Vladimir Megre is talking about book fair 12.10.2018 08:08:14

Now we are at the top of the exhibition. All the buildings that you see around are pavilions of the exhibition, some of them are two-storeyed and others - three-storeyed. According to the organizers, 7,500 exhibits take part in this fair, this is the largest book fair in the world. The total area of the exhibition pavilions is 169,000 square meters; expositions from 10 countries are represented here. It is clear that in such diversity and a large amount of the exibitors it is very easy to get lost. We will show the pavilions and stands. There are such a powerful and a very large stands there. Our pavilion is small. These days it's not yet allowed for visitors. On Saturday and Sunday the doors of fair will be open for public from Germany and other nearby countries, then our pavilion will come to life.

This is the stand of our publisher from Germany. He is doing great job. Here you see that he made a poster. Here are German-language books. On the right side is sitting our publisher and negotiating with someone. I already talked to him yesterday. They have a very good place. This stand (3.1) is considered to be very good, we have it three or four times less.

Here are candy, you can take them and try.

Now you see a Stand, which represents Russia, where a lot apointments are held during the day. Meetings of writers with readers, but here are a few readers, I think we will have more.

They do negotiations here. You see what a large stand, I would like to see more people here. This girl is the main administrator here, she knows everything about our Russian pavilion.

- How are you doing?
- Good, and you?
- Good, the main events we will have on Saturday-Sunday, when the fair doors will be open for everybody.

And this is our small pavilion, which was organized by the publishing house “Ringing Cedars of Russia”, now it's run by Nina Megre - my granddaughter. Small, but relevant stand. And there is, the German reader and interview organizer, Jana sitting next. Our readers will gather here and there will be a meeting on a special platform. On the TV is a Fragments from the Philippines, where I received the Gusi Peace Prize. This is how we work here. Honestly, it is very difficult to figure out how everything works, but this is our first participation and we regard it as a rehearsal. I repeat that our main event will be on October 14th.

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