Vladimir Megre's Proposals For Stabilizing the Political Situation in the World 22.09.2015 07:04:00

Vladimir Megre’s Proposals for Stabilizing the Political Situation in the World.
What’s Already Been Done: Outcome of International Gatherings in 2015

Vladimir Megre: Hello, my respected readers!

An altogether extended and most interesting and important expedition has come to an end.  And here’s how it all began:

At the invitation of readers and publishers from Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, we set off from Saint Petersburg on the ship named “Princess Anastasia” with a group of business owners, along a route that would take us to these countries.

Two readers’ conferences were to take place in Estonia and Finland.

Along our route, we also passed by Stockholm.  We hadn’t planned any conference in Stockholm.  But when readers and publishers from Sweden learned that this ship would be passing through and that there would be a stopover of about 5 hours, they set up a gathering.  This was the first gathering.  It turned out to be very, very interesting.  It was spontaneous and interesting in that we were able to chat with individual people.

Next we held a conference in Tallin.  That’s Estonia.  Out of all the events that took place abroad, this was probably the most powerful and interesting conference.  We rented a hall for this with readers. This was a large building in the center of town.  The hall itself resembled the hall of the Bolshoi Theater in some way.  Paintings were being displayed there.  And a professional artist made the book covers.  I had seen these covers and liked them.  But when I saw them displayed in the lobby, they astounded me, because there was a hidden energy there, a hidden spirit.  This artist and I became friends, and I think that he’ll adopt the books’ themes and continue working creatively along these lines.  And I think that in the future, we’ll see more and more new works of his.  

The Helsinki conference got off to a not so smooth start.  There were various difficulties with the translation: it was slow and not totally precise.  But then members of the audience began to take part and try to remedy this small deficiency.  And the first one to come up onstage from the audience and begin to help translate was the translator of the books.  Then a fellow who knows English and Russian well couldn’t help himself, and he also began to help translate.  Then an Englishman couldn’t help himself, either, and he came up and began speaking English.  He’d come for the conference and also to invite a delegation and the readers and me to England.  Then the delegation from Germany moved into the front rows.  And they also began to help out of some desire of their own, so that everything would be right.  But I still couldn’t get enough interaction going, and I thought, “Well, something has to happen.  I have to think something up somehow.  And everything really needs to be good, even if the translation isn’t so good…”  I told about how we have the site Anastasia.ru, where there’s a section where you can meet other people.  A lot of people have been on it, each one of whom has written, “I’m looking for my true love, so we can create a family homestead.”  And things began to get more animated at this point, and women began saying, “There are a lot of women here. Where are the men?  Where are the men?”  And after that things began to get livelier somehow in the hall.  People weren’t paying attention to the poor-quality translation any more.  We already had three translators.

When we showed videos at our appearances, when we showed holidays on our homesteads, it all looked very good.  Then people would come up and say, “How can this be?  This kind of thing is going on in Russia, and we don’t know enough about it.  But look, you could also show individual people too.  Let them say something!”  You know, I told about the Zhukov family there and showed a photo of Raisa Aleksandrovna and Ivan Dmitrievich.  You may recall that these are elderly people who got married.  And you really could see clearly that they loved each other.  And they built a family homestead.  You know, the entire audience spontaneously began to applaud!  And then people would come up and say, “They (this Zhukov family) –the most important thing they’ve done for others in this lifetime is that they’ve simply made it possible for other people, for the elderly, to live longer lives. For people who had thought, ‘Well, that’s it.  All I can do in the remaining years of my life is sit on a bench… and reflect.’  But here there’s such a very beautiful creation.”

And here’s what’s characteristic of all these meetings.  I began saying that the idea had occurred to us to organize about 1200 business owners from Russia – simply readers and people who place themselves on the meetings site – to take this ship, the Princess Anastasia, the one we came on, next year, and go around to all these countries.  And to have informal gatherings, perhaps on shore.  Not conferences in halls.  And the Foundation should organize gatherings in these countries for next fall, too, the way they’ve done this year. Those of you who’d like to get hooked up with this organization – please contact the Foundation and fill out preliminary applications.

You know, the readers were very warmly greeted in these three countries and in America.  Let’s say that in the Russian Center, it’s most likely – as the organizers themselves said –been a long time since there have been such estimable events where people came together like this, Russians and Estonians alike.  Just imagine: a full hall that welcomes a delegation from Russia, welcomes it with love, welcomes it as friends.   And they’re not talking about tensions there, about some difficulties or other, but about a most beautiful future for Russia, Estonia and various countries.  And when I began telling about how we’ll come with a larger delegation next year, everyone began to clap.  I think that through gatherings like these we can break through the chill between our countries.  There are people everywhere who want the good.  There are people everywhere who need a good new idea.  There are people everywhere who don’t want to have some negative events in common, who want to have the beautiful in common.

I think that some time will pass, and we won’t be talking about all the difficulties we have between countries, and that we’ll be talking about the good instead.

A great many people would like to come to Russia and have a look at Russian homesteads.  I think that we can also put on some kind of reception here.  And maybe next year in August we’ll even do a big conference in Saint Petersburg.  There are halls there, there’s a large concert haul that people from the Baltic countries can come to. And then maybe we can all sail on the ship together.  Being on the ship is interesting in that it’s a confined space.  It sails for five days, and in the course of these five days you can interact more closely. The conditions are right for this, and the dealers who also came with us held a session.

These are dealers of the “Ringing Cedars” company.  They are very good guys, too.  I liked their consciousness, their goal-oriented nature, and their vision of the future.

This year it just worked out that I was able to spend time in America, Estonia, Sweden, and Finland.  These gatherings in these countries showed that we, the readers of the “Ringing Cedars of Russia” books, can do something very great for our own country and for our countries: we can break through the situation of alienation of some sort of and pull together people of various countries.  I’m asking you, get connected to this work that the Foundation is doing.  In the near future, the Foundation will publish a plan of events for next year.  This plan will also be directed toward bringing together readers of the books from various countries.  I think that this will our small, or, perhaps, on the contrary, our very large contribution to bringing our countries closer together.  And if we can begin to put on events like these together, then that will help our Motherland.  I think that in the next year we’ll make a certain breakthrough.  A positive breakthrough, including in the area of politics.  I don’t want us to be involved in politics, but we can help our politicians organize closer contact with people from foreign countries.  We have the possibility to do that.  We have the base to do that, the foundation.  This is our grand idea.  I thank you all for collaborating, for helping to organize these events.  And please do get connected to the Foundation’s work on plans for next year.  And propose events of your own, too.

Text on the screen: “You can find the information about the tour with Vladimir Megre here: www.vmegre.com/en/ 

If you have questions, please feel free to write us: letters@megre.ru ”