From the books by Vladimir Megre of the
"Ringing Cedars of Russia" series

The spiritual, the material—everything has to be sensed equally. Then life is stable, and you can stand on two feet.

Anastasia’s grandfather, “Co-creation”

All universal wisdom is contained in each human soul in perpetuity, from the moment of the soul's creation. Wise men often lead souls away from the main thing for their own benefit without further ado.

Anastasia, “Co-creation”

For millions of years, there has existed a multitude of teachings. And all about one and the same thing, that mankind should live in expectation of receiving something from someone. And mankind has done so, closing off its thought and rationality. It has not thought about why and to what end the Universe lights up the stars above man.

Anastasia’s grandfather, “Anasta”

The significant books are those books which shape a given way of life of a segment of the human community.

Anastasia’s grandfather, “The Energy of Life”

All that exists has a connection with the entire Universe. The pinnacle of all creations is man... Man’s purpose is to know everything around him and to create something beautiful in the Universe...

Anastasia, “The Family Book”

Being rich does not mean being happy... Everyone needs enough. It is not bad to have a sufficiency as well, and an awareness of what is going on around you. After all, happiness does not come to people all of a sudden.

Son of the second neighbor from the Anastasia’s parable, “The Family Book”

Many religions of all times have spoken of God, but none of them talks about the obvious. By consciously communicating with nature, man is communicating with Divine thought. Understanding the dimension means understand God.

Anastasia, “The Family Book”

...a person can be considered spiritual if he is capable of undertaking actions beneficial to the Earth, his family, and his parents, that is, to God. If someone who calls himself spiritual cannot make himself, the woman he loves, his family, and his children happy, then that is pseudo-spirituality.

Vladimir Megre, “Who Are We?”

His words? There are so many words with different meanings among earthly nations. So many dissimilar languages and dialects. But there is one language for all, one language of Divine appeals for all. It is woven from the rustling of leaves, the singing of birds, and the waves. God’s language has smells and color. God gives a prayerful answer in this language to each request and prayer.

Anastasia, “Co-creation”

Consciousness will serve as the beginning of everything. The aspiration of thought will find the optimal route like a river. ...Sincere feelings are in those who themselves erected this oasis of paradise, who embodied their soul’s good amid the fuss and gloom of death.

Anastasia, “The Dimension of Love”

For centuries seekers have been looking for a holy place on Earth. They believe it is called Shambala and that in that place a connection can happen between anyone and the universal wisdom. ...And they will not find it if they keep searching this way, for Shambala is inside each of us, and its outward manifestation is recreated by people.

Anastasia, “The Dimension of Love”

To the end of their days, most people are incapable of realizing the truth. You’d think it was a simple question: What is the meaning of life? Yet it remains unanswered. But the meaning of life lies in truth, joy, and love.

Anastasia, “Anastasia”

Those who are able to understand their destiny and the essence of infinity will begin to live happily, reembodied eternally, for with their thoughts they themselves will create their own happy infinity.

Anastasia, “Who Are We?”

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