradise of bees in which the bees do not die, because of the air’s purity. And I live in it.My and bees’ requirements for air quality are the same!

Alexey Korogodin
Link to my page: https://anastasia.ru/en/social/user/15291/

If you want your photo to be here, please sign in on The Wife Is A Goddess and send us a link to your profile at letters@megre.ru



Our pendants are made from Siberian cedar wood. The ringing cedars described in Vladimir Megre’s books have not been cut down, and they needn’t be, for Siberian cedar contains very powerful energy. Simply spend a bit of time in the Taiga and you’ll see – touch a cedar tree, a normal one, not a ringing cedar, and you’ll feel the cosmic energy. Any piece of Siberian cedar contains the same properties.

It is OK to get a pendant wet, nothing will happen.

What do people say?

I gave the samples obtained to all healers I know and tourists who came to our “Cedar house” and showed them the process of its producing.

Once I brought this Elixir to a healer from Novosibirsk and asked her to express her opinion on this product. She took it into her hands, closed her eyes and started enumerating a lot of different diseases this Elixir could overcome. In addition, she told me that all body cells could restore by themselves except for retina ones. But this product would be able to restore retina cells. “Well, appropriately prepared cedar nut oil also helps cure a lot of diseases”, - I said. She answered that I was quite right, but Elixir is far more powerful, though its power is yet difficult to understand just now. “I’d like to buy this product”, - she said.

All people who have ever touched this cedar Elixir told me they wanted to buy it. However, I had to receive scientific proofs of its useful properties before I could offer people to buy it.

What does science say?

So, the process of investigating the Elixir started. I was introduced to doctor Natalia Svechnikova, she is one of the best dermatologists in Novosibirsk, MD, doctor of the highest category, a leading researcher of the Institute of clinical and experimental lymphology, SB, the Russian Academy of Sciences and a highly experienced teacher.

During our meeting I gave her four bottles with the Elixir. I told her how we got this product and people who had tried it. I was looking at her and saw she could not believe me. We agreed that she would give these bottles to patients if they wanted, tell them how to use it and get their reviews. Then I left.

About 20 days passed and she called me saying, “Come to me as fast as you could”.

When I arrived at the medical center, I saw her sparkling eyes. Natalia Nikolaevna confessed that she was always interested in local producers, so WHEN HER PATIENTS WHO HAD USED ELIXIR STARTED TELLING HER HOW IT HAD HELPED THEM, SHE WAS SO HAPPY.

I got a true partner.

It was decided to conduct clinical trials of the product and study it thoroughly. At the same time, I realized that I had to patent such a powerful product, so I got the state Patent for the cedar Elixir. It means that the product is unique, and no one has the right to reproduce it in the same way.

N.N. Svechnikova about MEGRE ELIXIR

N. Svechnikova - MD, high category dermatologist, a leading researcher of the Institute of clinical and experimental lymphology, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Cedar nut oil doesn’t have any contraindications for its application. Since the 14thcentury this Siberian remedy has been used in European and Asian countries to cure blood, heart, lungs, teeth and gums diseases as well as skin care, health recovery, recuperation and rejuvenation. Each cedar element from its roots up to needles, from its pollen to cones has been used by people to cure, restore and support their health. The Elixir produced from Siberian cedar cones contains a wide variety of microelements which are necessary and indispensable for their health in addition to its oil rich in vitamins and fatty acids.

IMPORTANT! The naturally balanced composition of these micro- and macro-elements is easily metabolized by a human body without causing any side adverse effects as it happens in case with a lot of medial preparations.

According to the research performed in the Head testing laboratory center of the FBS “Novosibirsk institute of hygiene (Protocol of laboratory studies № 140026 of January 30, 2014) the iron content is 3.2 mg/kg, which is much higher than that of cedar nut oil. This content improves the oxygen transfer to all body cells to provide their healthy work rhythm.

MEGRE Elixir is an ecologically pure product, it can be included into a daily diet, different diets and used when doing sport or during the rehabilitation process.

It is very important to normalize the inner body ecology and harmonize the human immune system. That is why doctors who know cedar oil properties recommend its application within the treatment. Elixir can manifold increase this effect.

The clinical research proving the safety of MEGRE elixir usage by its systemic administration in control groups having both normal and reduced hemoglobin blood levels has been conducted in the Institute of clinical and experimental lymphology, the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Also, control observations of people with reduced iron content in their blood serum have been carried out.

The research and observations led to some unexpected results:

- 100% of trial subjects had their iron content raised in blood serum;
- 100% of trial subjects had their leucocyte content indicators improved, with their normalization going both downwards and upwards;
- after a week 100% of trial subjects revealed better work capacity and mood.

Cedar cone elixir (MEGRE Elixir) has been applied and investigated for the first time. however, the results obtained to make the following conclusions on its effect on a human body:

Our nature has given us a novel product that considerably improves the state of human health!

“MEGRE Elixir is a product that made me really surprised. Its major peculiarity is the unique combination of microelements and its increased digestibility in the body.

The investigations we had performed revealed the capability of cedar cone oil to BALANCE THE LEVEL OF IRON AND COPPER IN HUMAN BLOOD, which greatly increases the body ability to PROTECT ITSELF FROM VIRUSES AND STRESSES, optimize metabolism and make the body work properly.

The regular Elixir intake returns people to healthy and active life, removes their tiredness and stresses. I could observe these changes in my patients within the whole period of investigating the oil.

