Vladimir Megre: on Anastasia and the power of "Ringing Cedars" 31.10.2018 13:05:55

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Norbert Brakenwagen - “Time to do”

Translator: Norbert asks about the vast amount of information in the books. Would it be possible to separate it into categories and explain which information Anastasia most wants to impart to people.

Vladimir Megre: Naturally, I remember several books by heart and can recite them. She uses language that is easy to remember. Still, it’s very difficult to outline 10 books, but I’ll try.

She says that modern people aren’t really living. That they are sleeping “Vedrus”. A reasonable person cannot live like that. Because one cannot rationalise living in a concrete prision as opposed to living among the spectacular nature that God provided, the beautiful garden.

[She says] that modern man is asleep, and living in a nightmare. We need to live this nightmare so we don’t let it happen again.

She calls for the people to build their own family settlements. To build their kin domains in honour of their ancestors, forgotten souls. We can remember them and plant trees to honour them. These settlements must be built by families for themselves, so that they can breathe clean air. The settlements must be built for our heirs and future generations. Anyone who creates this oasis in the right way, and in accordance with certain precepts will not die, but be immortal. He or she will simply change bodies, like we grow new nails to replace the old ones. They will be reincarnated.

In order to be reincarnated, you have to be called back by someone on earth. The conventionally accepted opinion these days is that when you die you die. You disappear, no-one will call you back to earth. Several religions recognise that reincarnation is possible. For example Buddhism and Christianity. And they have rituals in which they remember the person. But they do it insincerely, just saying the name and that’s it.

Translator: That Anastasia encourages people to create their ancestral homes, for example, is well known. She wants to give people back their freedom, as it were. But in reality there are other systems in force - political, ideological, religious - and these structures don’t work in the same way. Does she oppose all of these systems? It’s a totally rebellious movement that she’s condoning.

Vladimir Megre: I don’t think she stands against anyone. She talks of her philosophy, her way of life, and offers people the opportunity to choose.

In the world, there’s a tribe that doesn’t know where children come from. They see that the woman is pregnant, but don’t correlate this with the sexual act. Just like us - we don’t see what’s right in front of our eyes. We don’t see that we’re sick, or why we’re sick. People are dying before they’re 60, but we don’t associate premature death with their lifestyles. We need to realise this.

It’s often said that Anastasia has a weapon stronger than nuclear, atomic or any other super weapons of our age because she is able to have a profound effect on people using only a few sounds, a few words. While it may be true that she has these weapons, we need to see that her power is something good, in fact it’s an anti-weapon!

Translator: Love?

Vladimir Megre: Yes, it is a weapon that, with the help of love, prevails. There is a chapter in the book called ‘the disarms race’. I like it. In it a little girl with special powers disarms rockets. And then it turns out that the country with the most rockets, ammunition, bullets and missiles finds itself in a position of great danger.

Translator: Almost all your readers say the same thing; that after reading the book they change completely, fundamentally. They become more sensitive, loving people. They start doing the things they love again and turn their lives around. So, Anastasia guides people towards their true calling, their true selves, through the books.

Vladimir Megre: Yes, she returns them to themselves. It’s a very strange phenomenon - the fact that this person, a simple ascetic, can change people’s entire lives. Many people have been affected by her. I have seen some truly incredible things as a result. For example, in my kin domain settlement in the Vladimir Oblast, a handicapped woman in a wheelchair is building her own kin domain. She is from Moscow, where she was housebound. She read the book and said: “I’m going to build my family an ancestral home”. Her family offered no support. “How will you be able to do that?” They said. But she went ahead and bought 30,000 hectares of land and lived on it in a tent for two years, planting trees and managing the garden all on her hands and knees. Her husband couldn’t hack it, and so he visited her from time to time and helped her with money and building materials so that she could construct something there. Then the neighbours started to help. Finally, she managed to build a house with a little veranda.

I had some visitors from America, a well-to-do family that had also read the books. One of the members of this family is also in a wheelchair. I took them to visit this woman. Neither knew the other’s language, but they sat side-by-side, holding hands.

I marvelled at how Anastasia managed to empower handicapped people and give them new opportunities.

Translator: Why do people change so suddenly? It seems that Anastasia guides people to a pure state, from which they can find themselves and the divine path they were meant to follow. 

Vladimir Megre: Highly possible. Some people say that she violently changes people’s mentality and their philosophy of life, but that’s not true! I’m living proof that she does not exercise any kind of violence whatsoever. I was very sick - I had a duodenal ulcer, among other illnesses. She cured me. She can look at you and your body begins to heat up. It gets hotter and hotter, and then your legs start to sweat, and then your whole body and legs are sweating and expulsing all your toxins. They stink. She did it to me, and I was cured instantly.

Translator: He asks what you have hanging around your neck. Is it related to Anastasia?

Vladimir Megre: Yes it is. But right now I’m telling you the story of how she cured me. I got sick again, and returned to her. I said: “Cure me!” She replied: “No. I did nothing for you by healing you, because you didn’t change your way of life.” To this day I am still trying to change my way of life, but it’s not easy. I’m 68 years old, and should still be strong and fit, but I allow myself bad habits and overeat. All of this shows how she doesn’t force anyone to do anything! What kind of a man can’t get rid of his beer belly with a little will power, instead just hiding it under his coat?

Anyway, the books talk about the ringing cedars. They explain what the ringing cedars is. Many people wear pendants or something around their neck. Some are gold, or silver. Some wear crosses, or something else.

Anastasia says: Why do people wear these things? What is the purpose? For beauty? What is that?”

- They just find them beautiful.

She replied: “Why not just use a piece of cedar wood?”

A person who wears a piece of cedar wood will become more receptive towards others. You’re thinking that cedars appear in the bible, the academic Pallac wrote about it. Solomon built a house and temple from cedar. Clergymen could not stand in that temple.

A piece of cedar that you have worn around your neck is the nest present you can give your children.

Frankfurt, October 9th, 2018