New Website - "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network 12.04.2018 14:58:41

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Readers of the books by Vladimir Megre are around the world, and more than once you expressed the desire to communicate with each other on the Internet.

We are glad to announce the news: we are launching an Internet resource that will become a platform for international communication of the readers of the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" series.
The name is "Ringing Cedars" International Social Network.
Format - Social Network.
Here you can exchange information, communicate, find like-minded people at any end of the world, a soulmate, and even more!

Convenience for international communication:
1. The site supports two interface languages: Russian and English, more can be added in the future.
2. You can post materials in various site sections in a language convenient for you, just indicate which language you use.
3. You can choose to display only publications in your language and/or those relating only to your country using special filters.

We welcome your participation on the new site, filling it with useful publications that are in tune with the Site subject, and your kind support as well.


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