«I will tell you about creating, Vladimir, and then each person will be able to answer his own questions himself. Please, Vladimir, listen and write about the Creator’s great creation. Listen and try to let your soul understand the aspirations of the Divine dream.»
Anastasia uttered these sentences and fell silent, distraught. She looked at me and said nothing. She was probably upset because she sensed or saw on my face my distrust of what she might say about Creation and God.
Why shouldn’t doubt arise in me or other people, actually? The ardent recluse can dream up all sorts of things. She has no historical proof. If anyone can speak persuasively about the past, it is historians or archeologists. The Bible and the books of other confessions speak of God-many different books. For some reason, though, they speak of God in different ways. Isn’t that because no one has conclusive proof?
«There is proof, Vladimir," Anastasia suddenly uttered confidently and agitatedly in response to my mute question.
«Where is it?»
«All the proof, all the Universal truths, are preserved in each human Soul in perpetuity. Inaccuracies and lies cannot live long. The soul rejects them. This is why they have thrown so many different treatises at man. Lies require newer and newer guises. This is why humanity so frequently changes its social order. It is trying to find in it the lost truth. Meanwhile, it has been moving further and further away from it.»
«But who has proven, and how, that each person holds the truth inside-in his soul or somewhere else in man? And if it is there, then why is it hidden?»
«On the contrary, it strives to appear before each gaze every day. Eternal life is all around us, life’s eternity is created by the truth.
Anastasia quickly pressed her hands to the ground, ran her palms across the grass, and held them out to me.
«Look, Vladimir, maybe they will drive out your doubts.»
I looked. And lying on her outstretched palms I saw grass seeds, a small cedar nut, and some bug crawling.
I asked, «What does all this mean? The nut, for instance?»
«Look, Vladimir, the seed is so tiny, but if you plant it in the ground, a magnificent cedar grows up-not an oak, not a maple, not a rose, only a cedar. The cedar gives birth to another seed like it, and it will have in it, like the very first one, all the information of the primary sources. And if millions of years ago or in the future this kind of seed were to touch the earth, then only a cedar would sprout from the earth. The Creator has placed in it, in each seed of God’s perfect creations, all the information in full. Millions of years pass, but they cannot erase the Creator’s information. And man-the supreme creation-was given everything by the Creator at the moment of his creation. The Father, inspired by the great dream, has placed all truths and all future achievements in his favorite offspring.
«So how are we to get hold of this truth in the end? From somewhere there inside us? Our kidneys, heart, or brain?»
«Our feelings. Try to determine the truth with your feelings. Trust them. Free yourself from mercantile postulates.»
«All right, then, if you know something, speak up. Maybe someone will be able to understand you through their feelings. Well, what is God? Could scientists portray him using some scientific formula?»
«Scientific formula? It would stretch around the world more than once. When it ended, a new would be born. God is no less than what can be born in thought. He is firmament and vacuum and what cannot be seen. There is no point trying to understand Him with your intellect. You can squeeze all the formulas of Earth, all the information of the universe in the small seed of your soul and turn them into feelings, or let them be revealed to your feelings.»
«But what should I feel? Speak more simply, specifically, clearly.»
«Oh my God! Help me! Help me create a worthy image just out of present-day phrases.»
«There, you see? Now there aren’t enough words. You should first read a proper dictionary. It has all the words spoken in life.»
«All of today’s. But a modern book does not have the words your forefathers spoke about God.»
«You mean Old Church Slavonic words?»
«Even earlier. Before Old Church Slavonic writing, there was a way for people to pass on their thoughts to their descendants.»
«What are you talking about, Anastasia? Everyone knows that normal script came from two Orthodox monks. Their names. . . I’ve forgotten their names.»
«Cyril and Methodius. Is that perhaps what you meant?»
«Well, yes. They created script, after all.»
«It would be more accurate to say they changed the script of our fathers and mothers.»
«How did they change it?»
«By decree. So the Slavs' culture would be forgotten forever. The remains of the knowledge of the primary sources left human memory, and a new culture was born, so that the nations would obey other priests.»
