New Paperback Collections Released! 10.08.2015 06:04:00

Esteemed readers,

"Ringing Cedars" Publishing House has created paperback versions of the "Parables" and "Tales from the Future" collections!

The books are a great opportunity to get to know the series for those who hasn't read it before.

You can make a great addendum to a gift for your friends' birthdays or other occasions with these collections.

Also as the contents of the collections represents thematically grouped chapters about ancient parables and wonderful future stories from the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series, these two new books might be helpful for any existing admirer of the works by Vladimir Megre as well.

From now on, you can get the collections in the form of paperbacks on the following Amazon pages:

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Or you can search for the books in any other store by their ISBNs:



And of course you can download or read online the ebook versions of the collections here:

Parables   Tales from the Future