Amosov Family Homestead. Birch Bark Master Arseny Amosov. Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement 06.03.2018 14:26:49

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Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement is a magical world with its wonders and craftsmen. Looking at the products created by them, thought creeps into the head: how it is possible to create such a fabulous beauty! 

One of these craftsmen — Arseny Amosov, birch-bark master. He creates beauty right in his family homestead together with his wife and two daughters.

Video — Artur Gimaev
Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement -

Behind every affair in the world stands a man.

Someone chooses the speed (in production, to make profit); as a result, there is a desire to reduce the cost of things done at all costs. Volumes of plastic (in objects, clothes, even in food) are felt stronger every year. *I figuratively call all fake “plastic”, such a designation of artificiality raised to the norm, took root in my personal vocabulary.

In August 2015, we moved to our family homestead, Lesnaya Polyana Family Homestead Settlement (

The Mari Forest. Untouched nature. Even the head used to swim from the clean air the first time. Friendly relations with neighbors based on shared aspirations (to improve the world around us, the pursuit of native people's culture), reciprocity and naturalness!

We go to visit each other, gather together on weekends and learn polyphonic songs (most often — Cossack), we put in order the general plots of land. Such a simple, but filled with warmth, joy of joint creativity, family happiness life. Here is our home now. Our parents and grandparents planted trees on our site around the house, to protect us. They themselves chose the species of wood. My grandfather chose the oak, grandmother chose gray fir and mother chose a silver birch. Now we have a whole family of cedars: dad, mom, older and younger daughters. 

My husband built a workshop. He makes his contribution to the improvement of the world: he creates unique, beautiful, things from natural, renewable material on his native land, with his own hands. Caskets, boxes, chests, paintings, mugs, baskets — all this is made of birch bark. We order Siberian birch bark because it is much thicker than local, the pattern on it is deeper and the product is denser. Birch bark removed from the birch trees on the plots. We do not reduce the level to laser engraving, only hand carving.

Thank you for your attention to our family and our craft!

Happy wife of a birch bark master Arseniy Amosov — Ksenia.

Ksenia Amosova