Joint travel to Goa, India Anastasia fund's programme activities 2017 20.09.2016 04:35:37

«In the country of knowledge of our ancestors»
Offered to all interested readers of books by Vladimir Megre from different countries.
Dear followers!

Fund "ANASTASIA" announces one of the activities for 2017 and organizes for readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series by Vladimir Megre joint travel to North Goa (India). This month-long event will be taking place at a three-star hotel (approximately from 1 March to 28 March).
You will have the opportunity to join us at any time most suitable for you, relax, improve your health, take a dip in the warm sea and to chat with like-minded friends from different countries.

Preliminary program

Morning - day:
Every morning at 7a.m. – remedial gymnastics on the shores of the Arabian Sea (1-hour duration);
Breakfast (medical or vegetarian meals (optional);
Yoga, massage, the treatment (in the Ayurvedic clinic), swimming in the sea (optional)
The Bard's song;
Meeting of soulmates;
View of the family homesteaders films;
The evening program also includes dance evenings, fashion show, seminars, lectures, evening of Russian and Indian culture, amateurs' night, and of course communication and dating. And also meeting with the Russian writer of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series Vladimir Megre.

For those, who wish to take part in the event: You should submit a preliminary application to the address:
Preliminary application:
Full name
Sex (ages optional)
What languages do you speak?
Which types of room do you need?:
Double suite +breakfast from 25.000 RUB per night;
De Luxe + breakfast from 20.000 RUB per night;
SV (Sea view) + breakfast from 15.000 RUB per night;
Standart + breakfast from 10.000 RUB per night;
Bungalow + breakfast from 10.000 RUB per night.

Do you want to be treated in the Ayurvedic clinic? (number of days)

Would you like to take part in a concert of amateur?

Phone number


Postal address (optional)

If you want to make our program even more interesting - let’s take part in our activities! – Singer, musician, artist, writer, organizer of cultural events, you can make an exhibition - sale of their handicrafts, souvenirs, or to give a master class to our guests.
N. B.! Number of places in the hotel is limited. But if you late with the application, we can offer you the neighboring hotels with the right to visit all the events in the base hotel.
Each participant will be given a program of events and badge.
If you have any question, please contact us:
See you!
Kind regards,
Maya Ladilova
Executive director of Anastasia fund

Why we chose Goa?

We wanted to choose a location for the meeting, which would allow nice conversation in addition to fun. Goa is one such place which gives you the best of everything. As opposed to
Thailand and Mexico, the Goa allows you to rent rooms from 15,000 rubles a day, and at a more affordable price.

Many tourists like to visit Goa for health tourism. Yoga classes are offered each day on the beachfront. You can practice yoga independently or under the guidance of experienced coaches.

Goa is visited by a lot of creative people. The most famous of them are «The Beatles».

India is one of the countries which highly appreciate the knowledge of their ancestors. For example Ayurveda. For more than 5,000 years, Ayurveda has been practiced to promote wellness in India.
Endless sandy beaches and stunning views will impress any connoisseur of beauty. The temperature of the Arabian Sea is +25 °C all year round.
A country famous for its traditional medicine. There are own world famous production of medicines and herbal cosmetics.