Gatherings for Anastasia’s readers were held in Japan 25.05.2015 10:04:00

Dear readers!

We are happy to report you that three gatherings for Anastasia’s readers have been held in Japan – in April 4th at Odawara city, April 29th at Komatsu city, and April 30th at Takaoka city. Anastasia’s readers’ gatherings have been held across Japan since three years ago. Over ten gatherings have been held so far, with ten to fifty participants).  These events are hosted by self-motivated Anastasia’s readers, and co-hosted by Anastasia Japan, providing great opportunities for the readers to gather together and share impressions on the Ringing Cedars series, exchange ideas, information, and get connected to like-minded people. 
After learning about the movements taking place in Russia, readers expressed their gratitude to Mr. Vladimir Megre for all his efforts to write the books, and many were inspired by Mr. Megre and his Russian readers for initiating actions and making it a reality in Russia.
Implementation of Anastasia’s ideas in Japan, issues on genetically modified seeds and U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic (TTP) Partnership Agreement were also discussed.  Three more gatherings are scheduled in next month.

アナスタシアのアイディアの日本での実現方法、遺伝子組み換え種子と米国主導のTPPについても話し合われました。 来月にも三つのお茶会が予定されています。