Book III: The Dimention of Love

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Book III: The Dimention of Love

"THE DIMENSION OF LOVE", the third book of the Ringing Cedars Series, describes author's second visit to Anastasia. Rich with new revelations on natural child-rearing and alternative education, on the spiritual significance of breast-feeding and the meaning of ancient megaliths, it shows how each person's thoughts can influence the destiny of the entire Earth and describes practical ways of putting Anastasia's vision of happiness into practice. Megre shares his new outlook on education and children's real creative potential after a visit to a school where pupils build their own campus and cover the ten-year Russian school program in just two years. Complete with an account of an armed intrusion into Anastasia's habitat, the book highlights the limitless power of Love and non-violence.


• Just another pilgrim
• Money for crap?
• Uninvited guests
• Chords of the Universe
• The spirit of a foremother
• Forces of Light
• Assault!
• What HELL is
• When words change destinies
• Work out your own happiness
• Who are we?
• Man-made mutants
• A new morning — a new life
• A father’s role
• A bird for discovering one’s soul
• The system
• Put your vision of happiness into practice
• Academician Shchetinin
• What to agree with, what to believe?
• Mediums
• Should we all go live in the forest?
• The ANASTASIA Centres
• Re-creating Shambala
• Who are you, Anastasia?

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