Reportage on TV channel “Russia 1” from “Megre”Cedar house (Part 2) 04.10.2016 11:19:02


In the Novosibirsk region have collected a record harvest of cedar cones.

Great cones harvest collected this year in the Novosibirsk region. Although the cedar forests in the region is less than in the neighboring. Seed collection plan has already exceeded one and a half times. Today anyone who wants to make money can go in the taiga. How much is a bag now? And how extract liquid gold?

So with a bag on his shoulder you can help the sons and earn money for old age. Vladimir Sorosteev collects cones for 35 years.

Vladimir Sorosteev, the collector of pine nuts:"You should not be afraid of the taiga and do not be afraid of animals. If you are good to animals they will always be good for you. Do not touch. It's our nature. She feeds us. "

Taiga feeds all. But not all are grateful. Such a lot of video. Praise. Miners. It can look harmless, but we don't know what remain behind the scenes.

Larisa Serova, a spokeswoman for the Forestry Department of the Novosibirsk region: "In fact, the trees will die. This is barbarism when the trees are cut with the help of a hammer. Now here is a place like a wound in man is available for microorganisms, maybe look healthy - but dust is all that remains here. And the oleoresin will not help, because all naked. "

Vladimir says, “Local people do not do that”. He, like everyone on the team – local and work on a local manufacturer. Only a perfect kernel is used to make oil. Antonina Nikolaevna sort through 15 kilograms of nuts per day. Here it is - liquid gold, invaluable product for health. For purse - two thousand rubles a glass. Pressed by hand. We could increase production volumes. But in this company there is something more important than profit.

Sergey Megre, founder of the company for processing of cedar nuts: "I do not want to fly forward to the new equipment. I want to go in the opposite direction. I would like to people put heart and soul into products. "

Sergey Megre rented the forest, where Vladimir collects cones. Local asked him to do so. 
It makes feel better when there is an owner in a forest. It means protection from poachers and fire. These cedars for local - the future. Because they are not lazy. Local very appreciate cedar trees. Life in the taiga is very different. In autumn local rejoice and strong wind and rain. So do not have to stroll far. Cone will be back on the ground. And by the way, this year it enough for everyone.