Prague welcomes the Russian writer Vladimir Megre 24.09.2017 13:31:53

A series of books by Vladimir Megre "The Ringing Cedars of Russia» is translated into more than 25 languages. There are meetings of like- minds held on different continents and family homesteads are created all over the world. Vladimir Nikolaevich has already been invited to the Czech Republic and Slovakia several times to meet with his readers, to answer such important questions, to communicate with the media and to bring the idea of Family Homestead to a new level. The meeting was held in Prague on September 16, 2017.

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Vladimir Megre and his team were met at the airport in Prague.

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The Publisher Valentina with husband Yuri embraced the author excitedly. Little Oliver gave the female part of the team beautiful flowers and after completing the mission, ran back to his mother Irina.

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The conference day was planned minute by minute. We came to the place earlier to see the preparations.

Hall for 600 seats was ready for the guests.

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The final preparations were done on the stage, the sound and light was checked.

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Guests started to arrive. 

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There was a big queue.

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All tickets had been sold out in advance, but still there were eagers to get the standing places. 

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Folk musicians were ready to start.

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Everybody was in a hurry to occupy places closer to the stage.

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Organizational matters were easily solved. From left to right: Maya Ladilova - Director of the Fund of  Anastasia, Eugenia Brovarets and Boris Levin – entrepreneurs.

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The hall was slowly filled up. 

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A lot of people from different cities met their friends at the conference.

Love and joy was in the air. 

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Last technical moments were discussed.

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The hall was full; all seats were occupied, people were standing along the perimeter.  

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The author's appearing on the stage was announced. 

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Vladimir Megre hurries to his readers. 

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The young Lady gives the author freshly baked cupcakes if case of sudden hunger.

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The Czech ensemble «ŽIVA» opened the evening with beautiful music.

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Duet La Harmonia

Прага 30.jpg

Jano Svetlan Majercik

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Vladimir Megre got acquainted with his readers and sign the books. 

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Irina L. Nowotarska and Martin Kozelkova gave the opportunity to the guests of the conference to listen to Vladimir Megre in their native language. 

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Vladimir Megre began his speech with the story of meeting Anastasia, his emotions at that time and now. 

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Friendly atmosphere, smiling, good emotions are the proper words to describe the conference. 

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Vladimir Megre was telling about the most important – how to save love. Most of the asked questions were on the topic of love. 

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It was said at the conference about the launch of the international section of the Dating site – The Russian version has existed for a long time, you can register, place your profile and find love, friends, soul mates, future neighbors in the Homestead.

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You can add a video about yourself to your profile. At a conference in Prague, we watched one of these videos with amazing Russian woman Vasilisa.

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A short play on the books "the Ringing Cedars of Russia" was shown at the Conference.

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From left to right: Vladimir Megre, Vladimir Megre, Anastasia (we're kidding).

In fact, Mario Kubec, Vladimir Megre and Gabriela Filippi.

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We will share with you a video of the conference in the nearest future. 

Прага 51.jpg Прага 52.jpg

It was passed a vote at the conference for the law on the family Homesteads and all comers,  about 700 people voted FOR

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Special thanks to the team of entrepreneurs from Russia: Dmitry Aramov, Boris Levin and Eugenia Brovarets. In Prague it was planned to screen a part from the play, but sound director had unexpected problems with equipment. Entrepreneurs gave their computer with the necessary software. The play was shown.

At the conference in Bratislava the organizers had problems with the display of the video accompanying the speech of Vladimir Megre. Entrepreneurs had to change the computer program.

Thanks to Dmitry, Boris and Eugenia all the interviews by Vladimir Megre were recorded.

We want to thank all who came to the conference. The publisher in the Czech Republic Valentina L. Nowotarska, Yuri, Lymorenko and Irina L. Hradilova.

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