Why Russia Is So Popular For Tourists? 30.08.2016 14:17:07

It is not a secret that the idea of family homesteads is widespread not only in Russia but also abroad, thanks to the books by Vladimir Megre. (The "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series are already translated into 20 languages http://vmegre.com/en/editions-representatives-events/ )
More and more people in the modern world begin to understand the importance of returning to their own roots and learning their own nature and the essence of what is happening around. While looking for answers to their own questions, some people try to learn the wisdom from the ancestors, some try to find answers inside themselves, and others take a journey to far away. Rinke and Simone came to us from Holland in their honeymoon. 
"We're big fans of books by Vladimir Megre. Through his books, my family has built its family homestead in the south of France," says Rinke. The newlyweds were very interested in the lifestyle of people in the family homestead settlement Blagodatnoe (Ordynsky district). "As soon as we got to the settlement, I felt a pleasant home atmosphere of warmth and coziness", says Simon. During the day, our guests visited more than five family homesteads, where very different families were glad to meet them, to talk about books, about estates, and even to learn the share a secret of how to grow a cedar tree. Residents of the Blagodatnoe settlement often host foreign guests from around the world, but they treat each new person with a special attention. "It is important for us to spread the ideas of Vladimir Megre and to make people know about them, and see how great it is to live in your own family homestead." 
A couple from Holland will now continue their journey thru Altai, but they will remember the day in Blagodatnoye with special warmth. The guys will bring home not only gifts and souvenirs, but also the inspiration, which inevitably comes to everyone who communicates with such uncovered and light people. We parted as good friends as nothing makes people closer than common ideas.
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