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Certainly, everybody has a desire to educate your child, based on his interests and preferences. All parents face a number of questions when they think about it.
- Is it really at all?
- Can I, a parent, cope with such a task?
- Is this option suitable for my child?
- How will this affect family relationships?
- Will a child be bored without peers?
- “Can I give him everything he needs?”

And many other questions, doubts, fears ...

In fact, family education is not an easy task and it is worth being thoughtfully considered. Not worth to take the important decision to switch to FE in a hurry.

Kovcheg chose the way of the family school for it's children. And this has a lot of positive moments.

Family schools often develop as a project of several families to educate their children.

There are a lot of good private schools and studios that grown out of these projects. Those parents who are from the start of these projects, gradually take on administrative functions. They accept children even from beyond settlement, on a fee basis, so an education becomes gradually a matter of their life, even when their own children have already grown up.

Our way differs. In our school, every parent is a teacher. The value of this is that the school unites parents, children, teachers, creating a single team.

Such a school is managed by parent meetings and teachers. There is no director or leader. There is a project of interaction and cooperation.

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Yes ... Techniques. Usually, everyone is grasping at techniques, hoping to find a solution to all problems. Meanwhile, this is not at all important ...

The question of best suitable method for teaching a child when switching to the family education is most common.

Meanwhile, how would you answer the question: "What is better to choose in the construction of a house: a saw or a hammer?" We need both of them. It's very good, if you have it at hand, in working condition, and there are a dozen and a half tools in addition ...isn't it?

The teaching method is a TOOL that is used for something. That means that every specific task needs suitable teaching method.

It is also important to take into account the child, for whom we specifically use this or that tool. Some method may be ideal for one child, but difficult for another.

We are all well aware of the lecture system, which is based on splitting educational material into small fragments, practicing and memorizing, repeating, and fixing. This method is quite effective, and therefore it's penetrated into all areas of education. But it is not the only method!

This method is not suitable for everyone. Otherwise, how can you explain that F students achieve excellent results in some field of activity after graduation. It's simply because they learn differently!

So, the method is a tool. We can not build a house without a tool. And the richer the arsenal of these tools, the greater the chance that you will be able to find the one that suits your child, the more opportunities to use different methods to achieve different goals.

Thus, a teacher is not only a vocation, it is also professionalism, of course! And the more pedagogical opportunities the teacher has, the better. In family education it's great when a parent-teacher owns different methods, and he decides which one is better suite for his child and for what!

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School of Kovcheg settlement

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