Reader's Conference with Vladimir Megre in Tallinn, Estonia, 27.8.2015 02.03.2015 02:04:00

Megre-Tallinn-EngReader's Conference with Vladimir Megre, known for his Anastasia - books, at the Russian Cultural Center in Tallinn 27.8.2015.

Vladimir Megre, the Gusi Peace Prize Laureate 2011, will be the main speaker at the CREATION OF LIFE-event. His Anastasia book series have touched millions of people around the world and awakened many to discover their possibilities to create a more purposeful and balanced life.

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The books of Vladimir Megre have been translated to over 20 languages and an astonishing amount of over 12 million books are sold. His production has become one of the phenomenons of our time, speaking to nations over all borders.

The dream of Megre: ”Let goodness win on earth” becomes a truth for each individual reader's personal awakening and life choices.

The visit of Megre is long-awaited and this opportunity might be a one of a kind experience. Megre travels widely meeting his readers in various conferences all around the world, and the guest list is very long.

In the CREATION OF LIFE-event in autumn Megre speaks about his encounters with the mystical Anastasia, who represents a thousands of years old ancient culture. These ancient wisdoms, though very applicable to the world of today, have effected the lives of millions of people around the world.

Megre is a brave soul, who has dared to question the rationality and meaningfulness of the prevalent belief systems and life styles. He now wishes to share the vision of Anastasia with the world: the vision of mans capability to create with the power thought energy and to be released from old belief systems which have kept mankind asleep for a long time.

CREATION OF LIFE-event also has other speakers and doers, who all inspire and motivate the audience with their own presentations. This event is a real Light Event, as well as an experience that touches all friends of culture, truth and peace.

The event will have a Estonian interpretation.


Everyday activities among contemporary technology often suffocate our real nature or even blur the meaning of our lives. It is time for us to leave the lessons of an illusionary world behind us and find our real task, real mission. A meeting with a Russian writer Vladimir Megre may give an unique opportunity for all the people living in Estonia (and why not even for our friends from our neighbouring countries who are willing to take this trip to Tallinn) to decode their world of thoughts. The author of book series The Ringing Cedars of Russiabrings us earth wisdom from the depths of taiga, bringing the forgotten knowledge to the readers through books. It is a great opportunity to come and weigh your options in order to better implement this wisdom in everyday life. It is a meeting with a remarkable writer, however, the guests must also be prepared to meet their own souls which they might have forgotten when serving foreign values.

Let's recall who we really are. As the perfect creation of the Creator, we are not entitled to evade responsibility: we must start creating the life we want for us, gradually liberating ourselves from foreign illusionary thoughts.

How to create your life today and give a more beautiful life to your children? Let's try to remember the most important things, so that Mother Earth could bloom again and give us joy.

The idea of ancient homes, why and how? Contact with earth offers and opportunity to start creating the environment where all living things help and sustain us. A determined place on earth also connects us with the wisdom of the universe. This environment of Love, created by our own thoughts and hands, can only be left to our most dearest ones — our children. One step leads to another until we find the right direction.

What is meaningful life? Among our everyday, often meaningless affairs we can hardly imagine which meaning is given to life when we start discovering our actual power and strength.

The power of a word and healing images — how to arrange our life and life on planet Earth in the way that we could avoid personal as well as planetary catastrophes.Today's achievements must be implemented only at the service of good — so that we would not damage the living world. We must learn to consistently sense everything around and inside us, so that we would be able to say the right words at the right time and support the healing images. We learn the power of forgiveness.

We will rediscover the force within us, reach the wisdom of primary sources. This includes the recognition of the nature of illusory world and sensing the truth, liberating oneself from dogmas and delusions. Can we even imagine what is the real power of Love which lifts a person to great heights?

• Vladimir Megre presents his thoughts to the audience within 2.5 hours.
• After a break, he will answer to the questions for 1.5 hours.
• Presentations from national song and dance ensembles.
• An exhibition of paintings inspired by Anastasia.
• Sales of books in Estonian and Russian.
• The conference is translated into Estonian.