First Day in India 18.03.2017 23:13:38

Hi everyone!
My name is Nina and today it is my first day in India. 
I came to Goa to visit Vladimir Merge’s conference, which will be held on March 20. 
I went directly to the Riva Beach Resort in which the meeting with the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series author would be held. 
I see many mopeds near the hotel, which are available for rent. Hmm, am I brave enough to try? 


I am on my way to a check-in area. I notice a beautiful fountain. You know, it is nice out here!

I liked the reception; the staff is nice and friendly. 


Everyone who asks about Vladimir Megre or about the conference gets the application form that needs to be filled and returned to the reception. 


While I was checking in, a man came and filled one. This person and I got acquainted, and we agreed to meet on Monday at the conference. 
I go to the room; the road is covered in green. There are many balconies around. 


One can see a bridge across a river ahead (or shallow bay, I have not understood yet). It leads to a beach.


I will go there tomorrow morning, at dawn. As for now, I want to relax after the flight.

Good night and see you tomorrow!

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