The Fourth International Festival "Ringing Cedars" 2014 29.08.2014 08:32:00

A grand event took place in the city of Belgorod – the Fourth International “Ringing Cedars” Festival!

On the eve of the festival a no less important event took place – a conference of advocates of the “Family Party”, which unites all those who share the philosophy of living on one’s own land.  Many important questions were resolved at the meeting, and Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre, famous Russian writer and author of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” book series, was chosen as the leader of the party.  After all, it’s his books that were the starting point of the new philosophy, the starting point of a new way of life.  People have realized that one can live differently, live in unity with nature, and create a bright future for one’s children.  The books have resonated in the hearts of thousands of people, and today the idea described in the books has become the national idea of Russia.  Across the entire country, more than 210 settlements of family homesteads have already been created.  It’s very important for people for the law “About Family Homesteads” to be adopted on the federal level.  

Evgeny Savchenko: 
"It’s important for a law to be adopted on the federal level that will allot a plot of land one hectare in size (or of whatever size one wishes) to all who wish to live on the land, which they will own for lifetime use and can pass down via inheritance, without the right of sale or resale.
"The Belgorod District is the first district in which this law was adopted.  In eleven regions of this district, nearly two hundred hectares of land have already been formally set aside for family homesteads.  And this is precisely why the city of Belgorod was chosen as the site for the Fourth International 'Ringing Cedars' Festival."

The residents of Belgorod are known for their warmth and hospitality.  They welcomed guests from various corners of Russia, the former Soviet Union and further abroad with open arms.  Official guests included Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre; Evgeny Stepanovich Savchenko, Governor of the Belgorod District; Valery Aleksandrovich Sergachov, Vice-Governor of the Belgorod District; Sergei Andreevich Bazhenov, Mayor of the city; and Yuri Vladimirovich Shalun, Head of the Administration of the Belgorod Region.  And it was, in fact, the Administration of Belgorod that organized the Fourth International “Ringing Cedars” Festival.
Evgeny Stepanovich Savchenko, District Governor, opened the festivities.  Vladimir Nikolaevich Megre also offered words of greeting.

Vladimir Megre: 
"Thank you for existing!  You are those little shoots that push their way up – which push their way up through the streams of negative information, push their way up in their own beautiful, new time."
The holiday hosted a full program.  A musical competition was held, and representatives of family homestead settlements from various regions of Russia participated in a fair.

Local and regional press showcased the event.  A press conference was held, at which Vladimir Megre and government representatives answered all questions that interested those present.

"Why Belgorod Region in particular?  What new things do you want to see, hear and discover for yourselves here?"

Vladimir Megre: 
"Belgorod Region was the first to adopt the law concerning Family Homesteads, and for that reason, I’m most interested in the atmosphere that’s developing here.  There’s a very cordial atmosphere between people and the authorities here. They interact on equal footing.  I like that very much."

At the day’s conclusion, Vladimir Nikolaevich was able to spend some time getting to know his readers.

"May this inspire you to write new books."

The second day of the festival took place at the “Silver Pine Woods” family homestead settlement in the village of Ustinka in the Belgorod Region.  Family homestead settlements are unique places on our land, for here people return to their roots and live in harmony with themselves and nature.

A child: 
"I have my own children’s glade.  I have garden beds there, and plants."

A Family Homestead resident:
"The main thing we offer is the Family homestead’s healthy way of life.  That’s the main thing."

Guests had the opportunity to get to know a bit more about the everyday life of the settlement’s residents and how they live.  An exhibit of decorative arts and handicrafts ran throughout the whole holiday, as well as master classes on lace-making using spindles, hand loom weaving and decorative quilting.  The best folk and folklore groups performed on the main square.

Anyone who wished to do so could share his or her creative work – poetry or songs –  by participating in the “open mic”.

This was a very high quality festival.  The guests thanked the organizers.

Polina Megre: 
"We’ve brought gifts for the organizers of this marvelous festival from our bountiful Siberian land.  We are very happy for you, happy that everything is so beautiful here.  You have a wonderful city.  You have a good governor.  He’s a very light-filled person, and you’re all smiley here.  We will take a little portion of your warmth back home with us.  Thank you very much!  And we’ve brought Siberian cedar seedlings so cedars can come back here.
What’s very important is that the representatives of the Belgorod government understand how valuable and necessary family homestead settlements are.  After all, this is a new philosophy of how to live:  it means an invigorated, healthy nation, strong and stable families living in love and harmony, which means a strong and stable future for the entire state."

Evgeny Savchenko: 
"Today we are witnessing a great beginning!  The great beginning of the building of a new space, a new civilization, where there are no rich and no poor.  Where there’s more love!  We’ve walked around here, and we’ve seen for ourselves how many shining people there are here.  And a deep bow to you, Vladimir Nikolaevich, the person who has altered our consciousness and continues to alter it.  You deserve to be remembered for all time."

The International “Ringing Cedars” Festival is always a holiday!  After all, it brings together thousands of people, people united by a single idea, people who love their land and revere their roots and family traditions.

The festival brought us a great many positive feelings, and gave us the chance to spend time with like-minded people, share our creative work, tell about ourselves and learn about the life of other family homestead settlements.

Good bye, friends, until we meet again at the next festival!