Vladimir Megre in New York. Speech 09.08.2015 06:04:00

Vladimir Megre in New York. Speech

Vladimir Megre: Good morning everyone again.

You see a map on the screen. This is the map of settlements of kin domains in Russia. 

The green points on this map detest existing settlements. 

There are 230 settlements consisting of kin domains in Russia today.

And this number is growing.

And there are millions of people who want to build their kin domain.

And I'm proud that everyone who is helping to build this movement live on kin domains right now are readers of my books. 

This actress who looks very much like Anastasia spoke in Czech parlament and explained the ideas of my books.

And when she was asked who has assisted you in preparing this speech, she said: "Well, you can read it in these books". 

She was explaining the wisdom of the primary sources. And at the same time it is so modern and so contemporary.

When Anastasia appeared, she has become the subject of studies of many people: of scholars, of religious, of activists.

And a group of scientists and scholars concluded that genetic memory of Anastasia contains the memory of the all humankind from the first people.

Each of us has this information in our genetic memory.

But we lost our ability to bring that information to surface.

We underestimated the knowledge of our ancestors.

So now we have to rebuild the lost knowledge. 

A group of scholars headed by Michael Pavlov – an associate professor from the Moscow State University – published an amazing report.

He dedicated 10 years to study Anastasia movement and the Ringing Cedars.

He gives certain examples on kin domains which existed several thousand years ago.

And the idea is that thanks to the similar approach which is supported by the Russian people nowadays, the United States became the country that it is right now.

He mentions that in 1862 the homestead act was adopted in the United States.

1.5 (million) American families gained land.

And an amazing thing happened to the United States. Innovations, improvements in health care, scientific research. One thing, you just think, is just a land of when 1.5 (million) people got their roots on that land. It transformed the country into the powerful nation that it is right now. 

This movement is advancing at a fast pace in Russia right now. And Russia will be a powerful state because of that.

And Russia will become so powerful. It will be able to compete with the United States.

It is dangerous.

It can lead to a war.

I would not want that.

None of these people will want.

So what is the solution?

To build the kin domains together!

If Russians, Americans, Japanese, Europeans begin to build kin domains together, what will happen?

Just like Anastasia says, one kin domain is just a little spot on the map of the world.

But when there are many of the spots, the planet itself will prosper.

Think of that. It is such a simple step - trying to create a paradise, a small paradise for your own family.

If there are many people thinking the same way, our Earth will transform.

And it will put an end to the most outrageous and atrocious war which is going on right now.

The war in which billions of people have been participating for thousands of years. 

And we are not talking about the war of states.

We are talking about wars within families.

When a man and a woman start hating each other to the extent that leads to divorce.

Sometines that gets them into fight.

They call each other names and it is more frightening than in a warfare. 

But there is an opportunity for all of us to put an end to it.

To bring the love back to families.

I came to the Unites States on a vacation and I was fortunate to participate in the Nexus summit.

And I came here with the hope that we'll be doing the good together. 

And I'll be happy if everyone will participate in such an amazing endeavor.