«What does a script and a new culture have to do with this?»
«When children today are taught to write and speak in a foreign language but are forbidden to speak in their current one. Tell me, Vladimir, what would your grandchildren learn about the present day? It is easy to suggest new sciences to those deprived of knowledge about the past by treating those sciences as significant. You can say anything you like to them about their parents. The language is gone, and with it the culture. Such was the calculation. But those who set themselves this goal did not know that the truth’s shoot remains forever in the human soul, invisible. It needs only a drop of dew, and it will grow and gain strength. Look, Vladimir. Please, take my words and feel what is behind them.»
Anastasia spoke, first slowly pronouncing her words, then quickly rapping out entire sentences, then suddenly falling silent for a moment, stopping for a moment’s thought, and plucked sentences, strange for our speech, as if out of thin air. Sometimes, suddenly, she would weave words I did not know into her speech. But each time she used words unclear in meaning, as if catching herself, she changed them for the correct or more comprehensible words. She was trying to prove something, saying of God:
«Everyone knows that man is the likeness and image of God. But in what way? Where are God’s characteristic features in you? Have you ever given that any thought?»
«Well, no. I never had occasion to. Why don’t you tell me about them.»
«When the weary person goes to bed after the cares of the day, when he stops feeling his relaxed body, his second 'I'-the set of invisible energies-partially leaves his body. In that instant, earthly boundaries do not exist for them. For them, there is neither time nor distance. Your consciousness, in less than an instant, overcomes any limit of the Universe. The set of feelings senses and analyzes past or future events, fits them to the present day, and dreams. All this speaks to the fact that he, man, does not sense the vast universe just with his flesh. His God-given thought creates. Only human thought is capable of creating other worlds or of changing what has been created.
«Sometimes man cries out in his sleep, frightened by something. The set of his feelings, freed from earthly cares and what was done in the past or future, frightens him.
«Sometimes man creates in his sleep. His creations strive slowly or quickly to be embodied in earthly existence. Whether it is embodied in an ugly form or radiates harmony depends at least partly on the extent to which inspiration has entered its creation, how precisely and specifically all its aspects are accounted for at the moment of creation, and the extent to which inspiration strengthens his Divine 'I.'
«In the entire Universe, creation is intrinsic only to God alone and to the son of God.
«God’s thought serves as the origin of everything. His dream is turned into living matter. Human thought, man’s dream, first precedes human actions.
«All people on Earth have equal opportunities to create. However, people use their opportunities differently. Man has been presented with complete freedom in this as well. There is freedom!
«Now tell me, Vladimir, what kinds of dreams God’s children are dreaming today? You, for example, your friends and acquaintances. What do they use their creative dreaming for? What do you use it for?»
«Me? Well. . . what do you mean what for? Like everyone, I strove to make as much money as I could so as to have a firm footing in life. I acquired a car, more than one, actually. Lots of other things necessary for life, too-decent furniture, for example.»
«And that is all? That is all you used your creative, God-intrinsic dream for?»
«That’s what everyone uses it for.»
«For what?»
«For money! How can we do without it? To wear decent clothing, for instance, to eat a little better, to buy things, to have a drink. All this is clear. And you’re saying, what for?»
«To eat. . . to drink. Vladimir, you must understand, all this was given to everyone from the beginning, in abundance.»
«It was? Where did it go then?»
«Where do you think?»
«I just think the original clothing became tattered, it wore out, and the people ate up all the first food long ago. Times are different now, there is another fashion for clothing, and our tastes in food have changed.»
«Vladimir, God gave his son incorruptible clothing and supplies of food that could never run out.»
«And where is this everything now?»
«All this has been preserved. Even now, it exists.»
«Tell me where. How can I see the caches where so many reserves have been preserved to this day?»
«You’re about to. Only look with your feelings. Only with your feelings can you know the essence of the Divine dream’s creation.»

Книга:  Book IV: Co-creation