An Indian Philosopher speaks about importance of Vladimir Megre's Books 24.04.2017 15:15:04

Vladimir Megre participated in an international conference of "The Ringing Cedars of Russia" books readers in India. He had several meetings with the conference participants. He shared his feelings about one of the events in "The conversation with Vladimir Megre in India".

V. Megre's story about his meeting with an Indian philosopher - Manu Sharma.

The story tells us about two Indians, whose ideas and thoughts made a deep impression on the writer.  A special attention was paid to the questions by Manu Sharma.

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Vladimir Megre: I was really glad to see all participants of the conference. Later I even had a personal meeting with 2 Indians. One of them was a writer, the other turned out to be an ecologist. They presented me two books. 

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One of the books had the coverage very similar to my books; I even thought it might be about Anastasia.
They were speaking about Russia and Anastasia with amazing inspiration. Although they didn't know Russian language we managed to keep the conversation.

One of them said: "I have a question; it is s in Russian. I translated it with the help of automatic translator, so it is very big". I read his question. It was almost several pages long.  I understood that I'm dealing with a philosopher.

"I read lots of books on philosophy," he said.  Many of them convey ideas very similar to those offered by Anastasia.  They are written too plain in that books, whereas Anastasia hides them between the lines.

"What is your opinion? Do you prefer directly explained ideas or maybe vague ones", I asked.  
"I prefer those which are hidden between the lines. It provokes imagination and thinking. You don't perceive them with mind but feel with heart.

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Manu Sharma's letter:

Dear Vladimir,

I'd like to clarify what I tried to explain yesterday.
In my opinion the greatest contribution of the Ringing Cedars books is the image of the future humans' life on the planet. This image was a source of great comfort, joy and even happiness for me.  Accept my deep gratitude one more time. Besides, your books inspired me to explore a great number of topics.  Whenever I faced a new book or met a new person who shared Anastasia's ideas I tried to learn a lot from him. 

I'm writing to promote a new idea, new approaches to the view of the world, based on the books about Anastasia. 

I believe, that the scientific approach mistakes not only the history of human development, origin, and universe beginning, but more important things such as matters of universe functioning. The latter nowadays are fundamentally wrong.

Here are the basic aspects the modern approach lacks:
1.  Awareness of the fact, that the physical world, which is being always explored and investigated by the scientists today, coexists with another one -  the mental world, home for our mind and thoughts.
2. Both worlds are closely connected. They are even indivisible and always interact. 
3.  I think, the mental world manifests itself in a physical reality.
4.  Any changes in the physical world are preceded by the changes in the mental one.
5.  Therefore, the mental world is first, and then the physical world follows.

If we agree with the five statements above, we will find absolutely different image of the Universe that our world perception based primarily on the science is not quite right.  Although the science can tell us much about an object, it can hardly say what a mind is.  I suggest Anastasia should explain that our consciousness and knowledge originate from the mental world, which is fundamental for understanding the ways the Universe function. 

Let me make a comparison. Let's say our world is a computer and people are ants. Some of them are walking across the screen, back lid or the keyboard.  Although they know it is a machine, they don't understand how it works. Then some curious ants discover that if they go inside through the vent they find a whole world of different elements.

Some hard-working ants spent years in exploring the elements and in the 21 century they already think they know how it works.  They enumerate the list of element: a hard drive, a processing unit, a motherboard, screen and etc.

They even managed to identify their functions. However, the problem is, ants are limited with the equipment they can ouch and see; they have no idea about the invisible element they cannot touch - the software, which enlivens the equipment.  
Even when they see the display, some pictures in it, they are not aware of the million lines of the software code existence.

There is no a computer that can work without the software.  On the other side the software doesn't exist without the hardware. Both are necessary to make the computer work.

Our world is like a computer, which consists of some visible and invisible elements. However, these elements have complicated connection. The invisible ones constantly change the physical world, the equipment.

Dear Vladimir, these were my thoughts I failed to express yesterday.  However, I asked you another question.  I asked: "What are the three levels of existence that a person can experience?" You answered that you didn't know. It made me wonder. I'd like to know and maybe even write a book. You told me to share this knowledge if I find it.   

Nowadays we think there are only two levels- the physical world and the mental world.  What might be the third? I have never thought that I can find, so I've never asked myself.  But you answer inspired me to try finding. An idea occurred to me this morning.  I don't know the right answer yet, but it is given in your books in the Anastasia's words.

I think that the mental world isn't just one. In the first book Anastasia's grandfather tells you that only bright rays can travel from a person into Space.  But when a person is filled with negative emotions it radiates only dark rays. They don't go into Space, but go down into the Earth.

Then we can find plenty of references to the "force of light" and the "force of darkness".  Once Anastasia got sick and the grass became white, you got upset and dueled the force of darkness. When Anastasia recovered she told you that you must know where to find them. I think she meant that the force of darkness exists in some dimension.

Then I came to a conclusion, there are two dimensions in the mental world. The first is filled with positive thoughts about l, kindness and gratitude. The other is a dark place filled with the dark thoughts, negative emotions anger, jealousy and etc.  It is like yin-yang. Two powers which coexists; although they contradict each other, they balance the world.

The third dimension is a materialized reality. There are many places in the book where Anastasia gives examples of the way mental worlds affect physical reality.

She explained the reason of the global disaster, which occurred repeatedly. «When a person is filled to the brim with the dark feelings [...], then a catastrophe is coming".

There is a way to escape such disasters in future: "Only with the help of common effort it will become visible in the mental world. And then we will see what to do in the physical world, a place where a human and God live together."

 I was also inspired by the actions of Russian farmers: "A global disaster was averted by Russian farmers in 1992."

Our planet feels love:" The Earth needs our help. Love and respect gives it power".

Beside Anastasia, there are several books by Louise Hay and Esther Hicks in the West who also promote similar ideas. The book by Louise Hay "You can Heal your life" says that all illnesses are result of our thoughts we sent to the Universe.  The book contains a long list of illnesses and explains their connection with the mental reasons.  It was sold more than 40 million copies of the book. 

The books by Esther Hicks describe three fundamental laws of Universe. It says that a person is an artist, who creates their own life with each thought. It doesn't matter whether a person is aware of it or not.
If you spend 15 minutes a day on pure positive thoughts, providing good emotions about the event and detailing it, you can make it true. Esther and her husband Jerry sold more than 3 million copies.
Both authors' views are close to Anastasia's. Unlike Anastasia who doesn't say everything directly let her readers fill the gap of information themselves which contributes to their development, Esther Hicks gives detailed description.
In my humble opinion, Anastasia's ideas go far beyond the limits of modern science, and therefore they don't need to be validated, because the science restricts its own scope.
In fact her ideas don't require any explanation. According to Anastasia beliefs every person is bestowed with the answers from the very beginning. Let us judge an idea by its true nature.

Best regards,
Manu Sharma