The first international forum of family estates' creators was held in Belarus! 30.11.2018 11:08:29

Коллаж РП Беларусь 2018.jpg

We were pleased with the warm and relaxed atmosphere, good communication. People sincerely shared their experience, with great love talked about their settlements and estates.
It was special pleasure to communicate with children. We were lucky to hold a master class on cedar planting with them. Children from family estates are well acquainted with this tree and with nature. They planted nuts with great enthusiasm. Adults who accidentally came to our master class were also actively involved in the landing. We planned that each child would take a glass with a planted nut away...we didn't guess. Сhildren were so enthusiastic about planting that they planted almost all the nuts that we had, thankfully, supplies were large. One boy took with him a whole future forest, and asked for a seed cone!
A drawing competition "My ancestral estate" began after the successful planting of cedars. Most of childrens painted their family tree. Looking at the inspired faces of the children, I thought that we should not worry about our country's future, it is in safe hands!
Olga Mardanova
International forum of family estates' creators was held in Minsk, Belarus on 23-24-25 November 2018!
International forum of family estates' creators, Belarus 2018