The product can be recommended to take as a food supplement beneficially influencing the human organism in the modern aggressive environment.”

N. Svechnikova

Polyunsaturated fatty acids in MEGRE Elixir

Oleic acid

It does not allow cholesterol plaques to settle on blood vessel walls and protects against atherosclerosis. It strengthens blood vessels and cell membrane walls by supporting metabolism.

Linoleic acid

It participates in fetus development processes and the formation of almost all organs. It strengthens tissues and regulates the hormone balance. It participates in the work of digestive enzymes. It promotes removing decay products on the cell level, fights against stress and regulates the skin water balance.

Alpha-linoleic acid

It is necessary for the proper growth and development of the brain as well as visual organs. It supports the work of nervous system and helps to fight against stress. It regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels. It moisturises the skin and hair.

Gamma-linoleic acid

It promotes the optimal blood composition. It participates in synthesizing fat and prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques. It stimulates the immunity, produces anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects and supports the body water balance.

Vitamins and minerals in MEGRE Elixir

Vitamin A

It influences the protein synthesis, normal growth and body weight and determines the normal structure of cell membranes. It is responsible for the acuity of twilight vision and supports the cornea humidity. It effects the fat metabolism and growth of new cells as well as slows down aging.

Vitamin B

It is one of the most active antioxidants. It slows down aging and improves nourishing cells. It normalizes the condition of blood vessel walls. It prevents blood clots and strengthens myocardium. It is necessary in case of high physical activity, stimulates brain activities, promotes normal liver and nervous system functioning.


It plays an important role in the oxidation and reduction processes and is included into hemoglobin, erythrocytes, myoglobin and many enzymes. It participates in the process of hematopoiesis and immunity support.


It is included into many enzymes and involved in the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is necessary for the normal growth, promotes transferring iron into the bone marrow and stimulates the maturation of red blood cells.

The proved result

MEGRE Elixir aligns the content of trace elements in the blood, leading them to the Golden middle. Laboratory studies prove that after taking Elixir the number of missing elements increases, on the other hand the number of excessive elements becomes smaller.

Day by day Elixir gradually leads the body to its balance.

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MEGRE Elixir in capsules


Nutrition plan - LUNCH, that gives energy

The most active digestion begins at 12 o’clock, it is at this time when people get really hungry for the first time. It is better to get carbohydrates, but not proteins and meat. They provide lots of energy and don’t provoke sleepiness, and during the day we have to be active. Hot boiled cereals will do (could be a double portion), and you will get much energy. I don’t recommend to make lunch too diverse, you should not mix products, as it is hard to digest mixed products. It is much easier for our body to cope with a mono-diet. Carbohydrates go well with fats. Butter is very good with boiled cereals, it has to be natural, from a farm. Mustard, cedar nut and olive oil will do, too.

You should not take carbohydrates such as hot boiled cereals, pastries, bread, pizza, pasta, potatoes, beans after 6 p.m., as they provide lots of energy that you don’t need in the evening. So it is better to eat them at lunch.

Salad is not a good option for lunch because vegetables don’t provide energy, in addition, you get hungry fast. It is better to eat some legumes: chickpeas, lentil soup, buckwheat, pilaf, diet pastries made of whole wheat flour with bran and spices but without any sugar.

These are some ideas for lunch:

1.  Raw sprouted wheat (you can boil it and take it to work). It is like a cake: very sweet and tasty (you can add pesto sauce). Sprouted wheat is rich in vitamin E, and our body can regenerate if there is enough vitamin E. Vessels are renewed, which is good after heart attacks or as preventive means.

2. Oatmeal on water with butter

3.  Flaxseed porridge

4.  Diet pizza is quite beneficial

5.  Boiled chickpeas or moong dal

6.  Pea soup. It is better to eat it without potatoes and bread, then you will avoid bloating. At the end you can chew some cumin, dill and fennel. Do not deprive yourselves of this product, because the value of peas is amazing: it contains folic acid, a lot of selenium and nicotinic acid. Thanks to peas pigmented spots disappear from women’s faces, and nicotinic acid makes it easy to quit smoking.

Peas are also useful in case of gastric ulcer, diabetes (as a hypoglycemic agent), they can increase hemoglobin due to high iron content, help against heartburn and produce some diuretic effect. Peas prevent forming blood clots and remove bile. In general, eating legumes prevents tumor processes.

7.  Beans with vegetables

In case of antifungal or antitumor diets, I recommend to avoid carbohydrates for some time, just take a break. In this case, you can cook some vegetable stew for lunch.

General practitioner nutritionist,
Garagulya Elena Borisovna


Megre Elixir

I take Elixir together with my son. He is not really much into the whole subject, but he does appreciate taking cedar nut oil and Elixir Megre on a regular basis. I can really feel the results myself; all of those effects that were described by many in their feedback. The only thing is that it does seem like my body did accumulate many toxins. I can feel dizzy and my eyesight gets blurry sometimes, even with my glasses on (the effects of computer-based work). But now I notice that I lost a little bit of weight without doing any additional effort and my metabolism is good. I will keep watching myself and how I feel, and compare it to my past conditions. I also have some of chronic diseases, but they seem to be going into remission, which surprised me! So let me please thank you that you followed that dream of yours and made it come true! The best of luck to you!

Elena Odegova


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