Conceptual-artistic singularity of the prose of Vladimir Megre 11.03.2016 13:45:55

univerzita.jpg"My goal was to introduce students and faculty members to the work of Vladimir Megre and bring about constructive discussion."

Our reader from the Slovak Republic, Martin Shkrovankova, under the guidance of assistant professor Alima Nikolaevna Shtyrov, KF, defended at the Department of Russian Language in the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Constantine their Bachelor's thesis work entitled "Conceptual-artistic singularity of the prose of Vladimir Megre".

Description of the work:

"Provided is a Bachelor's degree thesis of theoretical character. It is dedicated to the conceptual-artistic originality of the book, "Anastasia", by Vladimir Megre. We investigated it as a literary, social, philosophical - spiritual and cultural phenomenon.

The purpose of this Bachelor's work - to show that not all high-quality works of Russian literature were written in the past, and that interesting work and personality also appears in contemporary Russian literature. Russian people also now represent a great creative potential. 

We want to emphasize that completely new, lovely, unusual ideas, which have a real and positive impact on the lives of people in Russia and in other countries, appear in the poetic soul of the Russian people."

(We thank Kemble Walker for the translation!)