The 3rd RINGING CEDARS FESTIVAL 12.08.2013 21:00:00

The Moscow international RINGING CEDARS FESTIVAL has become not only a large cultural and mass holiday. It has turned into a great event for the whole Ringing Cedars of Russia readers’ community.
It attracts participants and guests from all over Russia and also foreign countries by its hospitality, wide area and status.
The Festival gives every participant a possibility to tell about himself, his art, ideas and his Kin estate to thousands of people all over the world in the process of live communication.
During the period of making preparations you can organize a round table, a seminar, a training or a presentation etc. (same thing for 2 ex-festivals) working with the organizational committee.
We invite all of you to a really public RINGING CEDARS FESTIVAL!
You can book your tickets for the Festival already now. Call +7 9133830575 or contact us via e-mail: or skype: