Kin Domain Settlement Rostock. Family camp "PROSTOR DUSHI"(Soul Vast) 12.02.2019 17:10:38

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Family camp is an opportunity for families to have fun and rest together for several days away from the city bustle. The main thing in the camp is to create a creative, free atmosphere, where adults and children are connected by joint actions, positive emotions. They are getting closer to each other by the minute. Parents return to carefree childhood, and participate in outdoor games, creative workshops, in search of treasure, hikes and checkers tournaments along with children.

Our Family Camp - is a set of gained experience of holding festivals, holidays and camps, for 10 years of life in the Rostock Kin Domain Settlement (one of the first settlements in Russia). We want to share with you our way of life, our skills.

The settlement is located 50 km from the city, on a small river Kundryuchei, surrounded by the picturesque Don steppes and rocks. the soul fills and rests looking around these spaces and beauty.

We decided to include in the Camp program the most interesting things for all family members, both for children and for moms, dads and grandmothers.
The TERRITORY of the Camp is a very cozy oasis that is located on the bank of the river - in the Domain of Vetrov family: here you can see a small eco-farm, a vegetable garden, and a touching zoo, and a bathhouse, a playground for round dances and games, and of course the river.

Meal choice is under full board, healthy and tasty, seasonal vegetables and fruits. Products from family domains: homemade cheese, bread, eggs, honey and dairy.

There are a variety of master classes, campfire evenings with songs and talks about the eternal, cheerful evenings, theatrical performances, grass trips, river rafting, quest, full crafts cycles: cheese making, baking. There are also round tables on green building, the life in a kin domain, parenting and family education, and many more interesting things.

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Kin Domain Settlement Rostock, Rostov Region

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