Guests from Hong Kong 26.09.2016 14:01:13

On 17th September our Cedar House had guests from Hong Kong, our representatives - Andy and Joey!
Inspired by "Ringing cedars of Russia" book series, they come to see producing of cedar nut oil, family homesteads, siberian taiga and a cedar house. Firstly we took them to excursion in our manufacture to show all processes. Guests were surprised when they saw a old times machines for producing a handmade cedar nut oil. Also they have produced their own cedar nut oil according to old receipts.
On the third day they went to Family homesteads settlement "Sunny meadow" to see how people reallize ideas from V.Megre books here in Russia. People from one of the family homesteads there kindly welcomed guests from abroad and show them a "Sunny meadow" and tell a lot about process of building this wonderful settlement.
Tour was eventful and every day when guests were tired after taiga trips and long road to family homesteads, wonderful atmosphere of cedar house filled them with power and energy for new day.
Hope we will see our friends here again!

And if you are from Hong Kong, you can order cedar products from Andy: - cedar house tour - Vladimir Megre official website