The new neighbors in the Settlement of Kin Domains “Lesnaya Polyana”

We went just for the festival, but already on our way we felt the "point of no return".

I spent the night with two children, four kittens and two cats IN A TENT IN OUR KIN DOMAIN

It was my long-nurtured dream to get up at dawn. So it came true.

How wonderful it is to live on a kin domain and to love all the living things

I wish everyone quiet, kind, and gentle joy and then the whole Universe will open before you!

Elizaveta Krestyeva. How to read books by Vladimir Megre with children

One should always be on the alert and use every chance to insert portions of the vital information of pristine origin into the child’s brain.

Kin domain settlement Radosvet: from Germany to Russia

We are going to share the story how the Tomas family moved here.

Nadezhda Kazanskaya telling us about the garden-beds at her Kin Domain

In 2003, when we just obtained the land to create our own Kin Domain.