Businessman With Pure Intentions 17.02.2016 11:50:00

The owner of the Czech hotel,  "Opava" after reading the books by Vladimir Megre, decided to equip their hotel rooms with sets of books of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series. When asked what prompted him to take this step, Ladislav Schreiber said:

- My decision is because of the situation in the world. Today humanity is embraced by aggression and violence. I believe that the information from the books of Vladimir Megre helps people, and is the kind of world in which they want to live.

- Books in the hotel rooms - not a very familiar situation. Do you think that your guests will have the time and desire to read?

- Managers and entrepreneurs from all over the world stay in our hotel, often tired after their journey and their business meetings. Therefore, in addition to relaxing in the well-equipped wellness center, we decided to give them the opportunity to open a book and listen to their soul.

"Ringing Cedars" publishing house thanks this Czech entrepreneur and wishes him great success.

The official website of the hotel:

(We thank Kemble Walker for the translation!)