Join the International Day of Peace 2015 Campaign! 16.10.2015 06:04:00

Dear readers of the Ringing Cedars of Russia series!

This summer Vladimir Megre participated at the 5th Annual Nexus Global Youth Summit at the United Nations. 
At the summit the U.N. Special Envoy Ray Chambers announced plans for a new campaign around peace and forgiveness that would be launched on the International Day of Peace on September 21st. 
The #FORGIVEFORPEACE awareness campaign supports the U.N. Secretary-General's call for a 24-hour cease fire for September 21st, and hopes to amplify the reach of the call for a day of non-violence. The organizer of the summit, Nexus is a part of the #FORGIVEFORPEACE campaign; and it invites each of you to share in the campaign to promote both inner peace and global peace. Nexus is confident that the campaign supports the idea that forgiveness is the first step on the path towards peace, and that thru the act of forgiveness we can cultivate meaningful and lasting change and catalyze a new generation of peace-keepers. We can amplify the call to peace by announcing the idea of the new way of life in the Family Homesteads as the only remedy capable of seizing the tension between different nations, social groups, countries, stop the violence and put an end to wars.

How can you help?

Peace Day Playlist
Nexus speaker & international recording artist Mohombi (@mohombi) has created the official playlist for Peace Day which can be found here. It includes familiar songs such as Imagine, Don’t Worry Be Happy, We are the World, Where its the Love, Heal the World & Happy. You may also know many wonderful bards from the Ringing Cedars movement. Listen and share with friends to promote peace thru the international language of the arts.

Peace Day Video
The official Peace Day video can be found here: It features supermodel Tyra Banks and others as champions of peace & forgivenes. We hope you will watch this and share widely, as well as the video from Vladimir Megre where he makes his proposal about how to stabilize the political situation in the world: 

Social Media Sharing
1. Share a photo or story about forgiveness, peace, your peaceful family, beautiful family homestead, using #ForgiveForPeace , #FamilyHomestead , #RingingCedars , #VladimirMegre
Sample messages: 
"Forgiveness is the path to peace. I forgive. Will you? #ForgiveForPeace #RingingCedars"
"We can spread peace together through forgiveness! #ForgiveForPeace #FamilyHomestead"
"The best image of peaceful life is Family Homestead! #FamilyHomestead #RingingCedars #VladimirMegre #ForgiveForPeace"
And so on.

Due to post size restrictions in Twitter, you may shorten quantity and type of hashtags, if you wish.

Note: if you don't know what is the "hashtag", what it is used for and how to add it to your post, you may read about it here: 

2. Post a photo or video tearing a piece of paper in half bearing a word like "racism" or "hate" written on it, or where you hold a piece of paper in your hands with a life-affirming words such as: Love, Peace, Friendship, Family Homestead and so on. Add the hashtags from above to your post.

The campaign will continue through October, culminating on October 24th, which is the UN’s 70th birthday.