Japanese first Newsletter is released in April, 2015! 27.04.2015 10:04:00

Dear readers!

We are happy to introduce you the publication of the first issue of Japanese newsletter – “Shidarin Otayori”, published by the Association of the Ringing Cedars Japan.

Shidarin Otayori provides useful and latest information of what’s going on both in Japan and Russia, and is comprised of sections such as Education, Homeland and Sustainable Life, Japanese Dolmens, Arts and Culture, Interviews of Homestead Communities and Families in Russia and other countries, Japanese translation of Mr. Vladimir Megre’s Q&A, and the legislative processes taking place in Russia etc.

The newsletters comes with “Homeland Start-Up Kit”, which includes pots, biologically safe seeds and soil etc.

For more information: www.ringingcedarsjapan.com